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Does Volvo Own Mack Trucks? (6 Comparisons You Didn’t Know)

Mack and Volvo are two household names or leading manufacturers of heavy-duty trucks. When it comes to the most durable and reliable truck, these two often come first to mind.

Though it has been years since Volvo AB acquired North America’s Mack Trucks, there is still much confusion about whether Volvo owns Mack.

Does Volvo own Mack Trucks? Are Volvo trucks and Mack the same or do they use the same engines?

In this article, we discuss the relationship between Volvo and Mack trucks and clear out common misconceptions regarding the two semi-truck brands.

Here’s a short answer to does Volvo Own Mack Trucks:

Mack Trucks is owned by the AB Volvo Group. In 1990 Mack Trucks became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the French truck group, Renault VI. In 2001 the Volvo Group purchased Renault VI which included the acquisition of Mack Trucks, which made Volvo the second largest truck manufacturer in the U.S.

Is Mack Trucks Part of Volvo?

Since Volvo’s acquisition of Mack Trucks, Mack Trucks has become part of the giant Swedish manufacturer of heavy-duty vehicles that consists of trucks, semi-trucks, tractors, etc.

Volvo Group has combined Mack Trucks and Volvo trucks into a single business unit called North American Trucks.

However, Volvo and Mack will operate in two separate organizations or sales groups to continue creating distinctions between the two popular truck brands.

When did Volvo Buy Mack?

In January 2001 Volvo Group (AB Volvo) purchased Renault Trucks, Renault Véhicules Industriels, which included the acquisition of Mack Trucks.

Prior to this, Mack Trucks was a wholly owned subsidiary of Renault VI since 1990.

How Much did Volvo Pay for Mack Trucks?

Volvo Group acquired Mack Trucks for a staggering $1.5 billion when they took over Mack’s parent company Renault VI. The deal announcement happened in Stockholm, Sweden.

With the acquisition, Volvo and Mack became the second-biggest truck manufacturer in the US, next to Freightliner. It also has the same ranking in the global market next to DaimlerChrysler.

Many people believe that the main reason for the acquisition is that Mack would be a good fit with Volvo in North America since they have complementary product lines with little overlap.

While Mack is strong in vocational trucks and local and regional vehicles, Volvo has a strong presence in the LTL and sleeper long-haul tractor markets.

Are Mack and Volvo Trucks the Same?

Mack and Volvo trucks although owned by one big company of heavy-duty vehicles and have close relations with each other, these trucks still have their individualities.

Additional features and builds may have slight differences, but overall, it is pretty hard to distinguish these parts at first glance.

Here are some comparisons between the two trucks’ popular models.

Volvo VHD vs. Mack Granite

The performance and capability of Volvo VHD and Mack Granite are almost similar. But there are tiny features you should note if you choose between the two.

First off, the interior of the Mack Granite is pretty straightforward and durable. There are options for customizations as well.

However, the Volvo VHD has more advantageous features in terms of customizability and luxurious look. It also has a more durable fleet ideal to use among high-application companies or industries.

Among the two, many favored the Volvo VHD over the Mack Granite.

Mack Anthem vs. Volvo VNL

Fuel efficiency is one of the closest similarities between Mack Anthem and Volvo VNL.

The Mack Anthem reportedly reduces about 13% in fuel costs, while the Volvo VNL series managed to have a 6 to 11% fuel reduction cost.

Thus, if you are looking for a truck that can help you lessen your expenses for fuel, the Mack Anthem can be a good choice compared to the Volvo VNL.

Aside from this, the other features offer only slight differences, such as on the engine and the overall build.

Are Mack and Volvo Engines the Same?

The Volvo Group manufactures engines for both the Mack and Volvo trucks, however, it does not mean that every specification is the same.

Because the machines are made under one maker, most drivers could not determine at first glance if the truck either Mack or Volvo has the same engine.

Here are some of the Mack and Volvo trucks that look almost the same as each other.

Is the Mack MP7 a Volvo Engine?

It was a few years after Volvo acquired Mack, and the release of the Mack MP7 happened. It leaves an impression that the new Mack model will now have the so-called new family of Volvo Group engines.

Even with a touch of the Volvo engine, the Mack MP7 retains its legendary Mack grunt with its smooth transition from torque to horsepower.

The major difference the Mack MP7 has from a typical Volvo truck engine is its electronic controls.

Is the MP8 a Volvo Engine?

Many confuse the MP8 with having a Volvo engine due to its similarities to Volvo D13. But the MP8 is a Mack engine but has similar components to the Volvo engine.

The MP8 belongs to Mack’s new generation of machines called the Econodyne under the Pinnacle models.

The Vision Truck Group put together this engine unit and introduced it in 2007. Currently, it is the only model available in the Pinnacle group.

With 415 – 505 horsepower and 1,860 lb. -ft. of torque through all its gears, the MP8 delivers an overall good heavy-duty performance. These engines are durable since most MP engines of Mack trucks can last for at least ten years.

Is the Mack MP8 the Same as the Volvo D13?

With just one look, it is hard to differentiate the Mack MP8 from the Volvo D13. Because of this, many think they are the same models or only belong to either one of the two brands alone.

But for those who are familiar with driving a Mack or a Volvo truck, the differences are easy to tell.

The Mack MP8 and the Volvo D13 have different physical or body features such as color and some noticeable parts or mechanics.

The software used for each of them is also additional. Thus, one of these almost identical trucks can be better at certain aspects than the other.

The programming, engine horsepower, torque ratings, and parameters also have differences from one another.

Here are the differences in the specification between the Mack MP8 and the Volvo D13.

Mack MP8 vs. Volvo D13

Mack MP8Volvo D13
Engine13 liters12.8 liters
Year of release20072005
Average lifetime mileage750,000 miles1.2 million miles
Horsepower415 hp455 hp

Do Mack Trucks Use Volvo Engines?

Even with the acquisition of Volvo to Mack trucks, the latter do not use Volvo engines entirely. The trademark engines of Mack trucks and their performance remain, and the same goes for Volvo.

Both Mack and Volvo engines are built on the same production line, so there are similarities with one another, however, Volvo and Mack trucks make and use their own engines.

Take, for example, the Mack MP8, a counterpart of the Volvo D13, where the MP8 is found in Mack Trucks and the D13 is found in Volvo Trucks.

Aside from that, Mack trucks also use the Cummins engine, which Volvo uses on some of their powertrain models.

The Cummins L9 engine is typically used in Mack Trucks whereas the Cummins X15 is typically used in Volvo trucks.