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How Much Does An International Truck Weigh? (All Numbers!)

In each heavy job out there, a heavy-duty partner is a must need. It will surely guarantee a day of work with the least effort. 

In that case, you can rely on International trucks to accompany you in your work. Let us determine how much they weigh to know if they can carry your load efficiently. 

Here’s How Much an International Truck Weighs:

The weight of International semi-trucks is typically between 21,500 lbs and 52,000 lbs, depending on the model. Their weight is affected by the size of the engine and the parts that they are built from, axle configurations, the size of the fuel tank, and whether equipped with a day or sleeper cab.

Here are the Most Popular International Truck Models and their Weights:

ModelYearGross weight
International LT625201852,000 lbs.
International 4200201721,500 lbs. 
International 4300200423,500 lbs. 
International 4700200033,000 lbs.
International 4900200139,000 lbs.
International Lonestar201752,350 lbs.
International Prostar201635,000 lbs. 
International Durastar201223,500 lbs.
International Transtar201452,000 lbs. 

What can Affect the Weight of your International Truck?

There are lots of factors that contribute to the weight of the International truck. It includes the sleeper size, front suspensions, and engines. 

In addition, the rear and front axels also have weights that are included already on the total GVW.  

Why is the Weight of your International Truck Important?

It is crucial to know your truck’s weight and the load’s weight to ensure you won’t have any headaches along the road. 

Weight affects the truck’s fuel economy. Furthermore, the truck weight will determine if you abide by trucking rules and regulations. 

The truck’s weight and load determine fuel economy. The heavier the load is, the more power it needs to keep the truck moving forward. 

Hence, if it exceeds the allotted weight for the load, the truck will need more fuel to keep it running. 

Also, each state has rules and regulations regarding trucks because they value and protect their road infrastructure. If you have an overweight truck, they will prohibit you from entering. 

How much does an International Truck Weigh Without a Trailer?

A semi-truck without a trailer weighs between 10,000 and 25,000 pounds, depending on the size. 

The size is determined by the truck’s axle configurations, engine type, and other features. The weight and size can also be based if they are used as a fire truck, delivery truck, etc.

How much does an International Lonestar Truck Weigh?

International Lonestar weighs 52,350 pounds to 60,600 pounds. It has a 6×4 axel configuration and improved ergonomics ingress and egress. 

The controls are easy to reach as well. Smooth ride yet a tough haul. Furthermore, it is available in day cab or sleeper cab. 

How much does an International Prostar Weigh?

The International Prostar weighs 32,000 pounds to 60,000 pounds. You can use it for the long haul, local delivery, tanker, or heavy haul. 

Furthermore, it is also available in day cabs and sleeper cabs. Moreover, you have Interior options: deluxe trim, premium trim, or eagle trim.

You can choose whether you will have just the standard warranty, which ranges from 12 to 36 months, depending on the part and scope of the warranty. 

On the other hand, you can contact your dealer to discuss the extended warranty for added protection. 

How much does an International Durastar Weigh?

The International Durastar weighs around 23,500 to 54,000 pounds, depending on your chosen model and year. 

In addition, it has two models – 4300 and 4400 that offer excellent specifications that will match your needs. Also, International Durastar can be your partner in every delivery or pick-up duty. 

How much does an international Durastar 4300 weigh?

International Durastar weighs 33,000 pounds. It is perfect for a fire and rescue truck, beverage or delivery vehicle, pick-up truck, dump tractor, towing vehicle, landscaping delivery truck, utility, or construction needs. 

Whatever heavy-duty job or site, you can rely on it. It is available in day cab or extended crew cab. Plus, it has an automatic transmission and runs at 245 HP.

You can choose your interiors between deluxe and premium trim interiors. 

How much does an International Durastar 4400 Weigh?

An International Durastar 4400 weighs 54,000 pounds. With this truck, you can quickly escape tight spaces because of the swept-back windshield. 

You can easily see whatever you are doing without needing someone outside to guide you. Plus, all the controls are within reach.

How much does an International Transtar Weigh?

The International Transtar weighs 52,000 pounds. You can use it in local delivery, regional haul, tanker, pick up and delivery, or heavy haul. 

It is manufactured with efficient aerodynamics for fuel economy. You can maximize maximum load capacity with ease of maneuverability and durability.

International Transtar will amaze you at how powerful it is at 450hp. But it is only available in day cab only. Its transmission varies from automatic, automated, manual, and manual.

In addition, you can choose whether your interior can be deluxe trim or premium trim. 

How much does an International Workstar Weigh?

The International Workstar weighs 27,500 – 73,000 pounds. Also, you can use it in construction, crane, heavy haul, concrete mixer, street and sanitation, fire and rescue, utility, or snow plows. 

As mentioned by International Trucks, it can tame even the most gruesome environment. It is available in a day or sleeper crew cab. 

Also, it has an automatic transmission and is available in the following axel configurations: 4×2, 4×4, 6×4, and 6×6. 

How much does an International LT Series Weigh?

This vehicle weighs 20,000 to 40,000 pounds. It can be your partner in the following fields: the long haul, local delivery, or intermodal.

This truck is available in day cab or sleeper cab. Moreover, its transmissions vary from automated manual and manual. 

You can choose your interior design between classic trim and diamond trim. Also, it is available in various axel configurations in 4×2, 6×4, and 6×2. 

We know that you expect a noisy cab due to the truck’s enormous size. But it will surprise you with is the quiet cab. Even the noise outside will never bother you along the road.

You can immensely enjoy your favorite playlist as you drive to deliver. 

International LT625 Weight

This LT series weighs 52,000 pounds. In addition, it is available in day and sleeper cabs. You can choose between classic and diamond trim for your interior design.

Furthermore, you will have no problems driving it as you can reach all the controls without exerting much effort. 

How much does an International RH Series Weigh?

Now the International RH series weighs 40,000 pounds. You will be amazed at how easy you can maneuver this despite its massiveness. 

It can provide a curb-to-curb turning radius of 27ft and 10 inches for better movement in tight spaces such as alleys and streets.

It is also designed with DriverFast to ensure that drivers have all the controls in their reach.

How much does an International 4000 weigh?

The International 4000 weighs 23,500 pounds. You can use this truck as a dump truck for any field, such as municipal use. 

It is fueled with Diesel and is a left-hand drive design. In addition, it has an Air Ride Suspensions with Cummins as its engine manufacturer. 

How much does an International 4200 weigh?

This vehicle weighs 21,500 pounds. Also, this truck belongs to the Class 6 truck classification. Its overall length is 18.25 feet with a turning radius of 21.92 feet. 

Its chassis weighs 7862 pounds. In addition, it has one rear axle. You can rely on this vehicle for your truck needs.

How much does an International 4300 weigh?

This International truck weighs 23,500 pounds. International 4300 has a turning radius of 20.9 feet or six meters. 

In addition, its chassis weighs 8,533 pounds in total. This truck has one rear axel and belongs to the Class 6 truck classification.  

How much does an International 4700 Weigh?

The International 4700 weighs precisely 33,000 pounds, with its load not yet included. Since this weighs over 26,000 pounds, you will need a CDL to drive it. 

Furthermore, its wheelbase is 74.0 inches. It has one axel for the whole truck, but it works fine. 

How much does an International 4900 Weigh?

This International 4900 truck weighs 39,000 pounds. In addition, it is a Single Axel Cab Chassis truck. Moreover, its suspension Spring weighs 23,000 pounds. 

It has air brakes and double frames, and the controls are within reach for easy access. You will never regret having this as your help in need.