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How Much Are Semi Truck Batteries? (5 Best Types Compaired)

The type of battery you plan on using in your semi truck will impact the price greatly.

The more you spend initially may well be worth the expense, especially if you drive in rough weather.

Here are the average prices of the different Semi Truck Battery Types:

Flooded An Acid battery flooded to produce an electric charge.$170 – $330
AGMAbsorbed Glass Mat acid battery.$200 – $375
GelAn acid battery that has silica which turns to a conductive gel.$400 – $500
Lithium-ionAn ion-charged battery that doesn’t use the same power generated through acid. $700 – $1,200

How much are Semi Truck batteries?

The most popular batteries used in semi trucks are the Flooded and AGM types. The Flooded semi truck batteries in general cost between $170 – $330, whilst the AGM semi trucks batteries cost between $200 – $375. Lithium-ion batteries are typically more expensive and cost between $700 – $1,200.

What kind of Battery do Semi Trucks use?

Semi trucks utilize high-performing, powerful, and long-lasting batteries. These batteries have been equipped with more security and protection from being worn out from the elements

One of the first aspects to consider when thinking about your semi truck’s battery is, what sets these batteries apart from the ordinary car battery?

Semi truck batteries are predominantly “dry” batteries, whereas cars utilize “wet” batteries. 

The primary differences in these batterios are the maintenance required to maintain them, their longevity, and the initial cost of purchase.

Semi truck batteries are much more costly than a car battery and do not have the powerful “jolt” that the car battery has. 

However, the dry battery is much more secure from the elements which mean stalling is rare, and damage is limited. They are completely sealed which is why they are known as “dry” and cars have “wet” batteries. 

How much are AGM Batteries for Semi Trucks?

An AGM battery stands for Absorbent Glass Mat, which refers to the fiberglass sheets within the battery which act to conduct the power more efficiently. 

AGM batteries are considered one of the most efficient for relaying power and giving semi trucks the electricity they need for the increased consumption from modern vehicles. 

 AGM batteries can be a good $100-$200 dollars more than the average car battery.

They run between $260.00-$600.00 each, with the price varying based on the brand and the type of truck or equipment they will be powering. 

How much are Flooded Cell Batteries for Semi Trucks?

A flooded cell battery is different from an AGM battery in that they operate with a mixture of water and usually sulfuric acid inside them.

They are an older model, and are usually cheaper than the AGMbattery. 

These batteries range between $170-$330 usually. The prices depend upon the brand and whether they are for larger vehicles. 

Maintenance can be more demanding with these batteries than with AGM.

Some truck drivers choose this model for its affordability, however, you could end up paying for it in the end with maintenance.

Additionally, the life span of these batteries is less than with an AGM battery. 

How much are Gel Batteries for Semi Trucks?

Gel batteries are different from the typical acid battery, as they have an electrolyte gel.

They function very much like an acid battery, however, they are more adaptable to different environments and positions in your truck. 

These batteries are a little more than the usual acid battery and usually go for about $400.00 each. They are well-liked by most truck drivers and last a long time. 

They are great for their versatility and have extremely low maintenance requirements. They do not leak and have safeties in place against the battery dying completely beyond recharging.

However, as stated above, they tend to be upwards of $400.00 and can be sensitive to overcharging and thus you want to be careful not to leave it on charge once it is complete. 

How much are Lithium-Ion batteries for Semi Trucks?

Lithium-ion batteries are considered far more efficient than traditional acid battery.

This is because they utilize up to 90% of each charge directly to the truck, whereas other batteries are likely to lose more of the charge. 

They are very costly, however. These semi truck batteries can range between $700.00-$1,200.00 each. They are very good batteries, however, and require little maintenance or replacement. 

Greenlife batteries have one of the best selections of these batteries, and they have a lot of useful statistics on their website.

What about Hydrogen Fuel Cell Batteries for Semi Trucks?

A hydrogen fuel cell battery is very different from a more traditional battery. They operate by generating power through fuel cells powered by hydrogen rather than more carbon-intensive fuels. 

However, there is some debate over the efficiency of the hydrogen-powered trucks versus the electric-powered semi truck.

Many believe these batteries will soon be out-competed by the upcoming Tesla semi truck.

Part of the reason for this is environmentally based, however, much of it is tied to the cost of the hydrogen battery and the cost of maintenance. 

Batteries are difficult to locate, but the cost of a hydrogen fuel cell power is about $.95 per kilowatt of power generated.

This is being edged out by Tesla and other electric-powered trucks, but many truck drivers still consider it a cheaper option to the diesel-powered truck. 

Nikola is one of the leading producers of the hydrogen-powered trucks and you can find out more about this energy source here.

What are the most Important Specs for a Semi Truck battery?

One of the most important aspects to consider when buying your truck’s battery is placement.

Consider where you will be placing the battery and the more flexibility you require the better off you are purchasing a gel battery. 

If you need the best charge available, then lithium-ion is best, if it is affordable to you. Overall, however, the reserve capacity rating is most important when seeking a replacement battery. 

If you live in colder regions, be sure to keep a special close eye on the CCA (Cold Crank Amps).

This is one of the most important aspects since it is what gets the truck going when it’s very cold. 

The specs which are best depends somewhat on your region and the type of driving you do. However, all in all, these are some of the more important things to keep in mind when getting your truck battery. 

Which is the Best Type of Battery for a Semi Truck?

Overall the best type of battery you can get for your truck is the lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries are the most reliable, efficient, and powerful batteries available. 

They have few maintenance needs and are best for long travels. Another benefit is they are great in hot or cold weather without the elements affecting their performance. 

The worst part of these batteries is that they are rather expensive. The upfront cost is a bit much, but the long-term benefits are what draw a lot of drivers to use this one over others. 

Which should you buy, AGM, Flooded, or Gel battery?

The flooded battery is the most popular battery on the market today. It is versatile and produces good amounts of energy.

Although, being filled with liquid, they actually require the most maintenance since they can corrode the plates inside the batteries. 

Gel batteries are great for similar reasons as the flooded battery, but they do not need the maintenance of the flooded battery.

However, because they are filled with silica which becomes a gel under heat, this heat can damage the internal workings of the battery so that the charge won’t occur anymore. 

That leaves us with the AGM, which is all in all the best option. It has the charging capabilities of the flooded battery without the threat of the plates damaging from acid.

AGM batteries are a little more than flooded batteries, however, they aren’t much more than gel batteries. 

What Size batteries do Semi Trucks use?

Semi truck batteries are part of the group known as 31, which includes batteries for large machinery and marine equipment. These batteries produce 12 volts of power.

They are large batteries that are about 13 x 6 13/16 x 9 7/16 inches in size. These dimensions vary based upon the type of battery you use, but generally, they are all similar sizes.

They have about 700-1250 crank capability amps which enable them to perform well in the winter. 

How Many Batteries do Semi Trucks use?

Most of the time semi trucks utilize 3 batteries. It depends somewhat on the kind of travel you do, the weight of your load, and the type of battery you are using. 

If you plan to add more power-consuming items in your truck, such as living amenities, you may wish to add an extra battery.

This depends somewhat on the type of battery you use, since some batteries such as lithium-ion batteries generate more energy for your semi truck, you may be okay with just the 3. 

How Long do Semi Truck Batteries Last?

Semi truck batteries can last up to 5 years when you are taking care to ensure they are taken care of properly.

If you’re using your semi truck in colder regions or regions with extreme heat, the weather can damage your battery’s efficiency and lifespan to about 3 years. 

How to know when your Semi Truck Battery is Bad?

One of the easiest ways to check your semi trucks is to rev your engine and see if the headlights flicker.

This is one of the earlier signs of your battery life waning or an issue with your battery which is the easiest to check.

If they do flicker it’s a sign that your battery has issues. 

Other more serious signs are if your battery has liquid building up on top of it, and is expanding around the edges.

An excellent overview of what to look for can be found in this video below. Portions between .25-3:30 are the most pertinent to identifying issues with your batteries. 

Should you Replace all Semi Truck Batteries at the Same Time?

Typically, only the battery which has broken or gone bad needs to be replaced.

This does depend, however, because if one of the batteries has gone bad it can be a sign that there is an issue with all of them. 

It is best to change all of your batteries, however, especially if you installed them around the same time and their lifespan is nearing the end.

If you feel the issue has existed for some time, you may wish to change both due to wear and tear. 

Tips for a Longer Battery Life

One of the best ways to extend the life of your batteries is to avoid exposure to extreme weather.

Insulating the battery or getting a more weather-resistant variety is a good idea if you think you are going to travel through very cold or hot regions often. 

Other ways to extend your battery’s life are to check on the battery after every oil change and get the needed maintenance within the warranty’s lifespan.

Last, avoid idling and unnecessary appliances which can rob your battery’s lifespan. You should try to be consistent in your battery usage and avoid any unnecessary wear on the battery.