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How To Reset A Volvo Truck (13 Common Faults Solved!)

Like a computer or a smartphone, resetting is necessary to refresh the system and memory of your trucks and semi-trucks.

The engine control module or electronic control unit (ECU) allows your truck to run correctly. Over time, these controls may malfunction. By resetting them, your truck’s system can perform the same as new.

If you want to know how to reset your Volvo truck, read more.

Here’s a Short Summary of How you can Reset a Volvo Truck:

A Volvo truck has many systems that may be reset using special tools or reset sequences if it becomes dysfunctional. Systems that can be reset include ABS, air dryer, automatic transmission, battery, brake pedal, check engine light, climate control module, EBS, ECU, hazard light, radio, fault codes, and passwords.

Volvo Truck ABS Reset

The anti-lock braking system or ABS reduces the braking force of your truck to prevent locking the wheels.

To reset the ABS, you must clear the ABS light on the dashboard. You can do it by removing the cable that goes between the truck and the trailer.

If the ABS lights are still on, press the brake pedal six times to reset the ABS sensor.

After doing this, and the ABS lights are still not clear, go by the light towards the end of the trailer and check for connections to the actual light itself since it could be that there are broken wires.

In rare cases, the above steps may not work. If that happens, there could be a problem with the ABS sensor or some wiring issues beyond your repair skill. It is better to head to your auto mechanic for further repairs.

Volvo Truck Air Dryer Reset

The truck air dryer works by keeping and removing the water, oil, aerosol contaminants, and dust particles to build up.

These objects can ruin the operation of the air brake system. If you already notice the air dryer is not working the same way it does, resetting it can help.

To reset it, connect the adapter or any available interface you have to your Volvo truck. Then run the Volvo Tech Tool.

Once it is connected, select the option “Calibrate.” Look for the “Air dryer” option, then click “Start.”

Wait for a prompt box to appear. It contains the warning if you understand the effects of resetting.

Since resetting the air dryer system is irreversible and can further damage your vehicle, you can only run it if the components on the air dryer have been fixed or replaced. 

If that is the case, click “Continue” and wait for the process to finish.

Volvo Truck Automatic Transmission Reset

To give your truck a motive force is what the automatic transmission does.

When driving a Volvo truck, especially those with older year models, you may notice that it will not shift into neutral even if you have already turned off its power switch. If that is the case, resetting will help.

To reset the automatic transmission, disconnect the batteries from it and turn the switch and the key on.

This step allows you to drain out the remaining energy in the RAM of the shifter or transmission.

If you try and it does not work, there is a possible mechanical issue in the transmission.

Volvo Truck Battery Reset

After replacing the battery in your Volvo truck, it is essential to perform the battery reset adaptation to clear the values from the previous battery. It will allow the charging strategy of the vehicle to reset to a new fresh battery.

You need an iSCAN SF Volvo enhanced software to conduct the battery reset. It will communicate the process quickly.

Launch the diagnostics. When diagnosing, ensure that you connect your truck to a suitable power supply.

Select the appropriate buttons you will see on the screen. It usually refers to the brand or makes of your truck.

Then, select the service function button. After that, you need to choose the specific model of your vehicle from the options you will see there.

Once done, select enter and then quick service. It would help if you tapped the central electronics module or CEM battery reset to zero services.

Before proceeding, a warning message will prompt. Just click the enter button if you are all set. The resetting procedure will now start. Ensure you check and clear every fault code so the new battery can begin anew.

Volvo Truck Brake Pedal Reset

When you replace your brake pads, you will notice that your brake pedal becomes a little stiff sometimes. With the brake pedal reset, you can clear the brake pedal on the central computer of your truck.

To reset the brake pedal, you should first disconnect the battery cable from your truck. Then, press the brake pedal until you drain your vehicle’s electrical system entirely.

If no electricity is stored, it will be easier for your truck to reset its computer system entirely. You will then see that the indicator lights will turn on.

Volvo Truck Check Engine Light Reset

The check engine light notifies you if there is an issue with the engine or other parts failing. It also shows if there are any error codes in the electronic control unit or ECU of your Volvo truck.

Since the control unit stores all the codes in its memory, you might need to conduct a reset on your truck’s check engine light after it undergoes repair or maintenance.

It is so easy and quick to do. First, you need to open the fuse panel cover. You can find it under the steering wheel.

Then, plug the electrical connector into the diagnostic tool. Go in your Volvo truck and turn the ignition key. Ensure it is in the “II” position.

After that, you will see a flashing light on the diagnostic tool. Wait for it to stop. The codes on your truck’s ECU are cleared since the check engine light has already reset.

Volvo Truck Climate Control Module or AC Reset

If you are having problems with the air conditioning or the climate control module of your Volvo truck, the best thing to do is to reset it to make it work properly again.

Before resetting, ensure that you close the doors, bonnet, hood, or other openings. Then, key in the ignition to “II.”

Hold the driver and passenger window switches in the driver door panel in the closed position for about five to eight seconds after closing the windows.

Then, release the buttons and remove the ignition key. You will need to operate the remote two times by locking and unlocking. After that, turn the heater from off to high and turn it off again.

Volvo Truck EBS Reset

The electronic brake system or EBS of your Volvo truck is responsible for keeping it stable as you steer it, especially when your emergency brake or driving on slippery roads. Thus, it is always essential to keep it in good condition.

If resetting the EBS is the remaining solution to fix your truck, you can do it by yourself quickly.

First thing, switch off your truck, then press the brake pedal. Do not release within 10 seconds.

Switch on your truck and release the brake pedal. You should see a fault code after following the procedure. If not, you can repeat the steps until it works.

Volvo Truck ECU or Computer Reset

The ECU takes notes of the engine performance of your truck. Thus, all the controls you have made will be stored in memory whenever you use them.

If your truck underwent repair or maintenance, you should reset the ECU to clear it from the values and the trouble codes.

To reset the ECU, unplug your truck from the battery. Switch on the ignition key for 15 minutes.

Apart from unplugging the battery, you can also try resetting the ECU using other recommended reset tools.

Volvo Truck Fault Code Reset

The fault codes help you identify the issues present in your truck. If you need to reset the system of your vehicle, the fault codes should also be cleared out.

To conduct the reset, you must ensure that your truck is stationary.

Check the air pressure displayed. It should only be at least 10 bars. If not, start the engine and charge the air system.

You need to switch off the ignition. In this way, the control unit is reset. Then, start the engine without stepping on the foot brake.

After waiting for about five seconds, depress the foot brake slowly. Ensure that it is fully depressed by holding the foot brake for about seven seconds.

Slowly release the foot brake, and switch off the ignition. Wait again for a few seconds before switching the ignition on. Then, check the fault codes.

Volvo Truck Hazard Light Reset

Resetting the hazard light is one of the simplest things since you will not need any equipment. But, of course, only do this if your truck has gone to a service or a repair.

To reset, after turning on the ignition, you will see a warning prompt on your truck’s dashboard. Get rid of it first, then enter the service mode.

Press and hold the service button for about five seconds. A prompt will appear on the screen.

Press the select button. The blue box on the screen indicates that you are already in the service mode. Press the select button again to go into the next service. Then press the arrow down button to confirm the reset.

Volvo Truck Password Reset

If you want to change or reset your password in your Volvo truck, you can do it within the app.

Just head on to the “More” tab on the application screen, then select “Account” and “Manage Account.”

Wait for a few seconds as you are redirected to the website. There will be a prompt to enter your ID and password. Just follow the next steps, and you are good to go.

Volvo Truck Radio Reset

To reset the radio of your Volvo truck, turn the key to the accessory mode while turning off the exterior and interior lights and the AC. Ensure the radio has the power to see an “Off” sign.

Leave your truck for about two to three hours. You will see then that the “Off” sign on the radio will turn to “Code.” Once it appears, enter the code, which you can obtain by contacting Volvo assistance first.

Best Volvo Truck Reset Tool

To reset your Volvo truck’s system, you will need a reliable reset tool.

You can use the OTR Reset Tool, which works in Volvo and Mack trucks.

It is easy to use. All you need to do is to plug it into your truck, and the diagnostic functions will start to run. You can conduct the entire reset procedure within five minutes or less.