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How Many Miles Can A Semi Truck Go On Empty? (Solved!)

The miles a semi truck can cover will depend on the size of the fuel tank/s.

On average, they can drive for another 200 miles.

We’ll look at a few models and their range on an empty tank, along with how reliable the tank indicators are and when we should practice refueling.

Here’s a quick answer to How Many Miles Can a Semi Truck go on Empty:

A semi truck can go 150 to 180 miles on average with a 6 to 8 mpg fuel consumption and a 30-gallon reserve fuel tank i.e. when the fuel low warning light comes on. The reserve fuel tank capacity and mpg of the semi truck will vary with each semi truck, and contribute to how far it can go on empty.

What does it mean when a Semi Truck is Driving on Empty?

Driving on empty is a common phrase for having no fuel left in the tank. This doesn’t mean completely empty, or there would be no driving. It simply means you need to get to a gas station as soon as possible.

The warning light indicator will come on when your fuel has around 10% to 15% remaining.

Are Fuel Gauge Indicators Reliable?

The fuel indicators rely on a float suspended by a long rod in the fuel tank. If the rod has bent out of shape due to heat, then the gauge will be inaccurate.

Generally, they are reliable, but now and then, you may find they can be temperamental. You can get the problem fixed or adjust to your readings and carry on as you are.

How Much Fuel is left when the Fuel Light in a Semi Truck comes On?

Around 100 gallons of fuel are left in the tank when that light comes on. Bear in mind that fuel tanks come in different sizes. Even on the same truck, you could have two different size tanks.

It is our advice to keep the fuel needle above the 1/4 mark.

How many Miles can a Semi Truck go on Empty?

An average distance is 200 miles, where a semi truck can drive while on empty. You will have plenty of time to find a gas station. There are truck drivers that say they have got 300 miles from a truck, on empty.

Probably not a good idea to risk seeing how far you can get, fill up as soon as possible.

How many Miles can a Semi Truck go on Empty with a Full Load?

The miles a semi truck can cover on an empty tank with a full load will depend on the wind, the skill of the driver, the make of the engine, and the style of the cab. You may be lucky and get 300 miles, like some truckers.

Your load can affect the distance as well. Not every load will weigh the same.

How many Miles can a Semi Truck go on Empty without a Load?

An empty load can be more affected by wind than a full load. The miles the semi truck can cover under these conditions can vary widely. From 200 miles if the wind is working against you.

To 300 miles if the wind is working in your favor.

How many Gallons are left when the Fuel Light comes On Freightliner?

Freightliner can hold around 20 gallons of fuel after the low fuel warning light illuminates. Various tank sizes can increase or decrease this number.

To get a rough idea of how much you have left, take a flashlight, open the fuel cap, and check that your fuel rod is correctly positioned. It can be hard to get a proper good look at it.

You would normally see a large metal-looking arm hanging down from the tank’s inner top with another hanger arm that holds a float at roughly a 45-degree angle.

How many Miles can a Freightliner Semi Truck go on Empty?

Depending on the road layout, a Freightliner can travel around 190 to 350 miles. The new Freightliner trucks can get 10 miles to the gallon at best, which is very good.

Their fuel tanks range from 100 gallons to 150 gallons and can hold anywhere from 20 to 30 gallons on empty. The number of miles they can cover on an empty tank can change when the indicator light comes on.

Driving up a steep hill with a load can seriously impact your fuel consumption.

How many Gallons are left when the Fuel Light comes on Peterbilt?

A truck driver can change their fuel tanks to suit their needs or have the truck custom-made by the manufacturers. As a result, these numbers can vary slightly.

Depending on the size of the tanks, on average they could hold around 15 to 30 gallons when the fuel light comes on. Without fully draining the tank, there is no correct answer.

It is, however, safe to say that there will be enough fuel left to get you safely to a filling station.

How many Miles can a Peterbilt Semi Truck go on Empty?

The distance any semi truck can cover on an empty tank will depend on a few things. The size of the engine will have an impact on the amount of fuel that will be burnt, along with how it is driven.

The road layout, stopping and starting, all play a role in how far you can get. The tank size is another factor to add to this equation. A Peterbilt will typically get around 180 to 240 miles.

This number can vary from truck to truck.

How many Gallons are left when the Fuel Light comes on Kenworth?

As with all semi trucks, the numbers vary. Kenworth fuel tanks sizes come in 42 gallons to 150 gallons. As you can imagine, the numbers will be quite different.

A 42-gallon tank will leave you with around 4 to 4 and a half-gallons of fuel, and a 150-gallon tank will leave you with roughly 15 to 20 gallons of fuel. Like any semi truck, you can change tanks to suit you.

Larger tanks are not always necessary and can add to the weight of your load.

How many Miles can a Kenworth Semi Truck go on Empty?

On a 42 gallon tank, a Kenworth semi truck can go for around 50 to 80 miles on empty. A 150-gallon tank will get you 200 to 270 miles, and again these numbers can vary.

Your load, the weather, bad driving, the condition of your truck, and your journey play a part in how far you can get on an empty tank.

Is it Good to drive with your Semi Truck running on Empty?

It isn’t a good idea to run a semi truck on an empty fuel tank. It will cause damage to the tank or pipes and even the fuel pump. To avoid the build-up of any trash, it is our advice to fill up when your tank reaches the 1/4 level mark.

So when that light comes on, get to the first filling station you can.

A good practice of When you should Refuel your Semi Truck:

You will know how many miles a full tank will get you in your truck from experience. Trucks have different size tanks, from 42 gallons to 150 gallons or more, and have more than one tank.

It is good practice to record your mileage every time you refuel. This way, you can plan ahead and never be in the red. Calculate the miles, then maybe add around 20 or 30 miles on top. For good measure.

If you want to be extra careful, go for 100 miles before your fuel indicator comes on, or around 1/4 of a tank, then refuel.

Take it easy on the gas when accelerating, keep your tires at the correct pressure, keep within the speed limits, and use a higher gear when possible.

All this will save you on fuel and add to the miles you can cover on empty if you have to.

What is the Most Fuel-Efficient Semi Truck?

New technology has allowed semi trucks to get even more miles per gallon than ever before. As we all know, Volvo has a good reputation for fuel efficiency.

The new Volvo VNL models have shown an improvement of up to 11% last year. The Mack Anthem model showed a 9.5% increase in fuel economy.

But with the combination of the Cummins X15 or A26 engines and sleek new aerodynamic cab, the International LT series has taken first place with a 20% higher fuel economy.

Freightliner Evolution models show 10.67 miles per gallon, and the International Prostar and Kenworth T680 both recorded 9 miles per gallon.

Semi trucks, in general, are improving their fuel efficiency year after year. 

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Happy Trucking!