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Do Semi Truck Cabs Have Bathrooms? (What You Should Know)

We often get asked this question a lot, especially by the people hoping to join the freight and transport industry, as semi truck cab operators.

In this article we will delve in to discuss if semi truck cabs come with bathrooms, the cost of installing a bathroom, and many other frequently asked questions.

Lets dive right in…

A summary on whether Semi Truck Cabs have Bathrooms:

Standard Semi truck cabs don’t come with bathrooms or toilets installed due to spacial constraints. However there are semi trucks that have bathrooms installed and these are typically found in an luxury cabs which are custom designed. Other features like kitchen, AC, TV etc. can also be installed.

Do all Semi Truck Cabs have Bathrooms?

No, not all semi truck cabs come with bathrooms.

And if you’ve seen a semi truck cab with a bathroom, that bathroom was either installed by the owner, or the team working for that particular trucking company, behind the scenes. 

Maintaining a bathroom in a semi truck cab is not an easy feat, and manufacturers know this.

They know adding a bathroom to the vehicle will do more harm than good, as not many trucking companies would be willing to invest more of their hard-earned money just to get a semi truck with a bathroom.

Do Standard Semi Truck Cabs come with Portable Toilets?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is still a big fat NO. The probability of a portable toilet being installed at the vehicle’s production plant is almost zero.

Let’s just throw in a hypothetical, and assume for a quick second that the trucking company is on board with the idea of investing more money in semi truck cabs that have bathrooms in them.

Do you seriously think all drivers will be bursting with joy? Definitely not! Why, you ask? Well, that’s because they know they’ll have to find a way to maintain it.

Most truck business owners are more focused on making money by hauling load instead of spending money maintaining the bathroom in a semi truck.

If maintenance of the bathroom is not done regularly, it may be hazardous to the health of the driver themselves.

Having a bathroom in your semi truck will require the following upkeep:

Frequently Clean the Bathroom

You’re required to clean a semi truck cab bathroom at least once every week. Even if you have a busy schedule, you’ll still have to find a way to clean it.

Leave it unchecked, and it will quickly turn into a breeding ground for bacteria.

Oh, and here’s the kicker: According to semi truck cab drivers who’ve had the pleasure of using such bathrooms before, these facilities are not as easy to clean as people often think.

Keep the Bad Odor at Bay

Keeping a semi truck portable toilet odor-free can present itself as quite the challenge. And this is something that a lot of you tend to forget.

You forget the fact that portable toilets are not like your typical toilet back at home, which has been connected to a well-constructed sewer system.

In a semi truck cab, the space is very limited. Meaning, any odor being emitted by the waste tank will quickly fill up the air.

As can be expected, you have people who’ll argue that this can be resolved by using deodorizers and chemicals. And they are right. But… you also have to think about the number of times you’ll be forced to replenish the said items.

Waste Disposal

This is the other downside to having a portable toilet in a semi truck. You see, once that tank gets full, you’re required to empty it in one of the main sewage systems. Systems that are mostly found in RV parking lots and various camping sites.

So, assuming you’re miles away from the nearest deposit site, you’ll have to contact one of the waste disposal companies that are closest to your location. This is cool and all until you realize it’s a waste of your precious time.

Also, nobody said you’re always guaranteed to find a waste disposal company near your location. 

What are the Best Portable Toilets for Semi Trucks?

Firstly, when shopping for a portable toilet designed for your semi truck cab, shop the same way you would a household item that you’ve never used before. Do some due diligence, research the market, and then ask for advice from those who’ve used the item before. 

Don’t make the mistake of going for something cheap, just to save a few bucks. Trust us when we say, those few bucks aren’t worth the spills that you’ll have to deal with the moment you hit a bump on the road. 

Secondly, don’t assume all portable toilets designed for semi trucks are similar just because they serve the same purpose. There’s a variety, and each one of them comes with a long list of pros and cons. 

If we had to choose one, we would go with the chemical portable toilet. Some drivers prefer the freezing toilet, while others swear by the compositing one.

We prefer the chemical toilet because the seat has chemically treated reservoirs that are very effective when it comes to disinfecting waste and reducing odors.

And with that in mind, the Porta Potti 92306 White Thetford Corp, and the Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet are the best portable toilets that we’ve ever come across.

They are both lightweight, easy to clean, leak-proof, and have a decent holding capacity. 

You can check out this video just to get an idea of what a portable toilet looks like:

What Bathroom Facilities can be Included in a Semi Truck Cab?

Any time you find yourself thinking about semi truck cabs, or the kind of bathroom facilities included in them, try to remember the phrase “limited space.” That alone will be enough to answer any question that you might be having. 

A semi truck cab bathroom won’t be big enough to hold all your personal care products, cleaning tools, or comfort items. You have to manage your expectations, because — like we’ve said time and time again — this is not your typical bathroom. 

Once you get in there, you’ll most likely find a toilet, a few cleaning supplies, a small range of toiletries, a mirror, and MAYBE a tiny sink. 

However with custom made its always possible to include some of the ultramodern and luxurious elements.

Bathrooms will typically contain a shower, sink, and toilet. Other amenities such as kitchen, tv, airconditioning and more can be included.

Check out this video of the Volvo VNL model with all the bells and whistles:

Are Semi Truck Cab Bathrooms Expensive to Install and Maintain?

The total cost of installing and maintaining a semi truck cab bathroom will hinge on a couple of factors.  There’s the type of portable toilet, labour costs, facilities to be included, size of bathroom, etc. 

We also have to be cognisant of the fact that semi truck cab bathrooms are really tiny spaces. What that means is, they won’t just be easy to install, but easy to maintain as well. 

Portable toilets can cost up to $200 or more and the cost of a fully fitted bathroom can cost you thousands of dollars (north of $20,000), depending on what features you install.

Our recommendation is to play it safe, and go for a simple bathroom setup that looks easy to maintain.

Do we have any maintenance tips that would ensure the bathroom stays in tip-top shape? We sure do:

  • Make sure the toilet paper that you’ll be using won’t clog or break the system
  • Clean that whole area at least once a week
  • Dispose the waste every so often
  • Last but not least,  if you notice something’s broken, attend to it right away. Don’t wait for the situation to worsen

Does Weight and Size of Bathroom Affect a semi truck’s load carrying ability?

This is such a great question, and definitely a cause for concern. We don’t know why, but for some reason, semi truck drivers keep thinking that there’s no limit with regard to the maximum cargo weight that one’s allowed to carry. 

News Flash: There is! 

So if you don’t wish to be caught in the crosshairs of highway patrol, you should acquaint yourself with the different traffic laws.  

Anyway, the answer to your question is No. There’s no semi truck bathroom out there that’s heavy enough to make a significant impact on the vehicle’s loading capacity.

But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think about it while loading the goods onto the truck. An insignificant weight is still weight, and could be the reason why you exceed the 80,000 pound limit set by the government. 

What’s the Importance of these Federal Semi Truck Regulations?

They are meant to help all of us avoid unnecessary accidents, seeing as there’s a direct correlation between the total weight of a semi truck, and its ability to evade obstacles, make abrupt traffic stops, and swiftly change lanes.

Therefore, the government isn’t out to get you, or reduce your profit margins. 

Why would you Want to have a Bathroom in a Semi Truck Cab?

Some truck owners typically install bathrooms in their semi for their personal hygeine and the ease of convenience of not having to stop at a truck stop.

Others install bathrooms in their trucks when they convert them into recreational vehicle. Its always awesome to have a recreational vehicle with all the bells and whistles whilst traveling on the road.

For those enthusiast that loves doing up their trucks, you could also install bathrooms in your semi and show them off at truck shows.

Who does Bathroom Installations for Semi Truck Cabs?

Installing a bathroom in a semi truck cab can be a difficult task.

If you’re not so sure about how to go about it, you could reach out to a professional who specializes in motor bathroom installations, or a mechanic who dabbles in such.

There are also service providers that provide custom built trucks for their clients like Bolt Custom Trucks & Manufacturing, check them out here. These service providers can help you install the the bathroom of your dreams.