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What Engine Does Freightliner Use? (13 Types Revealed!)

Choosing a quality engine for heavy-duty trucks can be a tough job as this is one of the primary considerations in selecting a truck. 

Fortunately, Freightliner gives consumers a variety of engines that can fit into different uses. 

Let’s take a look at these engines below!

Here’s a Quick Answer to What Engine does Freightliner Use:

Freightliner uses engines from four primary manufacturers: Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Mercedes, and CAT. The most common engines used are the Detroit Diesel DD13 and DD15 engines in the Cascadia and the DD5 and DD8 engines in the M2. The Cummins X12 and X15 are more suited for heavy-duty applications.

Does Freightliner Use Cummins Engine?

Freightliner uses Cummins as one of their engines. 

Cummins X12 and X15 engines can be found mainly in their Cascadia trucks. Later on, Cummins X12 was also utilized in Freightliner 114SD.

Cummins X12 Engine

The Cummins X12 is popular for being lightweight yet durable characteristics. The engine is perfectly designed for those tasks that greatly depend on the weight of the cargo. 

Compared to the competitor engine with almost the same specs, Cummins X12 is much lighter.

This engine has long maintenance intervals to be utilized for extended periods.

Advertised Horsepower350-500 hp (261-373 kW)
Peak Torque1250-1700 lb-ft (1695-2305 N•m)
Governed Speed2000 rpm
Number of Cylinders6
System Weight2241 lb (1017 kg)

Cummins X15 Engine

The Cummins X15 engine is known for its efficient performance, perfect for heavy-duty trucks. It has a VGT Turbocharger that is reliable for the trucks’ rapid acceleration. 

The XPI Fuel System that it has makes the use of fuel more efficient and quiet while operating. And like the other Cummins engines, long service intervals for maintenance are also guaranteed.

Advertised Horsepower525-565 hp (391-421 kW)
Peak Torque1850-2050 lb-ft (2508-2779 N•m)
Governed Speed1900 RPM
Number of Cylinders6
System Weight3152 lb (1430 Kg)

Does Freightliner use Detroit Diesel Engine?

Detroit Diesel engine is a common engine used by Freightliner. It is present in almost every line of trucks they make.

Cascadia uses DD13 Gen 5 and DD15 Gen 5, Freightliner M2 106 uses DD5 and DD8, M2 112 Plus uses DD13 Gen 5, 114SD use DD8 and DD13 Gen 5, 108 SD Plus uses DD8, 122SD use DD13, DD15, and DD16, Econic SD uses DD8. 

DD5 Engine

The DD5 engine cannot be left out when talking about fuel efficiency. This engine uses a design that makes every helpful gallon eases the load on the after-treatment system.

Regarding fuel efficiency, this has a cooling system that aids fuel utilization. It also has a robust rear gear train.

This engine is perfect for short-haul and short-drive deliveries.

Configuration Inline 4 Cylinder
Torque560-660 LB-FT
Weight1188 lb (539 kg)
Displacement313 cu in (5.1 L)

DD8 Engine

DD8 engine is one of the best mid-range engines available in the market. It is estimated to run up to a distance of 60,000 mi.

During low-speed operations, the variable cam phasing keeps the right temperature making the regens fewer to none. Moreover, the rear gear helps minimize noise, vibrations, and harshness. 

What’s also good about this engine is its compliance with the 2021 Greenhouse Gas and 2019 OB, making it more environmentally friendly.

Configuration Inline 6 Cylinder
Horsepower260 -350 HP @ 2200 rpm
Torque660-1050 lb-ft @1400 rpm
Weight660-1050 lb-ft @1400 rpm
Displacement470 cu in (7.7L)

DD13 Engine

The DD13 engine, on the other hand, is helpful in construction and distribution. It is more suitable for less than truckload, regional distribution, and vocational applications. 

Like the other two engines mentioned above, DD13 is also fuel efficient. But what makes it different is the assortment of options in horsepower and torque.

It has a 3-stage Jacobs engine for quieter brakes. For vocational applications, it also has a Powertrain Take-Off.

Furthermore, it has an Amplified Common Rail System to enhance combustion control.

Configuration Inline 6 Cylinder
Torque1250-1850 lb-ft
Weight2487 lb (1128 kg)
Displacement781 cu in (12.8 L)

DD13 Gen 5 Engine

The DD13 just leveled up with the introduction of the Gen 5 engine of this line. The Gen 5 version of DD13 includes a new swirl which improves the combustion control.

It also has new turbochargers for more refined performance. In addition, the DPF intervals were increased by 16%, and the fuel efficiency also increased by 4%.

Configuration Inline 6 Cylinder
Horsepower370-525; 425-450 (IDP)
Torque1250-1850 LB-FT; 1750 LB-FT (IDP)
Displacement781 cu in (12.8 L)

DD15 Engine

The DD15 engine is versatile and can be used in many applications like construction and distribution services.

This engine has shorter fan-on times, which improves fuel efficiency. Because of its proprietary asymmetric turbocharger, DD15 matches with the updated Exhaust Gas Recirculation system.

Its piston design also helps in reducing friction and enhancing its performance.

It is also more efficient than a gear-driven design since it has a variable-speed water pump that utilizes a viscous clutch between the pulley and impeller drive.

Configuration Inline 6 Cylinder
Weight2880 lb. (1306 kg)
Displacement906 cu. in. (14.8 L)

DD15 Gen 5 Engine

The DD15 gen 5 engine provides the best 6-cylinder diesel engine for heavy-duty trucks that are out in the market.

Compared to the part version, the gen 5 engine offers better combustion, which improves fuel efficiency by up to 3%. 

Also, the Ball Bearing Simple Geometry Turbo makes it easier to attain power and torque faster than before, and the new after-treatment system shortens the regen cycle.

Configuration Inline 6 Cylinder
Torque1150 – 1850
Displacement14.8 L

DD16 Engine

The DD16 engine is the toughest and biggest engine Detroit Diesel has. 

The turbo compounding allows the machine to recover from heat faster. The flat and broad torque curve pulls up to 1000RPM.

It has the same features as other DD engines, like the Amplified Control Railway System and the Jacobs brake. DD16 likewise abides with the 2016 OBD and 2017 Greenhouse Gas regulations.

Configuration Inline 6 Cylinder
Torque1653-2050 lb. ft
Weight2880 lb (1306 kg)
Displacement952 cu. in. (15.6 L)

Does Freightliner use Mercedes engines?

In its 2004 line of trucks, Freightliner used MBE 900 and 400 engines in their medium- and heavy-duty trucks.

MBE 4000 engine

The MB 4000 engine emphasizes vehicle control and maximum brake life. This is an advantage to providing consumers with safety measures.

Its high torque and low RPM indicate reduced shifting but still with high acceleration. It also has a high-output turbocharger for more work efficiency.

ConfigurationIncline 6 Cylinder
Displacement781.12 cu in (12.8 L)
Bore5.04 in (128 mm)
Stroke6.54 in (166 mm)
Weight (Dry)2270 lb (1030 kg)

MBE 900 Engine

The MBE 900 might be the best choice for a more cost-effective engine. Specifically, this engine is perfect for medium-duty tasks.

It also has high torque, low RPM features, and fewer shifts for a better and smoother flow through the traffic. 

The fuel system is also electronically controlled, so rest assured that the fuel is squeezed to its last drop, making the engine more efficient.  

ConfigurationIncline 6 Cylinder
Displacement439 cu in (7.2 L)
Bore4.17 in (106 mm)
Stroke5.35 in (136 mm)
Weight (Dry)Single: 1392 lb (619 kg)Dual: 1428 lb (649 kg)

Does Freightliner use CAT Engines?

In 2006, Freightliner used Cat’s C15 engine for its Coronado trucks. The C7 engine was also used for a short moment before a controversy emerged over its ’07 engines. 

In fact, in 2007, Freightliner offered its consumers test trucks with Cat engines.

Caterpillar C15 Engine

The Cat C15 engine works best for heavy-duty activities like agriculture, mining, and industrial and construction applications. 

C15 offers a variety of power nodes and flexible mounting options, which ables consumers to install the engine directly from the factory. It is also cost-efficient considering the technology used to run and consume the fuel.

Furthermore, it has a clean emissions module for a cleaner and longer engine life, plus it is good for the environment.

Maximum Power580 HP
Maximum Torque1958 lb-ft @ 1400 rpm
Engine ConfigurationIn-Line 6
Displacement927.6 in³
Bore5.4 in
Stroke6.7 in

Caterpillar C7 Engine

The Cat C7 engine was supposed to be a solution for severe-duty applications. 

Its main features are its reliability, quiet operation, and long life span. However, due to problems with the engine, the utilization of C7 in Freightliner trucks did not last long.

Maximum Power300 HP
Rated Speed1800-2200 rpm
Engine ConfigurationInline 6, 4-Stroke-Cycle Diesel
Displacement442 in³
Bore4.3 in
Stroke5 in

Does Freightliner Use PACCAR Engines?

Unfortunately, Freightliner is not associated with PACCAR engines. Although PACCAR is usually used in trucks of the same category, they are related to other truck companies. 

However, PACCAR engines are used by famous semi-truck brands: Peterbilt and Kenworth.