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Can You Use A Semi Truck As A Daily Driver? (Honest Answer)

Have you ever wondered if you could use a semi-truck as a daily driver? There are some essential things to know before you decide.

Read on to find out what you need to know about using a semi-truck as a daily driver.

Here’s the answer to can you use a semi-truck as a daily driver:

You can use a semi-truck as a daily driver. There are no laws or regulations against it. However, you do still need to follow some rules. You won’t be allowed to use your semi-truck for commercial purposes, it needs to weigh under 10,000 lbs, and you still need to operate it safely.

Can I Buy a Semi Truck as a Daily Driver?

Many people are surprised to hear that you can buy a semi-truck as a daily driver. Semi-trucks can be helpful to some people as daily drivers.

Others are simply passionate about semi-trucks and love to drive them. Having a semi-truck as a daily driver would satisfy those who love them.

Having a semi-truck as a daily driver does come with its benefits and challenges, so you need to weigh these up carefully before you make your decision.

Owning a semi-truck can become a great hobby and allow you to spend some time working on your semi-truck and modifying it to your needs.

If you’re looking at buying a semi-truck as a daily driver, you’ll need to consider the costs and the practicality of owning one.

Is a Semi Truck Practical as a Daily Driver?

A semi-truck can be impractical as a daily driver because of its size and weight. This makes them especially difficult to maneuver within cities or on narrow roads.

The size of a semi-truck can also make them difficult to park. If you live in an area with scarce parking, you might struggle to find a suitable space for your semi-truck.

Their bulkiness makes them difficult to drive around as they have a large turning radius and often struggle to make it around sharp corners.

Because of the weight of semi-truck, they can be impractical to use as a daily driver because you may struggle with any uphill sections.

You may also come across roads with weight and height restrictions, which means you need to detour down a different route.

Semi-trucks also require regular maintenance. Although standard cars also require regular maintenance, semi-trucks are more expensive due to their heavy-duty parts.

Most semi-trucks are significantly less fuel-efficient than your average road car, making them more expensive to run, especially as a daily driver.

However, there are some advantages to having a semi-truck. Depending on the model you buy, they can be comfortable to drive in, which is ideal for a daily driver.

Their size and height also give them excellent visibility, especially while in traffic. They also have spacious interiors, an essential factor for many people.

Why would Someone Buy a Semi Truck as a Daily Driver?

Many owners have different reasons for using a semi-truck as a daily driver. However, the overwhelming majority of owners have them simply because they love semi-trucks.

If you love everything about semi-trucks, why not have your own? Being able to drive a semi-truck whenever you want and not just for work would surely be a dream come true for those trucking fanatics.

People also tend to use semi-trucks as daily drivers for convenience. If they need to haul large amounts of cargo often, then it can be helpful to have your semi-truck available to use.

Some people also own semi-trucks because they love the aesthetics of semi-trucks. Many semi-trucks are very customizable, which appeals to tons of owners.

Several different modifications can be put on semi-trucks, both performance-based modifications, and aesthetics.

Frequently owners convert their semi-trucks for a specific need as well. Several owners have converted their semi-trucks into ‘campers’ using road trips.

Converting your semi-truck into a camper allows you to travel around without having to find accommodation wherever you go. It could make for the perfect road trip!

Do you Need a CDL to use a Semi Truck as a Daily Driver?

This is a tricky question to answer because you technically don’t need a CDL to use a semi-truck as a daily driver.

You only need a CDL if you are using the semi-truck for commercial purposes, which the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration defines as “any trade, traffic, or transportation between points in one state and points in another state or any trade, traffic, or transportation that ‘affects’ trade, traffic, or transportation in the U.S. between points in one state and points in another.”

This is a vague rule that could easily be misinterpreted in different ways. This could land you in some trouble at the end of the day.

For example, if you’re transporting furniture for someone who intends to sell them, you might not see it as commercial. However, it technically is since you will sell the furniture and make money from it.

Another example is if you were to transport jet skis to rent them out. Although you’re not being paid to use the semi-truck, you will be making money from the jet skis you transported, which means the semi-truck has been used for commercial purposes.

Because of this factor, it is advised to have a CDL ready just in case. However, if you can prove that your semi-truck is not used for commercial purposes, you will be fine without one.

How Do you Insure your Semi Truck as a Daily Driver?

Insurance can be expensive for semi-trucks. Most companies do not cover using a semi-truck as a daily driver.

In most cases, you will need to have commercial vehicle insurance. The insurance policy will still cover any personal use with the semi-truck.

Commercial vehicle insurance is expensive because of the risks involved with driving semi-trucks. Drivers often drive long distances in all kinds of weather conditions.

This can be expensive. However, if you contact different insurance companies, you may find one in your local area that will cover the semi-truck just as a daily driver.

What are the Regulations about having a Semi Truck as a Daily Driver?

The regulations state that there is no problem with driving a semi-truck for personal use. There is no commercial benefit, and the driver is safely operating the vehicle.

“Personal conveyance is the movement of a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) for personal use while off-duty.

The CMV may be used for personal conveyance even if it is laden since the load is not being transported for the commercial benefit of the motor carrier at that time.

Personal conveyance does not reduce a driver’s or motor carrier’s responsibility to operate a CMV safely.”

The same rules apply to using a semi-truck as a daily driver. As long as you do not use the semi-truck to make money and you’re driving it safely, there are no problems with using it as a daily driver.

This is good news for those who want to buy their semi-trucks and use them as daily drivers. However, you should still consider getting a CDL just in case.

How do DOT Inspections Work with my Semi Truck as a Daily Driver?

You won’t have to worry about DOT inspections if you’re using your semi-truck as a daily driver as long as it weighs under 10,000 pounds.

The regulations state that if your truck and trailer combination weighs less than 10,000 pounds, you do not need to file for a DOT number.

However, if that same truck and trailer combination is being used for commercial purposes, you must file for a DOT number.

It’s easy to get caught out with DOT inspections, so it’s always best to double-check your state’s rules to prevent landing in trouble with the authorities.

How do you Safely Store your Semi Truck?

If you’re using a semi-truck as a daily driver, you’ll want to be taking good care of it. Part of proper care is storing your semi-truck correctly.

It’s always best to store any vehicle indoors. This is also true for semi-trucks. Due to their size and weight, this can sometimes be difficult to manage though.

Ideally, you want the storage area to be warm with plenty of ventilation. This will prevent a build-up of humidity which causes rust.

Cold temperatures are also bad for the engine and mechanical components, which could seize up when you start your semi-truck.

Furthermore, you want the storage area to be secure and safe to prevent anyone from tampering with or stealing your semi-truck.

You may also want to cover the semi-truck with a tarp, especially if it stands for a long time. This will further prevent moisture and dirt from getting onto the semi-truck.

What you Should Know about having a Semi Truck as a Daily Driver

You should know some important things about owning a semi-truck and using it as a daily driver. There are things that many people often overlook.


Driving a semi-truck is hard work. Not only are they bulky and slow, but they can also be challenging to maneuver and handle.

If you live in an area with narrow streets, lots of traffic, and limited parking, you need to consider this before you buy a semi-truck as a daily driver.


Many semi-trucks require regular maintenance, which could be expensive. This can be inconvenient for many people.

However, it is essential to remember that your semi-truck won’t be putting on nearly as many miles as it is intended to do so that you can stretch your maintenance schedule.

You could also learn how to maintain the semi-truck for yourself. This will help you save money and teach you how the semi-truck works and how to fix any problems it could have.

Fuel Efficiency

Semi-trucks use large, powerful engines, which makes them gas guzzlers. You may want to think carefully about using a semi-truck as a daily driver with the expensive gas prices.

On the other hand, many of the latest semi-trucks are becoming more fuel-efficient, and some are even going electric, which could save you a lot of money.