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How To Adjust Kenworth Doors? (13 Best Tips)

For trucks to last long and serve their purpose correctly, any truck driver or operator must observe regular maintenance. Not only checking the fluids, tires, oil, brake, or regular cleaning. Truck doors are also vital!

Broken doors may allow the entrance of air, water, and other particles inside the vehicle. It will not only make you uncomfortable but may also lead to a severe accident.

So for today’s post, let’s find out how you can fix the door problems of one of our most favorite brands, Kenworth.

Here’s How to Adjust Kenworth Doors:

Kenworth doors can be adjusted by using a screwdriver and wrench for most of the adjustment procedure. Misalignment typically arises when fitting a new door or when the door parts wear. Careful consideration for door hinges, striker pins, and latches must be taken when aligning the truck door.

When would you Need to Adjust your Kenworth Doors?

Kenworth doors can get loose or get out of shape. This is a reality in the life of every truck. 

Unfortunately, most truckers tend to ignore this problem. Either they find it every day, or they don’t know that it’s an issue at all.

Hence, every trucker should know when a Kenworth door needs adjustment.

In some instances, the door needs to be correctly aligned when it becomes damaged, has a rattling sound, or fails to withstand the weather.

Door Rattle 

A door rattle is a sharp noise that resembles the sound of a collision.

You will hear this kind of noise when you attempt to close your Kenworth truck’s door or when the vehicle is moving. 

A door rattle happens when there is misalignment or detaching objects that affect the attachment of the door to the truck. 

In both instances, you need to adjust the door to prevent further damage to you and the vehicle.

Weather Proofing

In general, Kenworth trucks are weatherproof. They are known to be reliable and durable.

However, the door may not withstand such weather exposure if you often use the truck during the rainy or winter season.

This door issue is not an act of man, but the natural wear and tear that may occur in any vehicle. 

Damaged Door

There are a lot of reasons why your Kenworth door is damaged.

It could be due to an accident, severe impact when closing the door, or when it sideswiped with another vehicle.

Whatever the reason, you should not take the damage lightly. Make sure to adjust or repair the damaged door before driving the truck.

What Parts of the Door need to be Changed?

In general, you will only need to change some parts of the door when such a component is already damaged.

If the door issue is loose to the hinges or misalignment, you only need to tighten the bolts.

But if the screws are already don’t serve their purpose, you might need to replace them with new ones. 

If they become rusty, you might also need to change the hinges, striker pins, and latches.

While they may still be functional, they will no longer serve you for an extended period.

What Tools are Needed to Adjust Kenworth Doors?

Adjusting a Kenworth truck is very easy because you only need a few tools.

Most of the time, screwdriver, wrench, bolts, and lubricant are the tools you need.

A lubricant is unnecessary as it will only be used when a component is challenging to lose or detach. 

If the bolts still work fine, you may only need a screwdriver and wrench. After all, the main reason a truck needs adjustment is misalignment. 

All in all, the essential tool is the screwdriver. Misalignment issues can be fixed by tightening the door’s bolts through this tool.

How do you Align a Truck Door?

You need to align a truck door when it is lower than its body. To do this, open your Kenworth door and check the hinges. Hinges are composed of top and bottom hinges.

Slightly loosen the door’s bolts, then adjust it upward, downward, inward, outward, or according to the alignment issue you have detected.

Hold the door and start screwing the bolt back again when you finally reach its proper position.

How to Adjust Kenworth Door Striker Pins and Latch?

Striker pins and latches are located in the lock of the door and positioned on the side of your Kenworth door. 

Door adjustment is usually needed when these two components become rusty as the door won’t lock properly. To prevent rust and dust, apply a silicone spray regularly. 

Meanwhile, you can adjust striker pins and latches by correcting their position through a screwdriver. The two components should face downward.

To fix them, lift the door handle and, using a screwdriver, adjust the striker pins and latches downward.

How to Adjust Kenworth Door Hinges?

Hinges allow the Kenworth door to be attached to the truck. When hinges are too loose or too tight, you would have difficulty closing the door tightly. 

If the hinges are too loose, the door will sag. On the other hand, when the door is too tight, you will hear a squeaking sound every time you close in.

In both instances, you need to adjust the Kenworth door hinges.

To fix tight hinges, you will need to use a lubricant or lithium grease to spray on the hinge. This will avoid squeaking sounds and will make the door easy to move.

You will need a screwdriver to tighten the bolts to fix loose hinges. Make sure that the screwdriver will fit the head of the Kenworth bolts. 

How can I Make my Truck Door Tighter?

The three adjustment methods mentioned above are the best ways to tighter a truck door. 

So you should adjust the door depending on the misalignment issue. It could be loose hinges, striker pins, latches, or other alignment issues.

However, most of the time, alignment issues are caused by loose doors or hinges. You have to slightly detach the screw and adjust the door to its proper position to fix this.

Once the door is placed back to its original position, it’s time to screw them back again.

Can a Damaged Door be Replaced a Door from Another Model?

You can replace a door with another model so long as it is physically similar to the damaged door.

Ensure that the door you have procured is the same size and the hinges are compatible.

However, brands like Kenworth have unique doors, and you can only buy a replacement for the same brand. This is one of the marketing strategies of some automotive industries.

Moreover, some shops offer door customization.

If you think buying directly to the brand is expensive, you can purchase a customized door to ensure that the new entry will fit into your truck.

There are also aftermarket doors that are sold in the market. Aftermarket companies have to buy the rights of manufacturing automotive parts.

So, make sure to buy your Kenworth replacement door from companies with the right title to produce this part.

Aftermarket companies offer automotive parts that will fit and perform as the original component. You can purchase a door as used or new.

Would the door need to be trimmed?

It is not recommendable if you think you can trim a door to fit into your truck. While you can trim a door, nothing beats buying a new one.

It is best to buy a replaced door with similar features if the old door is already worn or damaged.

Door trim, in general, is more decorative than functional. It’s not a popular nor the best method to adjust the alignment of the truck door. 

The purpose of trim is to make the truck’s interior more comfortable. 

Considerations for the Best Replacement Door for your Kenworth

The door is the most replaceable part of any vehicle. It’s is easily detachable and easier to find a replacement with than the engine.

No matter how easy it is to find a replacement door, it would help consider things before buying one.

Physical features

As mentioned, you must buy a door that will fit into your truck. Otherwise, you are wasting money purchasing a door incompatible with your vehicle.

If you have the budget, it’s recommendable that you directly buy on Kenworth.

If not, you need to buy the best aftermarket companies that offer the exact specifications of a Kenworth door.

Check the warranty or insurance coverage.

Kenworth offers a replacement parts warranty. Before you buy a new replacement door, check your truck’s warranty.

If the truck still covers the warranty, Kenworth will replace the damaged door without spending even a single penny.

Moreover, if your truck is insured, check the policy of your insurance contract. Some insurance offer covers the liability of any damage to your vehicle.

Consider the electronic parts of the door.

If your Kenworth truck is an older model, its parts are not primarily electronic. It’s easy to find an aftermarket door in this kind of truck. 

However, modern trucks have electronic features such as automatic locking and proximity alarms. This is where you will have a hard time finding a replacement door.

If you don’t carefully select a replacement door, the electric components of a truck might not function. It may also cause a short circuit.

Color and condition

The color and condition of the replacement door will depend on your budget. 

Ideally, the new door should match the color of your truck. The condition of the door is crucial because that will dictate the option of repainting. 

Overall, you should rely on your budget if it’s best to buy a new or used door. However, buying a replacement should not be taken lightly, whether it’s a new or used door.