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Freightliner & Keys: 14 Questions Answered! (For Beginners)

Most vehicles turn their engine’s on or lock their door and compartments or trunks with a key.

Many people think they only work on a specific vehicle, and you cannot use them on other automobiles, especially from different brands. Thus, you may wonder if you can use a single key to various Freightliner trucks.

In this article, you will learn more about the frequently asked questions on Freightliner keys, their uniqueness, where you can get spare keys, standard Freightliner key codes, and more.

Are All Freightliner Keys the Same?

Freightliner truck keys are batch-made and keys with the same key code can be used on other Freightliner truck models. Freightliners’s have the same key for their doors and ignition system and are typically used to start the engine, power auxiliary systems, or unlock the doors and compartments.

Are the Freightliner Door Key and Ignition Key the Same?

Freightliner trucks have the same key for ignition and unlocking the door. It pretty much controls everything in your vehicle.

Once you insert the key in the vertical slot, you only need to move it in a specific direction to perform the desired action.

For example, if you turn the inserted key counterclockwise or to the Accessory (ACC) position, you will be able to power the electrical systems while the vehicle’s engine is off, such as the bunk fan, windshield, radio system, lights, air dryer, refrigerator, heater, etc. will become operable.

If you move the key clockwise or to the ON position, the ignition switch will turn on, or the engine will start, together with other electrical systems, such as the warning lights, buzzer, etc.

The ignition key is also responsible when locking and unlocking the doors, such as the cab, baggage, and bunk doors.

Where to Get Freightliner Spare Keys From?

You can get spare keys for your Freightliner truck from an automotive locksmith. They can provide you with a duplicate copy on the spot, which is convenient, especially if you suddenly lose your keys.

When you ask for a spare key, ensure to provide the necessary details of your truck, such as the exact year, make, and model. That way, the automotive locksmith can check on their end if they have the correct key blank.

Where to Get Freightliner Keys Made?

If you lose your Freightliner keys, you may contact an authorized dealer if you want to get a replacement key.

The Freightliner dealers use a specific key code to provide you with a newly-made key you can use on your truck.

The key codes will only last a limited number of times, usually an average of 10 years or more.

Freightliner Key Codes

It is hard to produce a replacement for your lost or damaged Freightliner key. Thus, specific codes will replicate the original one in your truck.

What are Freightliner Key Codes?

Key codes are necessary for the lock manufacturers to specify which key blank to use and how to cut it.

These codes consist of several letter and number combinations. You can find them on your truck’s manual, the lock, or key label.

Here are different Freightliner models with their specified key codes:

  • Cascadia (2007-2018): FT1001-FT3000
  • Century (1997-2003): fl001-fl262, Z001-Z292
  • Century (2003-2018): FT1001-FT30001
  • Class 6/7 (1995-2018): D225-D814
  • Class 8 (1981-2018): H601-H1100
  • Columbia (2004-2006): FT1001-FT3000

Where to Get Freightliner Key Codes From?

You can get Freightliner key codes from the lock manufacturer. 

They can specify which key will open the lock and produce a new key similar to the original one. The process may cost you around $165.

Freightliner Key Blanks

Before you can get a replacement key, you will need a key blank. It is where the key will be cut depending on your truck’s keyhole.

What are Freightliner Key Blanks?

Key blanks serve as the uncut key, and they should match the key code.

As soon as you get the key code of your Freightliner truck, the authorized locksmith will engrave it by your truck model. This is why you need to know your truck’s specific year model or make to avoid getting the wrong key.

Where to Get Freightliner Key Blanks From?

Looking for a Freightliner key blank is almost the same as when you get the key code.

You can try checking with an authorized dealer or locksmith in your area for available key blanks they can use to replace your lost or damaged key.

Aside from that, there is an easier, cheaper, and more accessible way. You can check online for available key blanks from trusted dealers, manufacturers, or automotive shops.

How to Replace the Freightliner Key Fob Battery?

Key fobs give you easier access to your car. If its battery is weak or dead, you will lose your fob’s ability to control remote functions, such as opening the doors, trunk, etc.

Replacing the battery is easy. All you need are the replacement battery and a flathead screwdriver to do it. You can purchase it at any auto part store, physical or online. The batteries only cost around $10.

To replace the Freightliner key fob battery, you can follow these steps:

1. Open the key with a small flathead screwdriver to pry it gently. Beware of breaking the key fob shell.

2. Identify the battery you will find inside as you open the fob. You can see the battery type or the number printed on the battery on it.

Take note of these codes, as they will be your guide when buying the battery replacement if you haven’t bought one yet.

3. Replace the battery by inserting it in the proper position. Snap the fob shell gently and ensure it completely snaps together before you close the fob and test the newly installed battery on your Freightliner truck.

How to Program the Freightliner Key Fob?

As you replace the Freightliner key fob battery, you may need to program it so that it will work accordingly.

Every dealer can only program a key fob if you visit their shop and show proof of ownership or registration of the truck. This way, they can prevent suspicious individuals from accessing your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Here’s how you can program the key fob of your Freightliner truck:

1. Hold the key fob near the receiver. You can find it behind the speedometer cluster assembly.

2. Press and hold the Lock and Unlock buttons simultaneously for about seven seconds.

3. Once you resynchronize the key fob, the doors lock and immediately unlock.

4. If the fob fails to synchronize, it might as well be programmed to another Freightliner truck. Thus, you might want to try again.

What to Do If Freightliner Keys Locked Inside?

Most drivers probably experience their truck keys getting locked inside. If it does not happen to you yet, all you need to do is to prevent it.

It would be best always to have a spare key, especially when you have to go outside the truck. Also, keep it a habit not to lock the doors from the inside. Instead, use your key to close the door from the outside.

Once it happens to you and you cannot open the door since it already closes inside, you can ask other Freightliner truck drivers if you can use their keys.

If you fail to follow the above procedures, the last option to unlock the truck is to call for a locksmith to provide you with a key replacement. All you need to do is to provide your truck’s year, make, and model.

Do Freightliner Master Key Set Exist?

There are master key sets available for trucks, including Freightliner. If you want to get one, you can ask the authorized dealer or an automotive locksmith to help you out.

Typically, a master key set for trucks consists of an updated manual with detailed instructions, diagrams, and photos of the rig. 

It also has the tools and accessories to use the master key easily.

Freightliner Keyless Entry

Lost keys are one of the most common problems a typical trucker may encounter. Thus, you may wonder if it is just possible for you to enter, lock, and unlock your Freightliner without using any key.

Do Freightliners Come With Keyless Entry System?

Fortunately, Freightliners come with a keyless entry system, especially with the newest lineup of their Cascadia model.

The keyless entry system includes a button to help you lock and unlock the truck, roll the windows down, and test the exterior lights before you go for a drive.

Each truck purchase includes two keyless entry transmitters you can pair with the plant and another transmitter you can pair with multiple trucks for fleet owners.

What are the Best Keyless Entry Systems for Your Freightliner?

One of the best keyless entry systems you can use for your Freightliner is the Dynamax Freightliner M2 106 Keyless Entry.

You can use this keyless entry system with the recommended Avital 2101L system. You can purchase it for only around $38. Just follow the instructions on how you can install it with your truck and test it out if it works well.