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How Much Does A Peterbilt Weigh? (16 Interesting Facts)

It’s important to know the weight of your semi-truck. It’s always a good idea to understand the weight rating of your semi-truck and why it’s essential.

If you want to find out how much the most popular Peterbilt semi-truck models weigh, read on to find out!

Here’s a Short Answer to How Much a Peterbilt Weighs:

The weight of Peterbilt semi-trucks is typically between 15,000 lbs and 25,000 lbs, depending on the model. Their weight is affected by the size of the engine and the parts that they are built from. Some are built to be more durable and use heavy-duty parts, which makes them heavier.

Here are the most popular Peterbilt models and their weight:

ModelYearGross Weight
337200912,000 lbs.
357200715,000 lbs.
359198718,000 lbs.
367202120,000 lbs.
377200016,000 lbs.
379200720,000 lbs.
386201513,000 lbs.
387201023,000 lbs.
389202121,000 lbs.
567202119,000 lbs.
579202117,000 lbs.

What Can Affect the Weight of Your Peterbilt?

Several factors can affect the weight of your semi-truck. The primary influence on the tractor is the parts that the semi-truck is built from.

Most semi-truck parts are built for heavy-duty usage, which makes them significantly heavier than the average car.

Some semi-trucks are also beefed up in several ways. For example, they might have a more robust suspension and chassis, which will add a lot of weight to the overall weight of the semi-truck.

The engine alone can weigh up to 15,000 pounds depending on its size. Furthermore, a sleeper cab will also add some extra weight to the semi-truck.

The amount of fuel on a semi-truck has a big influence on the overall weight of the semi-truck as well. A full tank of gas can weigh up to 2000 pounds extra.

In addition, the weight of the cargo is also significant. In the majority of cases, the cargo will be the heaviest part of the semi-truck.

Why is the Weight of your Peterbilt Important?

The weight of a semi-truck is very important, and you must know the weight of your semi-truck. There are several reasons for this.

The first is that there are weight regulations when it comes to semi-trucks. If your semi-truck is over the allowed weight limit, you could be given a hefty fine.

Heavy semi-trucks can cause a lot of problems. Their excessive weight can damage the tarmac on roads by causing cracks and potholes, expensive to repair.

Heavy semi-trucks also put a lot of strain on their tires. In some cases, you could even suffer tire blowouts purely because the weight of the semi-truck is too heavy.

Semi-trucks that are too heavy are also much more challenging to handle. They will struggle with cornering as well as slowing down. It can cause severe accidents on the roads.

How Much does a Peterbilt Weigh Without a Trailer?

All Peterbilt models have different weights because they are built in different sizes, with different engines, using different parts.

Each Peterbilt model also has a limit as to how much weight it can handle. This is the gross vehicle weight rating or GVWR.

GVWR is the maximum operating weight of a vehicle specified by the manufacturer, including the vehicle’s chassis, body, engine, engine fluids, fuel, accessories, driver, passengers, and cargo.

How Much does a Peterbilt 337 Weigh?

Tractor Weight: 12,000

GVWR: 33,000

The Peterbilt 337 is a class 7 semi-truck. Which technically means that it is not considered a heavy semi-truck.

However, this semi-truck has earned the reputation of being one of the toughest and most durable Peterbilt models you can find.

It is perfect for taking on any tough jobs where you need a lightweight and nimble semi-truck, for example, in cities or towns.

How Much does a Peterbilt 357 Weigh?

Tractor Weight: 15,000

GVWR: 60,000

The Peterbilt 357 is another popular model for smaller jobs. It can easily be converted based on what you need it to do.

There are many examples of the 357 being used as a tanker, a dump truck, a tow truck or even a boom truck.

It is once again lightweight and nimble; however, it can carry nearly double the load of the 337 models, which makes it much more powerful.

How Much Does a Peterbilt 359 Weigh?

Tractor Weight: 18,000

GVWR: 50,000

The Peterbilt 357 was discontinued in 1987. However, to this day, they remain memorable classics. The 359 is one of the most recognizable semi-trucks in the world.

The 359 is a relatively heavy semi-truck, simply due to its age. Back in the day, all parts were much heavier and added up to the total weight of the semi-truck.

Because of how popular these semi-trucks have been, you can still find them second-hand in excellent condition.

How Much does a Peterbilt 367 Weigh?

Tractor Weight: 20,000

GVWR: 80,000

The Peterbilt 367 is a heavy-duty rugger semi-truck designed with hard work in mind. It is perfect for dump, logging, construction, and numerous other heavy-duty situations.

It is a relatively heavy semi-truck, thanks to its rugged design. A strengthened body and heavy-duty internal components add a lot of weight to it.

However, the 367 is capable of hauling heavy cargo and has a GVWR of 80,000 lbs.

How Much does a Peterbilt 377 Weigh?

Tractor Weight: 16,000

GVWR: 50,000

The Peterbilt 377 is somewhat of an older brother of the 367. It was still designed with heavy-duty work in mind; however, it is more agile and nimble.

It is also great on highways, making this semi-truck ideal for transporting heavier loads across long distances.

How Much does a Peterbilt 379 Weigh?

Tractor Weight: 20,000

GVWR: 80,000

The Peterbilt 379 was released as the successor to the 359 models. It was an extremely popular model and the flagship model of its time.

This class 8 semi-truck is the perfect long-distance hauler. You can comfortably transport heavy loads coast to coast.

The tractor is on the heavier side, especially with the sleeper cabin option. However, this does not affect its performance, thanks to the powerful PACCAR engine.

How Much does a Peterbilt 386 Weigh?

Tractor Weight: 13,000

GVWR: 52,000

The Peterbilt 386 is another excellent option for a Class 8 semi-truck that is ideal for use on the highway.

It weighs much less, making it a bit more fuel-efficient. However, its weight rating is much lighter as well, at only 52,000 lbs.

It is ideal for hauling cargo with medium weight over long distances, which has made it a popular choice for owner-drivers.

How Much does a Peterbilt 387 Weigh?

Tractor Weight: 23,000

GVWR: 56,000

The Peterbilt 387 is a heavy semi-truck focused on driver comfort and extra features, which gives it a heavier weight.

The 387 also has a very aerodynamic build, making it more efficient and counteracting the heavier fuel usage due to the weight.

It can carry a respectable amount of cargo, with the GVWR being around 56,000 lbs. This makes it a great semi-truck that promotes driver comfort on long-distance hauls.

How Much does a Peterbilt 389 Weigh?

Tractor Weight: 21,000

GVWR: 100,000

The Peterbilt 389 is the current flagship model. It retains the classic styling that everyone knows and loves.

However, it adds in new features and technology. Tremendous advancements have been made in driver safety and comfort while on the road.

It is still relatively heavy at 21,000 lbs; however, it can haul heavy cargo without any issues, and it is a serious workhorse.

How Much does a Peterbilt 567 Weigh?

Tractor Weight: 19,000

GVWR: 80,000

The Peterbilt 567 is a great work truck as it is robust and reliable. Yet on long journeys, it is smooth, quiet, and comfortable.

Because of this, it has become an extremely popular option amongst most transport businesses. It is also capable of hauling a lot of cargo.

How Much does a Peterbilt 579 Weigh?

Tractor Weight: 17,000

GVWR: 80,000

The Peterbilt 579 has received a lot of praise for being the most comfortable semi-truck in its class.

On top of that, it is also one of the most fuel-efficient semi-trucks on the market. Coupled with the fact that you can haul an immense weight with the 579, it is a wise investment.

What are the Weight Regulations for a Semi-Truck?

Weight regulations are put in place just about everywhere you go. If your semi-truck is over the maximum allowed weight limit, you could receive some heft fines.

Federal law controls maximum gross vehicle weights and axle loads on semi-trucks.

Federal limits are 80,000 pounds gross vehicle weight, 20,000 pounds on single-axle trucks, and 34,000 pounds on tandem axle semi-trucks.

This is done to limit the amount of damage that semi-trucks can do to tarmac roads. Excessive weight on roads can cause potholes or cracks in the tarmac.

Heavier vehicles are also more dangerous to drive as their handling is negatively affected by the weight. This is especially true in adverse weather conditions.

However, you can go over the 80,000 lbs limit only if you have acquired a special permit and permission to do so.