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How Much Does A Kenworth Weigh? (Here Are The Numbers!)

The weight of a semi-truck is very important. It has a massive effect on the overall handling and speed of the semi-truck.

However, there are also specific weight regulations that semi-trucks need to follow. If you’ve ever wondered how much Kenworth semi-trucks weigh, read on to find out.

Here’s how Much a Kenworth Weighs:

The gross weight of Kenworth semi-trucks is typically between 14,200 lbs and 34,200 lbs, depending on the model, engine size, and whether it is a sleeper cab or a day cab. The flagship W900 model weighs 16,700 lbs whilst the T680 is the lightest model at 14,200 lbs.

Here are the Most Popular Kenworth Models and Their Weight:

ModelYearGross Weight
W900202116,700 lbs.
T880202134,200 lbs.
T800202118,650 lbs.
T680202114,200 lbs.
T660201619,200 lbs.
T600200717,420 lbs.
T370202126,000 lbs.
K100200218,000 lbs.
C500202124,000 lbs.

What can Affect the Weight of your Kenworth?

When it comes to the weight of a semi-truck several elements can affect its overall weight. This can be important to know if you need to reduce the weight of your Kenworth.

Most of the integral elements such as the engine, tires, and mechanical components are heavy. However, it can’t be modified to reduce weight.

These parts can weigh your semi-truck down a lot. For example, the engine alone can weigh around 5,000 to 15,000 pounds.

There may be some aftermarket options and parts that you can use to bring the overall weight of your Kenworth down.

However, these are not always recommended unless a trusted manufacturer makes them.

The weight of the cargo will have the most significant impact n your Kenworth’s overall weight. You should always ensure that the weight of your cargo does not exceed the limits.

Another factor that will impact the overall weight of your Kenworth is the fuel tanks. More importantly, how much fuel is in them.

When your semi-truck is filled up with fuel, it will be significantly heavier. A semi-truck with 300 gallons of fuel can add around 2100 pounds to the weight of the semi-truck.

The weight of your Kenworth will also vary depending on whether it is a sleeper model or not. The extra features in a sleeper model can add some excess weight to it.

Why is the Weight of your Kenworth Important?

Understanding the importance of the weight of your semi-truck is crucial. If your semi-truck is too heavy, it can cause you several problems.

Firstly, weight restrictions are imposed everywhere. If your semi-truck is found to be above the weight limit, you could receive some hefty fines.

The weight limits are put in place to protect the condition of the roads. Heavy vehicles can cause severe damage to the tarmac and leave cracks or even potholes.

This not only causes dangerous situations for other vehicles and other semi-trucks, but it can also be expensive to have the damage fixed.

A semi-truck that is too heavy will also be using more fuel, which will end up costing you more money in the long run.

When a semi-truck is heavy, the engine needs to work harder to move, especially if it is going uphill. To do so, it needs to burn more fuel.

Heavy semi-trucks will also put the driver and the cargo at risk. Excessive weight will cause the tires to fail, and if this happens at high speed, it can cause a serious accident.

How Much does a Kenworth Weigh Without a Trailer?

All Kenworth semi-trucks are different. Thus, they will all vary in their overall weight. This comes down to the components used in the specific model.

For example, some models may have bigger engines, which means they will weigh more than others. On the other hand, some might be smaller in size, making them naturally lighter.

Each semi-truck has a weight for the tractor and a GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) which is the maximum weight limit for the semi-truck, including trailer and cargo.

The gross vehicle weight of Kenworth semi-trucks varies between 14,200 and 34,200 pounds. See the table above for popular Kenworth models and their weight.

How Much does a Kenworth W900 Weigh?

The Kenworth W900 is the flagship model that American manufacturers build. It has a surprisingly light tractor weight and the heaviest GVWR of all other Kenworth models.

The W900 has several impressive features, such as a sleeper cabin and a 625-horsepower engine, which makes it incredibly heavy.

The Kenworth W900 is the ideal semi-truck for highway travel, and it is one of the most popular models, especially when it comes to customizing.

Tractor Weight – 16,700

GVWR – 140,000

How Much does a Kenworth T880 Weigh?

The Kenworth T880 is an incredibly strong workhorse-type semi-truck. It has been designed with strength and endurance in mind.

The strengthened base and powerful 510 horsepower engine are what give the T880 most of its weight.

It is often used in industrial situations such as dump trucks, mixers, loggers, refuse trucks, and heavy hauls.

The tractor is extremely heavy compared to other models, thanks to its beefed-up frame and strengthened suspension. It has a slightly lower GVWR which means it is somewhat more limited in what it can carry.

Tractor Weight – 34,200

GVWR – 100,000

How Much does a Kenworth T800 Weigh?

The Kenworth T800 can be considered as the big brother to the T880. Kenworth has labeled the T800 as the ultimate work horse semi-truck.

From hauling heavy loads out of a quarry to transporting fuel from coast to coast, this semi-truck will get the job done while giving you years of service.

The tractor weight without the trailer is heavier than the W900 and the T880. However, the GVWR is higher than the T880, the same as the W900, allowing it to carry heavier cargo.

Tractor Weight – 18,650

GVWR – 140,000

How Much does a Kenworth T680 Weigh?

The Kenworth T680 has been designed as an aerodynamically efficient semi-truck. It allows you to save fuel and maximize your profits.

However, this also means that the overall GVWR of the semi-truck is significantly lower. The amount of cargo you can carry with it is much less than other models.

The overall weight of the tractor is only slightly lighter, though, as it still features the 510 horsepower PACCAR engine found in other models.

Tractor Weight – 14,200

GVWR – 64,000

How Much does a Kenworth T660 Weigh?

The Kenworth T660 was unfortunately discontinued in 2016. However, it was a standout model back in the day, and you can still find some second-hand.

It’s the same concept as the T680 in that it was designed to be as aerodynamic as possible and allow for a more fuel-efficient semi-truck.

The tractor is on the heavier side still due to the older technology used in the T660 compared to the newer models.

Tractor Weight – 19,200

GVWR – 68,000

How Much does a Kenworth T600 Weigh?

The Kenworth T600 was discontinued in 2007. However, you will still find some of these in excellent condition, so they may be worth investing in.

It’s a relatively lightweight truck, and it can’t haul extremely heavy cargo. However, it is a workhorse, and the T600 is highly durable as well.

Tractor Weight – 17,420

GVWR – 68,000

How Much does a Kenworth T370 Weigh?

The Kenworth T370 is a medium-sized Class 7 semi-truck that is ideal for getting smaller jobs done. The T370 is smaller and nimbler, which is excellent for driving within cities.

It can’t haul a massive amount of weight; however, it is powerful enough to transport a respectable 40,000 pounds of cargo.

Tractor Weight – 26,000

GVWR – 66,000

How Much does a Kenworth K100 Weigh?

The Kenworth K100 has been around since 1961. However, it used to have the label K900 until the W900 model was released.

The Kenworth K100 has been one of the best-selling Kenworth semi-trucks along with the W900.

The K100 is a nimble and lightweight semi-truck that can get your cargo around cities quickly. It’s as powerful as other models. However, it is the perfect medium size semi-truck that can haul heavy cargo.

Tractor Weight – 18,000

GVWR – 100,000

What are the Weight Regulations for a Semi-Truck?

Specific regulations are surrounding the maximum allowed weight that a semi-truck can carry. These are put into place for good reason.

The first is that a semi-truck that is too heavy can danger other vehicles on the road. Firstly, heavier vehicles are more difficult to control.

They also have the risk of causing tire failure, which can be especially dangerous at high speeds. This is why a weight limit has been imposed on semi-trucks.

Federal law controls maximum gross vehicle weights and axle loads on semi-trucks. Federal limits are 80,000 pounds gross vehicle weight, 20,000 pounds on single-axle trucks, and 34,000 pounds on tandem axle semi-trucks.

You will often find weighing stations along the freeway where all trucks must be weighed. If they are over the limit of 80,000 pounds, there could be severe consequences.

While many Kenworth semi-trucks could, in theory, carry heavier loads than 80,000 pounds, the limit is still kept in place to ensure that any cargo is transported safely.