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Is Kenworth Discontinuing The W900? (Here’s The Truth)

Kenworth W900 is a conventional cab truck that replaces the brand’s 900-series. It has undergone several changes and is a complete redesign of the Kenworth 900 model line. 

However, the first model line of W900 did not last long. It is long gone, having existed only from 1961 to 1964.

For 60 years, though, Kenworth has produced five basic versions of W900, such as the W900A, W900B, W900S, W900L, and W990.

If you are interested to know more about W900 or the W900 model family as a whole, read on to learn more.

Here’s a Short Summary of Whether Kenworth is Discontinuing the W900:

Kenworth will not discontinue the w900. In fact, the brand has recently launched another version of w900 under the name w990. Overall, the brand has five other w900 varieties. Instead of discontinuing the w900, Kenworth will only add a new version to the truck model’s family line.

Is the Kenworth w900 a Popular Truck?

Kenworth w900 is so popular that it became the flagship model when the brand expanded in the trucking industry.

It has gained a massive following among truck owners and operators.

The success of the w900 is comparable to the success of the Peterbilt 379, the sister PACCAR division of Kenworth.

Kenworth w900 is also famous for truck customization. Most truckers purchase the model because it’s easy and perfect to customize.

Some famous customizations in Kenworth w900 are the lighting, paint, additional chrome trim, and wheels.

How does the Kenworth W900 Compare to other Kenworth Models?

In general, Kenworth W900 and other Kenworth models only vary in terms of design.

The Kenworth W900 has a higher cab roof made of fiberglass, bulk-head style doors, standard and wide tilting hood.

There’s not much difference as well when it comes to w900 other versions. 

A few changes have something to do with the design of the hood, position of other components, features, and technology.

Of course, the latest W900 version, W990, has the most advanced features and technology. After all, it’s like an upgrade of other W900 versions released by Kenworth.

When was the Kenworth W900 Released?

The original or the flagship model of Kenworth w900 was released in 1961. Its production lasted for four years or until 1964.

The w900 was never really discontinued but only underwent significant changes such as the cosmetics, interior and exterior design, and some features. 

Whenever a new version of the w900 is introduced, Kenworth merely adds a new letter to it’s name. 

A new version is like an upgrade of the previous model but categorized as part of the w900 model line. 

Meanwhile, here are other w900 versions and their model years:

W900A – 1965 to 1982

W900B – 1982 to present

W900S – 1987 to 2020

W900L – 1990 to present

W990 – 2018 to present

How many Kenworth W900 Models have been Produced?

There are five models of W900 models that Kenworth has produced. Some of these models, like the W900B, W900L, and W990, are still available in Kenworth dealerships.

However, Kenworth did not make any disclosure on the total number of W900 trucks that have been produced by it.

But suppose we follow the tradition of its sister company, Peterbilt, where it produces over 200,000 trucks for 20-year production of each model. 

In that case, Kenworth may have created almost a million of W900 models since the 1960s.

Is Kenworth Going to Stop Making the W900?

The production of the original W900 was discontinued in the 1960s. However, Kenworth is continuously producing other versions of the W900 model.

Currently, three W900 versions are available in the market as W900B, W900L, and W990.

Following the trend, the W900, in general, will not be discontinued anytime soon. 

The W900 is well-loved by truckers, and it’s probably the marketing strategy of the brand to name the upgraded model as the new version of the W900.

As such, Kenworth will not stop making the W900. It will be more famous among truckers as the brand will add more versions to the W900 family.

When will the Kenworth W900 be Discontinued?

No one knew when will be the W900 would be discontinued. Kenworth has not made any announcement yet so far.

Kenworth doesn’t also have a trend when it comes to discontinuing the production of a particular model. 

The brand doesn’t have fixed model years for their trucks. 

Unlike Peterbilt, its sister company has a total of 20-year production limit for each model before they decide to discontinue manufacturing a particular truck model.

However, what is sure for now is that the w900 will not come to an end sooner or later.

Why do Truckers Love the Kenworth W900?

Kenworth enthusiasts would agree that the w900 family line is the model of choice. 

Besides its features that keep improving over time, the most apparent reason why truckers love Kenworth W900 is its classic design.

The Kenworth w900 has been in the industry for over 60 years. The brand will change the design for a bit, but it will remain on the traditional model.

However, the model is too high-end to be considered by business owners. They are more patronized by independent owner-operators.

The W900A, W900B, W900L, and the latest version, W990, are the most famous W900 models.

What is the Kenworth W900 Good for?

In general, Kenworth W900 is suitable for customization. Many truckers purchase the W900 only to be customized later.

However, Kenworth W900 is also suitable for long-haul performance. It is reliable, durable, and easy to maintain. 

It brought life to drivers and owner-operators as it’s the most comfortable heavy-duty truck of the brand. As such, drivers are more productive while experiencing sheer luxury.

Looks of the w900

The W900 features an ergonomic design having a world-class quality. 

The exterior highlights and the clean lines will remind you of the classic rig design. In comparison, the interior has superb facilities to provide comfort to the driver or riders.

Of all the Kenworth models, the W900 is the longest conventional cab. The nose is 130 inches from the bumper up to the back of the cab.

The dual chrome stack and the hand-paint finish are some of the remarkable exterior features of the model. From the windshield, side mirrors, and doors, the overall look is like no other.

The interior is also quite commendable. Once you purchase a W900, including its other versions, you can choose whether to have the Splendor or Diamond Interior.

Splendor Interior

The Splendor interior features a 72″ sleeper with a full-length closet, 42″ mattress, insulated floor mats, vented access doors, and multiple storage shelves.

The Splendor sleeper is made from aluminum mix and fiberglass. It features a weather-ready construction making you comfortable all year round.

Diamond Interior

The Diamond interior is luxurious looking. It is spacious, well-lit, and very cozy.

It has entertainment facilities such as a TV, a fold-out desk for some coffee sessions, and a fold-out sofa bed.

The sleeper is also comfortable. It has ample storage compartments and a large freezer.

Reliability and Maintainability 

In general, Kenworth w900 has a strong reputation when it comes to reliability. It is known for being sturdy, high quality, and highly aerodynamic.

As such, it is excellent for long trips and heavy usage. 

Moreover, unlike any other high-end brand, Kenworth W900 is low maintenance. 

While regular maintenance is always advised, other truck components are durable and can last for a long.

Not to mention the generous warranties for repairs and the legendary support you will get from PACCAR?

Power and Fuel Economy

Not all w900 versions are powerful enough and fuel-efficient. The first generation of w900s have less or don’t have aerodynamics at all. Hence, they are not cost-efficient in terms of fuel.

Fortunately, the W900 trucks available in the market nowadays are all great for fuel economy.

The reason behind this is that in 2017, PACCAR made a five-year program to improve Kenworth’s fuel economy. 

Kenworth has added more aerodynamics, features, and the latest technology.

Safety and Comfort

Once you get inside the W900, you will understand why many truckers would love to drive this model than any other truck.

The W900 has a rich-looking interior with machine-stitched upholstery. 

The adjustable cushion seats have been orthopedically contoured for lumbar and lateral support. It is reliable with very smooth armrests.

Whether you choose a W900 day cab or sleeper, Splendor or Diamond interior, 

rest assured that the interior of the truck will help you perform at your absolute best.


Overall, the latest and brand-new version of Kenworth w900 will cost around $140,000 to $160,000 after taxes.

It is quite affordable than brand new Peterbilt trucks and other Kenworth model lines.

However, a used or secondhand w900 will be as low as $30,000 to $100,000.

The lowest price is the oldest w900, usually manufactured in the late 1990s to early 2000s. However, the highest price for a secondhand w900 has the latest manufacturing date.

If you are interested in buying secondhand vehicles, it’s recommended that you purchase the one with the latest manufacturing date. It will have high resale value, reliable, and be most fuel-efficient.

What will be the Successor of the Kenworth W900?

Kenworth has a tradition of introducing new versions rather than stopping the production of the previous model, however, it has not introduced a successor as yet.

Every time the brand upgrades a W900 version, it typically adds or changes the end letter of its name.

For instance, the first generation of the model line is w900, while the second generation is named w900A. These changes come with a few upgrades from the previous or older models.

If you consider the model lone’s popularity among truckers, it is safe to say that Kenworth will not discontinue producing the w900 truck just yet.

What the brand will most likely do is add another version in the W900 family line.