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How Long Do Kenworth Semi Trucks Last? (17 Important Facts)

Kenworth semi-trucks have been around since 1923. They have been extremely popular over the years, and you would have seen many of them being driven around.

Have you ever wondered how reliable they are and how long one of these famous semi-trucks can last?

Read on to find out!

Here’s How Long a Kenworth Lasts:

Kenworth semi-trucks can last up to 1,000,000 miles. The clutch lasts between 20,000 – 150,000 miles depending on how the truck is driven. Brake and tires are quick-wearing components and typically last 100,000 miles. The engine lasts more than 750,000 miles. A Kenworth truck body lasts 20 years.

How Many Miles Can a Kenworth Last?

Many Kenworth semi-trucks can last more than 1 million miles. This is above average for standard semi-trucks.

However, there are some important factors to take note of. Kenworth semi-trucks can last a significantly lower distance if they are not taken care of properly.

However, if the semi-truck is driven correctly and taken care of, it should last a long time and be capable of going the distance.

The Kenworth company is very much focused on build quality, which means that they take the reliability and lifespan of their semi-trucks very seriously.

Each part is built to the best possible quality and put through several tests to ensure that it is up to the Kenworth standard.

How Long do Semi Trucks Last on Average?

Most average semi-trucks will last between 750,000 and 1,000,000 miles. This also depends on how well they are taken care of and if they are driven correctly.

Having regular maintenance done on a semi-truck can massively extend its lifespan. How often and how far the semi-truck drives also have an effect.

It is important to remember that semi-trucks are built for heavy-duty work. However, they still need proper care and attention to keep them running.

What are the Best and Worst Kenworth Models?

There aren’t many reports of poorly built Kenworth semi-trucks. The majority of Kenworth semi-trucks that have a bad reputation are older models that have been discontinued.

However, the W900 is the standout flagship model of the Kenworth range and has been running since 1961. It still features the unique long hood that Kenworth is synonymous with.

The T680 is another standout model, and it is what Kenworth is considering their step into the next generation. They have moved away from their conventional long hood styling this time.

Are Kenworth Reliable?

Kenworth has been in the industry for nearly a century. Spending that amount of time building semi-trucks allows you to learn a lot as an organization.

Kenworth has always had a major focus on build quality, while other brands are more focused on driver comfort or performance.

This has allowed the Kenworth brand to become renowned for having some of the most reliable and highest quality semi-trucks on the market.

Their high quality builds to make them some of the sturdiest and most dependable semi trucks you can find, and most truckers will always refer you to Kenworth if you’re looking for longevity in a semi truck.

Are Kenworth Expensive to Maintain?

Maintenance is of crucial importance when it comes to keeping a semi-truck alive for as long as possible. You must ensure that you keep up with your maintenance schedule.

The schedules are usually based on the number of miles driven or years if the mileage limit is not reached.

Kenworth semi-trucks fall within the average cost of maintenance for semi-trucks. This is between $10,000 and $20,000 per year.

The annual cost of a Kenworth semi-truck will vary depending on which parts need replacing and how much work needs to be done to the semi-truck.

However, if you drive your Kenworth semi-truck carefully, there will be less stress on the parts, which will extend their lifespan and save you maintenance costs in the long run.

How Long does the Body Last?

The body of a Kenworth semi-truck will last between 15 and 20 years. In some cases, they could last even longer. However, this is very rare.

If the body of the semi-truck is not taken care of properly, it might not even reach 15 years of service.

Rust can be a clear sign that the body of your semi-truck is not doing well. Rust can easily spread if not dealt with effectively and quickly, which will wreak havoc over the entire body of the semi-truck.

Rust is more prevalent in areas where there is high humidity, such as coastal regions. To protect your semi truck, you need to store it away in a warm and dry place.

You should also regularly inspect the body of your semi-truck for rust and take action to get rid of it as soon as you can.

Another factor that can affect the body of the semi-truck is structural damage or weakness. That is much more difficult to spot. However, you need to be aware of what causes it.

The causes of structural damage can be accidents, heavy impacts, driving over rough terrain, and sometimes even age.

How Long does a Kenworth Engine Last?

In recent years technology has improved significantly, especially in the engine department. Kenworth is no different in this area.

As a purely focused company on quality and reliability, its engines are top of the range and can usually last more than 750,000 miles.

As long as the engine is appropriately and regularly maintained and is not driven aggressively, the beating heart of the Kenworth can give you nearly a million miles of service.

How Long does the Turbo Last?

It can be challenging to extend the lifespan of a turbo. They are extremely hard-working and robust units, especially on semi-trucks.

Most turbos will last around 300,000 miles before they run out of steam and need to be replaced. However, this is often with the bare minimum amount of maintenance.

How Long does the Clutch Last?

The clutch is an integral part of any vehicle. When it comes to semi-trucks, these parts take a massive beating.

They are essentially responsible for getting the wheels moving on these massive machines that often haul monstrous amounts of weight around.

The clutch can often last as little as 20,000 miles before it is burnt out. In some cases, it can last up to 150,000 miles.

The clutch does not rely heavily on maintenance, although there is some cleaning involved. The factor that damages the clutch most is misuse.

How Long does the Differentials Last?

Most differentials are pretty strong, which is especially true in the case of Kenworth semi-trucks. They do not need much maintenance either.

However, a semi-truck’s differential will often need to be replaced at around 500,000 miles. Some truckers have theirs replaced every two years to be safe.

How Long does the Gearbox Last?

The gearbox of a semi-truck is a sensitive part. It can become damaged if the gears are ground or changed incorrectly.

Over time the gears can also wear down, which will cause them to slip more regularly. You might find it more difficult to change gears when this happens, or the semi-truck jumps out of gear more frequently.

Most semi-truck gearboxes will last around 200,000 miles, depending on how the semi-truck has been driven. Some gearboxes can last a much shorter time, though.

How Long does the Drive Shaft Last?

Driveshafts can last between 100,000 and 250,000 miles on semi-trucks. In some cases, they can last longer if the semi-truck does not haul weighty cargo.

Driveshafts can break when they become too old, rusted, or cracked. They can take damage if the semi-truck is driven over rough terrain.

How Long does the Brakes Last?

The brakes on a semi-truck are parts that can wear out quickly if the driver has bad habits, such as driving too fast, braking too sharply, or braking too much.

All these factors and more can strain the brakes of the semi-truck and affect their lifespan. Therefore, it can be challenging to put a specific lifespan on brakes.

In most cases, the brakes on a semi-truck can last 100,000 miles. In some cases, they can last as long as 250,000 before being replaced.

However, there are also reports of truckers needing to replace their brakes at 50,000 miles, especially if their semi-trucks regularly carry heavy cargo.

How Long do the Shocks Last?

The shocks on a semi-truck can take a lot of strain because of the amount of weight they need to carry regularly.

The shocks can also become damaged if the semi-truck is driven over rough terrain and off-road regularly.

Most shocks manufacturers recommend that you have them replaced every 100,000 miles even if they seem to be in good condition.

Springs can give in unannounced, and it can have a massive effect on the handling of your semi-truck.

How Long do the Tires Last?

Semi-truck tires are relatively durable. They can handle the extreme weights of the cargo that is often hauled by these machines.

Much like the brakes, it can be challenging to put a time frame on how long the tires will last. Some tires will last between 3-5 years or around 100,000 miles. However, others may have a shorter lifespan.

This is very much dependent on the driver’s driving style and how smoothly or aggressively they drive.

What are the Insurance Costs on a Kenworth?

The average insurance cost in the United States is between $600 and $1000 per month. This cost will also apply to a Kenworth semi-truck.

The main factors that influence the insurance cost are the type of cargo the semi-truck will be carrying and how often or how far it will be driving.

Other factors to consider such the driver’s experience of having a tracking device installed.

It is best to find several different insurance companies and shop around to see who can give you the best package.

Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Kenworth

There are some things you can do to extend the lifespan of your already durable Kenworth semi-truck. It all comes down to taking proper care of it.

The first step is to conduct regular and thorough maintenance on the semi-truck. This will ensure that all parts are in good working order at all times.

Any worn-out or damaged parts can put a strain on other parts, and before you know it, there could be several problems with your Kenworth.

Keeping your semi-truck clean is just as important. Many people don’t bother because it will get dirty again. However, proper cleaning can prevent a build-up of rust.

Moreover, it will allow you to spot any problems or issues before they become serious. For example, if you see a cracked drive shaft during cleaning, you can address it as soon as possible.

Finally, it would help if you drove your Kenworth with care. Accelerating and braking aggressively or cornering too fast will put a lot of strain on the entire vehicle.