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How To Remove A Semi Truck Steering Wheel? (Solved!)

The steering wheel, which aids in changing directions, is an essential feature of a semi truck. 

However, like other semi truck components, they are vulnerable to wear and tear.

An excellent how-to manual will assist you in removing the steering wheel from your semi truck and save you money on expert service.

This easy-to-follow guide will help you complete the task correctly and without incident.

Here’s a Summary of How to Remove a Semi Truck Steering Wheel:

To remove a semi-truck steering wheel, remove the horn button and unplug the wiring going to the horn. Use a steering wheel puller kit to aid the pull-out. The puller has two bolts that fix onto the steering wheel while the center bolt is used to gently lift the steering wheel off the spline.

Why would you Need to Remove a Semi Truck Steering Wheel?

You would need to remove a semi truck steering wheel because, in emergencies, you can easily detach the reel and exit the vehicle quickly. 

When you need to work on the steering components or replace the entire steering wheel for some reason, you may need to remove the steering wheel. 

You must know how to draw a steering wheel to avoid damaging the airbag, horn, and other components.

A steering wheel manages the semi truck in either direction and protects the driver’s side airbag. 

Removing the steering wheel to service additional items such as the turn signal or wiper control switch is frequently necessary. 

What Tools are Needed to Remove a Semi Truck Steering Wheel?

Though different steering wheels have varied looks, the method of removing a steering wheel is essentially the same. 

Gather the following items before beginning the procedure for removing a steering wheel:

1. Protective gloves – for your safety purposes and not to get injuries while doing the process. 

2. Screwdrivers – to be used for screws to be pulled out and loosen 

3. Protective eyewear – in the case of using electric machines, the light might cause your eyes to be sensitive

4. Steering Wheel Lock Plate Removal Tool – This tool attaches to the threads on the column shaft over them. As a result, the lock plate is pressed down. This compresses a large spring beneath the lock plate, allowing access to the round wire retention clip on the steering column shaft.

5. Steering Wheel Pullers – The kits frequently include varied lengths and thread fasteners for different steering wheels. This tool is made to compress the lock plate and, as a result, the heavy spring behind it. The circular wire retainer may now be accessed.

How to Remove the Peterbilt Steering Wheel?

To remove the Peterbilt steering wheel, try the following steps:

  1. You need to take the horn button off and unplug any electrical wiring going to it.
  2. Mark the steering wheel spline on the face diameter from top to bottom when the wheel is straight. This will help you get the alignment of the new steering wheel correct.
  3. Lift the steering wheel from the shaft by removing the bolt holding it. A steering wheel puller tool may be necessary.
  4. With a steering wheel puller tool, screw the left and right bolts onto the steering wheel. The center screw can be turned to pry/pull out the steering wheel.
  5. Replace the new steering wheel in the reverse order. A Puller tool is not needed for this step.

Here is a cool video to help you in changing out your old steering wheel:

How to Remove the Kenworth Steering Wheel?

To remove the Kenworth steering wheel, try the following steps:

  1. Start with taking the horn button off.
  2. Put a mark to have a sign that it will be straight-centered just in case it moves while doing the removal to know how to adjust it back.
  3. Find the bolt or nut that holds the steering wheel in place; a puller is usually unnecessary if a bolt holds the wheel on. This step is more straightforward with an air impact gun, although it is not required. 
  4. Loosen the bolt by rotating it counterclockwise. You can also use an electric impact drill if you do not have a steering wheel puller. 
  5. You should use the bolt to screw it in and shaft it off. 
  6. Try to get a nice snug and a bit of thread in so that you won’t strip out the lines that these bolts go into as you begin to put pressure on the steering wheel. 
  7. Begin to pull it out.
  8. Grab a crescent wrench and pull the bolt so that it will loosen up. It will quickly start to come off. 
  9. As you can see it moving, go ahead and take the bolt back off; that is loose enough. 

How to Remove the Freightliner Steering Wheel?

Remove the negative battery cable first to help prevent electrical short circuits and unintentional airbag activation while the task is being done. 

The center of the steering wheel must be exposed to remove it. This is accomplished by removing the airbag, which can be done by removing the mounting nuts or screws behind the steering wheel.

To remove the Freightliner steering wheel, you need the following materials:

1. Flathead screwdriver

2. Steering wheel hub puller

3. 32 mm axle nut socket

Get the screwdriver and go under the skin of the steering wheel. Feel the plastic there, which is the whole button. 

Pull this up, and you will find two wires that you will pull up and set aside the horn button. 

Split in the side to loosen it up using the socket. After taking out the nut using the puller, loosen it up. After taking all that off, the steering wheel is ready to be taken out. 

How to Remove the Volvo VNL Steering Wheel?

To remove the Volvo VNL steering wheel, you must first ensure that the steering wheel is horizontal. 

  1. Remove the driver’s airbag module. 
  2. Remove the screw from the resting position and secure the contact reel. 
  3. Next, remove the center screw. One by one, thread the connectors through the hole in the steering wheel for an easy process. 
  4. After it loosens up, you can already remove the steering wheel itself. 

How to Remove the Western Star Steering Wheel?

To remove the Western Star steering wheel, try the following steps:

  1. Use a small screwdriver to remove the horn button first.
  2. Remove the nut and use a primary automotive steering wheel puller to remove the original wheel.
  3. Secure two mounting bolts and gradually tighten the center bolt until the steering wheel is “loose.”
  4. Remove the puller and lift the steering wheel off the column. 

How to Remove the International Steering Wheel?

To remove the international steering wheel, try the following steps:

  1. You need a screwdriver to access ports alongside the steering wheel and get into the springs that hold the retaining clip set and horn cover. 
  2. Push the screwdriver in, and the surface starts to come up. 
  3. Push on the outer side, and you can feel the resistance comes up. 
  4. You’ll do the same thing on the other side. Then the horn button eventually pops right up. 

How to Remove Mack Steering Wheel?

Before you begin the removal process of the Mack steering wheel:

  1. Turn the front wheels so that they are straight.
  2. Remove the steering wheel’s center cap and horn assembly with a flat head screwdriver.
  3. If necessary, remove the locking pin. The circular locking pins on Mack steering wheels prevent the nut from backing off. 
  4. A flat head screwdriver should be able to remove the locking pin. With a ratchet and the right size socket, remove the center nut from the middle of the steering wheel.
  5. To remove the nut, turn it counterclockwise. 
  6. Pass the bolts through the steering wheel puller and into the pre-threaded holes to the left and right of the spindle where the middle nut was previously positioned.

Best Replacement Steering Wheels for your Semi truck 

The market is bombarded with many steering wheel products. 

Hence, choosing the right steering wheel can be daunting. 

Here are some of the best-seller steering wheel products that we recommend from the best brands:

Steering WheelSuitable for truck modelStore
Peterbilt Steering Wheel Chrome CLASSIC 18”May 1998 – Present Peterbilt TrucksAmazon
Kenworth Steering Wheel Chrome CLASSIC 18” TiltMay 1995 – March 1997 Kenworth TrucksAmazon
Freightliner Steering Wheel Chrome CLASSIC 18”Classic FLD, Century, 1989-Present Freightliner TrucksAmazon
Volvo VNL Steering Wheel Sport Luxury Volvo VNL Models 03+Amazon
Western Star Steering Wheel Chrome Spokes 18”October 1998 – Present Western Star Trucks. Tilt / Telescopic Column.Amazon
International Steering Wheel Chrome CLASSIC 18”All Years of International TrucksAmazon
Mack Steering Wheel Chrome CLASSIC 18” April 2001 Mack TrucksAmazon