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Is Freightliner The Best Truck? (Here’s The Truth!)

If you survey every trucker around the world on what is the most popular truck brand, Freightliner can get a lot of votes.

However, being famous and top-selling doesn’t mean it is already the best in the trucking industry.

In this article, you will find out if Freightliner is the best truck among its competitors.

Here’s a Quick Answer to Whether Freightliner is the Best Truck:

Freightliner is often called the “best truck in the industry,” specifically the Freightliner Cascadia. They feature innovative designs, fuel efficiency, and aerodynamic cabs on their trucks. Freightliner has a good range of trucks for various applications and is often one of the best-priced trucks.

Does Freightliner Have the Best Cabs?

Regarding the title of “best cabs” among trucks and semi-trucks, the Freightliner Cascadia is the favorite pick.

Freightliner features a heavy-duty cab that provides comfort, efficiency, and safety.

The door openings of a Freightliner cab measure 84 inches, while the bunk is 90 inches. It is pretty large to fit any driver and move around inside.

The seats are also spacious compared to standard seats from other trucks. It also has a swivel to allow you to move around quickly while sitting.

When it comes to the set-up of the hood, it has a unique spring attached to it for stability. It also keeps the hood from closing or bumping too hard.

And the most admirable cab feature of Freightliner among truck drivers is its reduced cab noise, specifically for the Cascadia. It has at least 50% noise reduction while on the road.

Most drivers prefer this feature as it also lessens the chances of fatigue and stress, especially on long-overhaul drives.

Does Freightliner Have the Best Sleepers?

The main objective of Freightliner trucks is to provide a home away from home to every driver. 

A Freightliner truck has optimized and efficient aerodynamic sleeper cabs to give drivers the comfort, productivity, and satisfaction they need while on the road.

The sleeper cabins of Freightliner are up to six feet bigger than their ordinary day cabs. Aside from being spacious, it also has a cozy interior that you can customize according to your liking.

Is Freightliner the Best Priced Trucks?

Brand new trucks are expensive. But it can be a good value for the money, especially if it does offer high-quality features to help you have the best truck driving experience.

A brand new Freightliner truck may cost around $160,000 to $200,000.

If you cannot afford the price of a newer unit, you can consider looking for used ones. However, you need to know important factors to estimate if you can get a good value for your money.

Since it is the Freightliner truck we are talking about here, you can guarantee that it will have the quality features you are looking for in a truck and a semi-truck.

Does Freightliner Have the Best Fuel Efficiency?

Fuel efficiency is the ability of the engine to convert energy from its fuel. You can save a lot of money if you have a fuel-efficient truck. You can experience better gas mileage and refill less often.

Freightliner trucks offer the best fuel efficiency because of their aerodynamics and high-quality design.

The Cascadia offers an average of 7% more fuel economy than its previous lineup. It can run for up to 9 -10 miles per gallon.

Does Freightliner Have Better Features than Other Trucks?

Every truck brand has its unique features and downsides.

When it comes to Freightliner trucks, you will notice and appreciate its safety features to give you more peace of mind while driving.

Freightliner gives a lot of focus and attention when it comes to comfort and space. You can see that they prioritize the driver’s well-being while on the road.

Unlike the other brands, the most notable feature you will surely appreciate with a Freightliner truck or semi-truck is its quieter cab.

According to Freightliner, if drivers can get enough rest in the cab, especially during long-haul drives, they can stay well-focused while driving.

Thus, it can decrease the chances of road accidents and ensure driver safety at all costs.

Do Freightliner Last Longer Than Other Trucks?

A truck can last up to 750,000 to one million miles. If it can reach 45,000 miles in a year, it can last up to 15 years.

Freightliners are nothing similar to the average mileage and lifespan of other trucks. It can last for about 500,000 to one million miles.

All these numbers will still depend on proper care, regular maintenance, daily usage, the terrain or road you often take, the load the truck carries, etc.

What are the Best Freightliner Truck Models?

Almost every truck model of Freightliner is a driver’s favorite. All because of its high-quality build.

There are different best categories you can label on each of the famous Freightliner trucks.

For the most robust truck engine, Freightliner uses the Detroit DD16. It features a 2050 lb-ft torque and 600 horsepower. You can also like how it is efficient and reliable to use.

For the most reliable and durable, the title goes for the Freightliner 114SD. It is pretty popular among drivers as well.

Lastly, the best among all the Freightliner models is none other than the Cascadia. It features a top-notch aerodynamic design that helps improve fuel efficiency.

In addition to Cascadia, it also has a more improved version called the Cascadia Evolution. Thus, if the Cascadia is the best, you can refer to the Cascadia Evolution as the ultimate best.

What is the Best Freightliner Engine?

Freightliner trucks would not be the best among other brands if not for its engine.

The best Freightliner engine is the Detroit DD15. It is the engine that Cascadia uses, so it is somehow apparent to treat it as the best.

The DD15 feature more power and less weight. It means it has a new level of high innovative performance in its system but still weighs lighter than usual.

It also has an upgraded version, which is the DD15 Gen 5. Freightliner called it the next generation of efficiency because of its cutting-edge technology and improved fuel efficiency.

Best Freightliner Transmission

To better maneuver massive vehicles such as trucks and semi-trucks, it should have the best quality transmission to enable gear ratio and adjust the engines for better speed control.

Regarding the best Freightliner transmission, the Detroit DT12 holds the title. As Freightliner puts it, it features efficiency and economy.

It has the sturdiest component to prevent wear and tear. It also has an equipped system called the Intelligent Powertrain Management (IPM) that helps you adjust your driving to any road conditions.

The Freightliner Cascadia also includes the Detroit DT12 transmission. Since it has the best engine and transmission, it is considered the best truck among all the Freightliners.

Best Used Freightliner

Naming the best-used Freightliner is objective. There are many factors to consider that are best used among the other models.

For example, you would not want to consider an old Cascadia with a failing engine from a slightly used 114SD.

In that case, you may want to know these essential factors when using the best-used Freightliner truck.

These factors are the age or mileage, maintenance history, the total cost of ownership, truck application, truck ownership, and warranty.

Which Truck is Better: Freightliner or International?

Comparing brands is crucial to know which ones offer the best value for the money. The same goes for trucks and semi-trucks.

Freightliner and International are some of the most famous names in the trucking industry. Most of their features are similar to one another.

But they do have some slight differences for you to tell which is better than the other.

The box trucks of the Freightliner are ideal for long-distance hauling. It is also considered the most powerful among other trucks in the market.

Freightliner also uses an advanced emergency braking system to detect rear-end collisions for a safer drive. As you can recall, safety is the most priority of Freightliner.

On the other hand, International trucks have more stable features compared to Freightliner. It takes pride in its high-strength construction but is still easy to maneuver.

Since both trucks have unique features, it is up to you to choose among them, depending on your driving preferences.

Is Kenworth Better than Freightliner?

Another popular name among trucks is Kenworth. Both Kenworth and Freightliner are manufactured in the U.S. They have good quality features and similarities, making them both a favorite pick among truckers.

Kenworth is a popular truck in the American market, however, more Freightliner Class 8 trucks are sold in the U.S. than any other Class 8 truck brand.

The best reason for that is how aerodynamically-designed the Freightliner trucks are, which makes them more efficient to use and why drivers prefer them more.