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Why Is Freightliner So Popular? (11 Facts You Should Know!)

Freightliner is one of the most popular trucks in America. With its great features and top-notch build, it is no wonder why it became famous and top selling in the truck industry.

But what makes Freightliner labeled as the best and most popular among other truck brands?

In this article, we share some facts about Freightliner that will help you understand why it’s such a favorite amongst truckers.

Here’s a Short Summary of Why is Freightliner Trucks so Popular:

Freightliner trucks are popular as they offer good value for money, great fuel efficiency, and a large variety of trucks for application. Freightliner trucks are reliable and durable, and it has sold an average of 100,000 truck units over the years, making them a top-selling brand in the industry.

Where are Freightliner Trucks Made?

Freightliner is an American trucking company. You can find its main headquarters in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

The company manufactured its vehicles in Cleveland and Mount Holly, North Carolina.

They also make some vehicles in Mexico, particularly at Saltillo and Santiago Tianguistenco. 

How Many Freightliner Trucks are Made Every Year?

It is estimated that around 100,000 Freightliner trucks are made every year.

As a top-selling truck in the industry, Freightliner’s productivity should suffice the demand for their vehicles.

Last year, Freightliner sold an average of 8,315 Class 8 trucks, contributing up to 33.6% or one-third of the total trucks sold by all the major brands in the industry.

Freightliner proved that they are the leader in sales of heavy-duty trucks with a low real cost of ownership or RCO.

Are Freightliner Dealers Easily Accessible?

Because of the popularity of Freightliners, it is only natural for them to have several dealers you can quickly contact.

In the U.S., there are about 700 Freightliner service locations with dedicated and skilled support staff who can assist you with your inquiries.

If you need help with your vehicle’s technical aspects and are far from any of the available dealer locations, you can try to contact their 24/7 toll-free hotline.

A factory-certified technician will answer your every inquiry and advise you on what to do.

You can also check Freightliner’s website to see each dealer’s address and contact details across the U.S.

Are Freightliner Trucks Reliable, and Do They Last Long?

Freightliner will not be considered the best truck in the United States and will last for more than fifty years now if not for its reliability and durability.

On average, a Freightliner truck can last for more than 750,000 miles or 15 years if it reaches 45,000 miles yearly.

To add up to it, Freightliner also has the Detroit DD16 engine. It is a powerful engine that delivers 600 horsepower and 2,050 lb-ft torque to increase driving efficiency on the road.

Do Freightliner Trucks Have Better Fuel Economy than Other Trucks?

Another great feature that many truckers like about Freightliners is the fuel efficiency of their vehicles. Their new models have improved fuel efficiency, and they vary depending on the size of the trucks.

The Freightliner Cascadia Evolution has a fuel efficiency of approx. 9 MPG whereas the Freightliner M2 has a fuel efficiency of approx. 10 MPG.

The top-notch and high-quality design and aerodynamics of Freightliner trucks are the main reason for its more improved fuel economy.

Do Freightliner Trucks Look Better?

The overall look of a truck is also something that most truckers prioritize. Sure, anyone would love to drive a truck that looks cool, nice, shiny, features the latest tech, and is comfortable to use.

Freightliner manages to balance beauty and reliability on its trucks. It is important that the truck not just look good on the outside but should also have reliable features that every driver will like.

As the most comfortable heavy-duty truck in the industry, it features several cab equipment and sleeping quarters to provide a better space for drivers.

It also has ergonomic seating and enhanced lighting to help drivers relax while driving.

With all these features, you can conclude that Freightliner trucks look better inside and outside than their competitors.

Are New Freightliner Trucks Cheaper Than Other Truck Brands?

Just like any other truck, buying a new Freightliner truck is expensive.

However, Freightliner is considered cheaper than the other trucks from popular truck companies.

A brand new Freightliner truck can cost up to $160,000, depending on its model.

The Freightliner Coronado is the least expensive, costing $120,000 for brand new models and $70,000 for used units.

Next, Columbia costs around $140,000 for new trucks and $115,000 for used ones.

The Cascadia is on the most expensive tier since it also features the best qualities you can find in a truck. It costs around $160,000 for new trucks while $89,000 for already used units.

Compared to other famous names in the trucking industry, such as the Peterbilt, Freightliner costs around $50,000 less.

High-quality Peterbilt trucks cost around $160,000 to $200,000. Most truckers will opt for the Cascadia with this price tag for a good value for their money. 

Are Old Freightliner Trucks Popular?

Yes, we can say that old Freightliner trucks can still be reliable after several years. 

The C-Series, which was released around 1996, is still present. Of course, several improvements were made to the latest ones, but they are still reliable overall.

The popular Cascadia belongs in this lineup. For sure, it has the features from its predecessors developed to stay relevant in the truck market.

Are Freightliners Trucks Cheap to Repair?

All repairs and maintenance are costly, depending on your truck’s needs.

An average repair for Freightliner trucks may cost around $300 to $1,000. Aside from repairs, you should also take note of regular oil changes, which may cost you about $200 to $300 per change.

To help you save money from necessary repairs, you should conduct preventive maintenance. It is when you schedule your truck for regular checkups, regardless of whether it is new.

This way, you can find out possible issues on your truck immediately and prevent them from getting worse, which is more expensive to fix.

Are Parts for Freightliner Trucks Easily Accessible?

With over hundreds of Freightliner dealers across America, it is easy to inquire and shop for a particular part you may need for your truck. They also partnered with different suppliers to provide you with more options.

Freightliner dealers are your go-to shops when you need some value parts or accessories for replacements.

If you want to ensure you will only get genuine parts, you can look for a Freightliner and Detroit® Genuine Parts for superior-quality items. OE Suppliers also sell quality premier and remanufactured parts for your truck.

Aside from physical parts, you may also need your truck’s VIN or serial information. With PartsProX, you can check vehicle specs, chassis, component images, and design groups.

In addition to being accessible, Freightliner also offers ways to lessen your expenses regarding parts replacement and repairs.

Pinnacle Fleet Solutions provides a way for you to reduce your truck maintenance and repair costs with its latest technology.

And lastly, similar to any store, Freightliner also has a customer loyalty program called the Inner Circle Rewards that offers discounted prices for moving parts.

As you can see, it is easy to find the right place where you can shop for Freightliner truck parts. Plus, you also have the opportunity to save money for every component you may need for your truck.

Why is the Freightliner Cascadia so Popular?

It is no wonder that the Cascadia is Freigthtliner’s most popular truck model. Many drivers prefer to use it. Thus, you can see a lot of it on the road.

But you may wonder why. Is Cascadia that good?

The Freightliner Cascadia is the best option for those who want a less expensive truck. It features better fuel efficiency, a unique and functional design, and driver comfort.

With all these fantastic features at a much lower price, most drivers will prefer to use one over some trucks with similar features but more expensive because it is a good value for the money. 

Thus, Freightliner is a good choice for those looking for a high-quality, heavy-duty truck without breaking the bank. And that backs up the claim about Freightliner as the most popular truck and how it has remained relevant in the trucking industry and market for many years.