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Volvo VNL VS VNR: 6 Differences Every Trucker Should Know!

Over the years, Volvo managed to produce several quality trucks in the market. The popular ones are the VNL and VNR models.

These two models look similar, even experienced Volvo truckers may not differentiate them. But they also have slight differences that make them unique from each other.

In this article, you will learn how the Volvo VNL and VNR are unique from one another and which one is more suitable for you.

Here’s a Quick Answer to the Difference Between a Volvo VNL and VNR Truck:

The major difference between a Volvo VNL and a Volvo VNR truck is that the VNR is designed for regional hauling where trips are shorter, whereas the Volvo VNL is better suited for long-haul trucking. The Volvo VNL has many features that benefit the driver while on the road for a longer duration.

What does Volvo VNL Stand for?

The Volvo VNL stands for Volvo North America Long Hood or Long Bonnet.

As you may know, Volvo is a truck company from Sweden, but the VN series was developed in North America, hence the truck model name code.

What are the Different Volvo VNL Models, and What are they Used for?

The Volvo VNL series is composed of several models, namely the VNL 860, VNL 760, VNL 740, VNL 400, and VNL 300.

The VNL 860 is the flagship model with Volvo’s high-quality standards regarding driver productivity, fuel efficiency, safety, and uptime. It features a 77 inches sleeper to provide enough space and comfort during long-haul drives.

The VNL 760 is the best-selling model in this lineup. It is a good alternative for the flagship model since it also has a spacious cab and can handle long and heavy hauls.

The Volvo VNL 740 focuses on fuel efficiency to give you a better mpg whilst on the road.

The VNL 400 and 300 are more affordable and ideal for shorter routes you can drive on the same day. The only difference between these two is the size of the cabs.

If you will not need to stay overnight during hauls, the VNL 300 is enough to offer you the basic comfort you need in a truck.

What does Volvo VNR Stand for?

The Volvo VNR stands for Volvo North America Regional.

It claims to be the standard for regional hauls and offers similar features and qualities to the VNL.

What are the Different Volvo VNR Models, and What are they Used for?

The popular Volvo VNR models are the VNR 300, VNR 400, VNR 640, and the VNR 660.

The VNR 300 is a lightweight day cab but does not compromise comfortability and efficiency. It is ideal to use for daily routes.

The VNR 400 has a bigger cab size or a 42 inches flat-roof sleeper. It is ideal for overnight hauls.

The VNR 640 offers you extra room for farther regional routes. In this way, you can still have a comfortable living space.

While the VNR 660 is the ideal choice for longer routes and heavy cargo capacity with its 164 inches bumper to back-of-cab length.

How Much is a Volvo VNR Truck vs. a Volvo VNL Truck?

The Volvo VNL truck is a bit more expensive than the Volvo VNR models.

On average, the price of a VNL truck is $160,000. While for VNR trucks, it is $140,000. The price may depend on the year model or if the one you buy is brand new or used.

Here is the current estimated price list of new Volvo VNR truck models for sale:

Volvo VNR Truck ModelPrice (USD)
VNR 300$140,400
VNR 400$126,000
VNR 640$142,500
VNR 660$145,600

Here is the current estimated price list of new Volvo VNL truck models for sale:

Volvo VNL Truck ModelPrice (USD)
VNL 860$155,900
VNL 760$159,000
VNL 740$156,735
VNL 400$145,925
VNL 300$136,925

Volvo VNR Weight vs. Volvo VNL Weight

Volvo VNR and VNL weigh 13,000 to 18,000 pounds, depending on the model, and the electric models weigh heavier.

Here is the weight of the Volvo VNR trucks:

Volvo VNR Truck ModelGross Weight
VNR 30012,700 lbs.
VNR 40013,000 lbs.
VNR 64016,200 lbs.
VNR 66018,000 lbs.
VNR Electric24,500 lbs.

Here is the weight of the Volvo VNL trucks:

Volvo VNL Truck ModelGross Weight
VNL 86018,000 lbs.
VNL 76018,000 lbs.
VNL 74018,000 lbs.
VNL 40018,000 lbs.
VNL 30016,439 lbs

How does the Range of Volvo VNL vs. VNR Compare?

You already know that the expected mileage of a Volvo truck is 1,000,000, or around 20 years. But how do you think a Volvo VNL and VNR last from one fuel fill on regular driving routes?

Many factors affect fuel consumption and the total range a truck can last after a single fill. These are the terrain, trailer, current load, distance, etc.

Volvo VNL and VNR trucks have 100 gallons of tank fuel capacity.

On average, a Volvo truck or semi-truck can consume a gallon of fuel within four to seven miles. Thus, it can take 400 to 700 miles after one fuel fill.

In the case of Volvo electric trucks, mainly consisting of VNR models, a single full charge can take around 300 to 500 miles.

Of course, these ranges will still depend on the fuel efficiency of the Volvo VNL or VNR truck model you use.

How does the Fuel Efficiency of Volvo VNL vs. VNR Compare?

Since Volvo stands up to its ideals regarding the fuel efficiency of its trucks, the VNL and VNR models share similar traits.

The typical fuel efficiency for both Volvo VNL & VNR models varies between 4 – 7 mpg.

VNL and VNR trucks offer common-rail fuel injection, wave piston design for lower friction, one-box after treatment, and adaptive gearing and loading.

The Volvo VNL’s main feature that contributes to its fuel efficiency is the sleek design of its trucks. Because of the aerodynamic design of the VNL cabs and the Volvo D13 Turbo Compound engine, there is an increase in fuel efficiency.

If the VNL highlights its cab design, the VNR follows adaptive loading innovation to increase fuel efficiency and performance.

The Volvo I-See also contributes to fuel saving on VNR trucks. It features an onboard mapping technology where you can oversee the road topography. This way, you can change to the most suitable gear and adjust the speed to optimize fuel economy.

How does the Driver Comfort of Volvo VNL vs. VNR Compare?

Volvo always focuses its design and innovative features to offer every driver comfortability and productivity.

The Volvo VNL provides premium spaces such as optimized positioning and seat design and an ergonomic dashboard for easy steering. The cab also gives you the proper comfort when you need to rest or do some paperwork.

Every VNL model has a unique design to offer driver comfort. For example, the VNL 760 has a telescopic ladder for you to access the top bunk easily. It also has convenient controls, similar to VNL 740 and 780.

Aside from that, the VNL 760 and 740 trucks have a large refrigerator for food storage.

The Volvo VNR also has one-of-a-kind features regarding driver comfort with its steering solution. You can adjust the height and angle of your seating position to avoid muscle pains from driving too long.

The VNR 400, 640, and 660 also have big sleepers to accommodate and comfort you during stops on long hauls.

How do the Maneuverability and Visibility of Volvo VNL vs. VNR Compare?

Volvo VNL and VNR trucks offer a collision avoidance system called the Volvo Active Driver Assist (VADA). It features a camera and radar to monitor a distance of up to 500 feet.

The Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology (VEST) also helps you monitor and operate essential parameters.

The I-shift transmission reduces driver fatigue as it takes control over shifting gears. In that way, you can better focus on safely maneuvering the truck.

Which is a Better Truck for you, Volvo VNL or Volvo VNR?

Choosing between the Volvo VNL and Volvo VNR is a personal preference.

These trucks offer the best quality regarding performance, driver productivity, fuel efficiency, safety, and uptime.

The deciding point is the primary purpose of your drive, whether it is for the long haul or a regional one.

Volvo VNL can offer you an excellent performance driving experience in the long-haul segment, whereas the Volvo VNR takes its position as the standard truck for regional hauls.

Whichever you choose, you can guarantee the best truck driving experience since Volvo is a reputable brand for producing high-quality and high-performing vehicles in the market.