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Are Mack Semi Trucks Any Good? (Here’s The Truth)

Mack semi-trucks was founded in 1900 by Jack and Gus Mack. The company was founded in Brooklyn, NY.

The company was originally named the Mack Brothers Company; however, they rose to fame during the First World War in 1917 where their trucks were given the nickname of Mack.

If you have ever wondered if Mack semi trucks are any good, we will be exploring the topic below, read on to find out…

A quick answer to: are Mack Semi Trucks Good?

Mack semi trucks have been around for over a century. They produce some of the best vehicles in the industry. Mack semi trucks are powerful, reliable, and durable. Mack also builds its own engines, which are amongst some of the best that can be found in semi trucks.

Are Mack Semi Trucks Reliable and Dependable?

Mack semi trucks are amongst some of the most reliable semi trucks available on the market. There are designed for heavy duty usage.

They have extremely strong powertrains and heavy duty suspensions. This gives them extra reliability and a long lifespan.

Mack semi trucks are extremely dependable because of their heavy duty build. They can take a lot of strain, and are extremely rugged.

Being over 100 years old, Mack semi trucks have had a lot of time to perfect their designs and the materials used in the production of their trucks.

They were also the popular option for vehicles to be used in World War 1 and World War 2. As such, they have gained an excellent reputation.

How Long do Mack Semi Trucks Last?

Mack semi trucks can last an extremely long time thanks to their heavy-duty build. Mack trucks are known for being one of the best in the business.

If you take good care of your Mack semi truck, you can expect it to last between 800,000 and over a million miles.

This can equate to 18 to 20 years of use. In some cases, it can even last longer than 20 years, dependant on how well the semi truck is taken care of.

How Much Horsepower does a Mack Semi Truck have?

Mack is known not only for having some of the most reliable semi trucks, but also some of the strongest in the market.

Their engines range between 325 and 605 horsepower. This makes Mack semi trucks ideal for heavy-duty work.

The Mack engine is capable of producing enough power to carry heavy loads and tow heavy objects.

How Much Torque does a Mack Semi Truck have?

The powerful engines found in Mack semi-trucks also produce a lot of torque. Torque is the most useful element to look for when it comes to towing or pushing.

Torque measures the power output of the engine in the lower rev ranges. The higher the torque, the better the truck will perform at lower speeds.

Mack semi trucks can produce an incredible 2,060 lb-ft. of torque. This gives the Mack semi trucks plenty of muscle power when it comes to heavy-duty workloads.

What Engines do Mack Semi Trucks Use?

Mack offers a variety of engines for their semi trucks. They are all different in their prices and power outputs.

In most cases, Mack produces their own engines for their semi trucks. However, the customer has the option to select an engine from a different manufacturer if they would like to.

Mack semi truck engines are all direct injection diesel engines. They range between 325 to 605 horsepower depending on the model you choose.

Are Mack MP8 Engines any Good?

Mack MP8 engines are the top of the range on offer. They are the most powerful and are designed for heavy-duty workloads.

These are built for semi trucks that tow heavy trailers and equipment. The powerful engines will allow them to do so with ease.

The MP8 engine ranges between 415 and 605 horsepower depending on the option the customer chooses. Their torque output ranges between 1460 and 1860 lb-ft.

Mack also offers the MP8 HE engine. The High Energy Recovery engine is able to capture any lost energy and convert it back into power. This reduces the fuel consumption of the engine.

Is Mack MP7 a Good Engine?

The Mack MP7 engine is produced for more weight-sensitive semi trucks. For example, if a semi truck needs to remain under a specific weight limit.

The MP7 offers an excellent power-to-weight ratio. The MP7 is much lighter, while still offering huge amounts of power for the semi truck to use.

Unlike the MP8, the MP7 engine only has one option, which is 425 horsepower. The engine is capable of producing 1560 lb-ft of torque.

How Long do Mack Semi Truck Engines Last?

No engine is capable of lasting forever. However, the lifespan of an engine is dependent on how well it is taken care of.

Mack semi truck engines can last up to 750,000 miles if they have regular maintenance. Consistent repairs are necessary to extend the lifespan of the engine.

However, it is also important to be careful when driving the semi truck. If the engine is under more strain, it can shorten the lifespan of the engine significantly.

Are Mack Semi Trucks Fuel-Efficient?

Mack semi trucks have some of the most fuel-efficient engines in the industry. This comes down to the way they built their engines

The unique wave piston design used by Mack engines can improve the fuel economy by 2.5-5%. This means they have better fuel economy than most other trucks.

The fuel economy is crucial when it comes to semi trucks. Since they tend to drive many miles, saving money on fuel can be extremely helpful.

Are Mack Semi Trucks Comfortable?

Mack semi trucks have a long history of being the leaders of their industry. As such, they have a huge focus on safety and technology.

Mack is focused on providing as much comfort for the driver as possible when it comes to their semi trucks.

Comfort is crucial when it comes to semi trucks. If a driver is not comfortable while driving, it could become a distraction.

Uncomfortable drivers can also become tired more quickly. This would cost you more time as the driver would need to stop for rest breaks more often.

Are Mack Semi Trucks Safe?

Mack semi trucks have a huge focus on safety. Over the years they have constantly updated the design of the tractor to make them safer.

Mack has installed a system, the Bendix Wingman Fusion with Enhanced Features, into their trucks that help drivers always stay awake and alert. This has been massively beneficial to the safety of the semi trucks.

Mack Semi Truck Maintenance Schedule

In recent years, Mack has extended the intervals between scheduled maintenance. This has reduced the overall maintenance cost of the semi trucks.

It is advised to do maintenance on your Mack semi truck every 45,000 miles. However, this number changes depending on what you use the semi truck for.

If the semi truck is used to tow heavy loads, then maintenance will be required every 25,000 miles. If the semi truck travels long distances regularly, maintenance will be required every 35,000 miles.

What Kind of Oil does a Mack Semi Take?

Unlike other semi truck manufacturers, Mack also produces the oil for their own semi truck engines.

While it is not a requirement to use their engine oil, it is highly advised to do so. This is because it offers far more protection than standard semi truck engine oils.

The engine oil used in Mack semi truck engines is Mack Engine Oil EOS-4.5, and it is advised to always make use of this oil.

This is because the Mack engines have very strict engine oil standards. Using other types of oil may not offer your Mack engine the same levels of protection.

Are Mack Semi Trucks Expensive to Fix?

Mack sei trucks can become expensive to repair thanks to their complex engines and technology. However, in most cases, their annual maintenance cost is average compared to other semi trucks.

Mack semi trucks cost on average, $15,000 in repairs annually. The average for semi trucks is between $10,000 and $20,000 per year.

The leaves Mack semi trucks right in the middle of the average. However, it all depends on the condition of the truck.

If the semi truck has taken a lot of damage or has not had its regular maintenance at the recommended intervals, the repair costs of the truck can be much more expensive.

How Long is a Mack Semi Truck Warranty and What does It Cover?

Mack offers a warranty to their customers. This applies to semi trucks and any aftermarket parts that have been purchased through their network of authorized Mack dealers.

The warranty lasts for one year and covers any faulty materials or workmanship. The warranty offers free repairs at authorized Mack dealerships.

Do Mack Semi Trucks Hold their Value?

Mack semi trucks are known to have high resale value. This is done through clever work by the Mack manufacturers.

Mack manufacturers build their trucks with components that help the residual value of the truck. This is done by using heavy-duty parts that are reliable and durable.

Mack manufacturers have spent years analyzing their components to see which offer higher resale value, and which ones bring the resale value down.

As such, when you buy a Mack semi truck, you can expect to get a significant amount of your money back when you resell the semi truck.

What are the Best Mack Semi Truck Models?

The best Mack semi truck depends on what you are using it for. Each model has been designed for a different purpose.

The flagship model is the Anthem. This semi truck is perfect for highways and long hauls. You can expect to get thousands of miles out of this model without any issues.

The Mack Pinnacle has been optimized for off-road usage. This semi truck was designed to haul heavy loads and comfortably conquer steep inclines and declines.

The Granite model has a lighter powertrain. This semi truck is ideal for situations where you need a nimble truck that can maneuver easily, yet still offer you a lot of power.