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Is Volvo A Good Semi Truck? (Here’s The Truth)

Volvo has been producing semi trucks for almost a hundred years. They have established quite a name for themselves, which is synonymous with quality. 

With the recent release of their electric-powered semi truck, some doubted this machine’s ability to live up to the name. 

Here is the answer to whether Volvo is a good Semi Truck:

Volvo semi trucks are known to be dependable, reliable, comfortable, and often luxurious. It is a popular truck brand in the USA and has been manufacturing semi trucks since the 1920s. Volvo trucks are designed with city and town driving in mind and have excellent navigation and ease of operation.

Are Volvo Semi Trucks Reliable and Dependable?

The name Volvo may conjure up some images of a sleek, elegant, hybrid fuel-powered small vehicle cruising around town.

Volvo might not be the first brand that comes to mind when thinking of an 18 wheeler. 

The truth is, however, that Volvo has been a successful semi truck creator since the 1920s.

They are famous for their quality and are one of the most popular brands of trucks in the USA, despite it being an international brand. 

Volvo trucks are a stable, dependable, and reliable semi truck for anyone also seeking some style and comfort while they travel.

Overall high quality, these trucks were designed with city and town driving in mind and have excellent navigation and ease of operation. 

Volvo is known for taking steep turns with more ease and grace than the average semi truck. Definitely well-loved and popular and has earned its place as a reliable truck for your needs. 

How long do Volvo Semi Trucks last?

Volvo semi trucks have an average of 20 years life span when maintained well. This will put them to about 1 million miles of travel.

Since they are usually used for local and city driving, you may see a few more years from a Volvo since you aren’t getting the huge mileage all at once. 

One important maintenance tip to extend the life of your Volvo is to replace the fan clutch every 500,000 miles or so.

This part is essential to the thermostat and temperature regulation of the truck and in Volvo’s it is important to keep an eye on this. 

How much Horsepower does a Volvo Semi Truck have?

There is a couple of different series of trucks from Volvo and the horsepower varies a little between them. Here we will discuss 2 of the popular series below.  

The VNL series are their larger models and are designed for long rides. These models range between the 700s-800s models and have a horsepower range between 405-450. 

The VNR series has the capacity for an electrically charged engine and is ideal for city driving. The horsepower is a little lower than the VNL, and comes in at an average of 325-425.

How much Torque does a Volvo Semi Truck have?

First, we will discuss the Volvo VNR series since this is the electrical truck which is a hybrid of the original fuel-powered engine.

A common misconception about electrical cars and trucks is they are weak and don’t have the power of regular vehicles. 

The VNR series has a torque of up to 4,050 pounds-feet and can haul up around 80,000 pounds.

This, as compared to the VNL series, is about comparable, with the VNR beating it out, in part because they are a larger model. 

VNL engines tend to deliver between 1,250-1,850 pounds-feet. 

These specifications vary a lot based on the engine the truck has, so it is important to understand this part better. 

What Engines do Volvo Semi Trucks use?

The most popular engines in Volvo trucks are between the D11 and D13 engines. These engines are considered high quality and vary primarily in their fuel capacities.

Another engine common in the VNL series is the Cummins engine. 

At one time Volvo also had a very large D16 diesel engine which was popular for long hauls.

Although, this mammoth of an engine has recently been discontinued due to increased environmental requirements. 

Additionally, many truck drivers have come to prefer the lighter more efficient engines in order to save on cash. So, in the end the company decided to discontinue this engine production. 

Is the Volvo D11 a Good Engine?

The Volvo D11 is a lighter-weight, fuel-efficient engine. This engine was designed not only with the environment in mind but also with expenses in mind.

It is estimated that the D11 engine saves up to 2% of fuel waste, which accounts for money saved. 

Additionally, this engine was equipped with an I-Shift which prevents wear and tear on the vehicle and transmission.

It was designed to help assist when hauling very heavy loads in overdrive and has proven valuable in enabling this truck to navigate safely, sustainably, and effectively. 

You can learn more about the I-Shift on Volvo’s website at the following link.

Is the Volvo D13 a Good Engine?

The D13 is also infamous for its efficiency and strength. Unlike the D11, the D13 is designed to have more hauling power.

This truck engine is especially good for long journeys with big loads.

The added bonus is that this truck has excellent fuel efficiency for its size and power.

This is due in part to a combination of its lightweight build and turbo engine that gives it the added boost while not weighing it down.

How long do Volvo Semi Truck Engines Last?

Most Volvo engines have an engine life rating of B50. A B50 rating is a fairly high rating, indicating that the trucks perform on par with other long-lived trucks. 

Specifically, the rating speaks to the probable mileage the truck will hit before needing major repairs such as an overhaul or transmission issues.

For this scale, the Volvo rating puts it at the 350,000-500,000 mileage mark, which means this truck tends to reach this mileage before needing a lot of repairs. 

On average they can reach up to 1 million miles and last about 20 years when maintained well.

You may need to perform some repairs along the way, but the quality is definitely up there with the better models. 

Are Volvo Semi Trucks Fuel-Efficient?

Volvo trucks are some of the most ingenuitive and innovative. The engines rank high for fuel-efficiency.

They combine lightweight materials with hybrid engines that bring electrical power to the fuel engines as supplemental energy.

They have been constructed to bring the best aerodynamic designs to maximize fuel and allow them to cruise more easily on long trips.

All in all, Volvo trucks have been designed to maximize fuel and power usage and are certainly one of the most efficient available. 

Are Volvo Semi Trucks Comfortable?

Volvo trucks have improved a lot over the years, and have incorporated a number of features that make traveling less troublesome.

For many drivers, the cabin serves as a home away from home and must accommodate some general needs. 

Volvo trucks go a little above that and have large sleeping quarters with table and chair setups for eating.

The design of the truck was meant to maximize efficiency and safety, but it has also improved the sleeping quality of the drivers allowing for a nice, smooth ride.       

Are Volvo Semi Trucks Safe?

Volvo semi trucks have received good ratings for their safety features and designs. They have excellent maneuvering which allows for safe turning and navigation through tough spaces. 

The Volvo trucks are also equipped with a smart cruise control feature which helps the driver maintain efficient speeds while keeping safe distances between cars.

This has really been a game-changer for city and town driving, which can be some of the most difficult. 

For some in-depth discussion of Volvo’s safety features, please check out the guide at the following link.

Volvo Semi Truck Maintenance Schedule

At one time, a truck owner would expect to have to change the oil of a Volvo every 10,000 miles or so.

Although, with new improvements to the system, Volvo suggests the oil be changed between 35,000-45,000 miles. 

The rate of oil changes depends upon the type of driving you tend to do, and how much idling you often experience.

Town driving and common idling can result in more build-up and the need for more frequent changes. 

With these improvements, however, an owner can save a lot of valuable time they would have lost in the shop. 

What kind of Oil does a Volvo Semi take?

Volvo semi trucks tend to get 15W-40 for the viscosity of the oil.

The brands vary a bit, although it is usually recommended that you only use the Volvo approved engine oil for the semi truck engines. 

Some engines take 10W-30, but the 15W-40 is the most common for the D11-D13 engines. Here is the listing of the best oil types that can be found on the Volvo website.

Are Volvo Semi Trucks Expensive to Fix?

There is some disagreement regarding the price of repairing a Volvo and having it serviced.

Because Volvo is a foreign brand, many may fear they will have difficulties locating a good place to service or repair their trucks.

Although this was a legitimate fear at one time, Volvo is now one of the most common truck brands on the road in the U.S.

It is not much harder to repair this model than it is to repair other truck models. 

How Long is a Volvo Semi Truck Warranty and what does it Cover?

Volvo has updated their warranties for their semi trucks to extend for 24 months or 250,000 miles.

Owners can take their semi truck to the over 400 dealers across the country to get their engines, transmissions, or other problematic systems inspected and repaired. 

Be careful, however, of a preowned vehicle or purchasing from an uncertified dealer. These warranties may only apply to qualified vehicles which can be certified by the company. 

Although, Volvo has been working successfully to verify these vehicles and extend the warranties to include these as well. 

Do Volvo Semi Trucks Hold their Value?

Volvo definitely is a brand with a reputation for quality. Although, it is more than that.

They have proven their abilities in their almost 100 years of business and have created quite an empire for themselves. 

The model which has the most controversy is definitely the VNR series with its electrical systems.

There are those who think the electrical trucks couldn’t meet the demands of the trucking industry, however, they have certainly shown otherwise. 

All in all, Volvo semi trucks are certainly a quality brand to buy.

What are the best Volvo Semi Truck Models?

The VNL 860 and 760 are the best models for long hauls and heavy loads. These trucks are known for their aerodynamic design which maximizes fuel usage while minimizing friction to prevent a bumpy ride. 

The VNR electric truck is also a great model, designed ideally for inner-city and town driving. It gets up to 150 miles per charge and has close to zero emissions.

The strength of this truck has surprised a lot of naysayers and it has proven itself well.