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Volvo Truck Power Window Doesn’t Work? (Solved!)

Nowadays, most trucks have power windows for ease of access. 

It is convenient, especially if you are in a hurry during the rainy season or want a quick peek outside. 

You won’t want to return to the era where you must roll them over to operate the windows. 

In this article, we discuss typical problems with Volvo truck windows, and how to resolve them. 

Here’s a quick answer to why your Volvo truck power window doesn’t work:

A Volvo truck power window will work correctly due to issues such as a faulty power window switch, power window motor, window regulator, or blown fuse for the power window system. Most power window issues occur as a result of electrical issues that require the faulty component to be replaced.

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Components that Make Up the Truck Power Window

The power window in your Volvo truck is made up of a few different components.

The electric motor, the gearbox, the linkage, and the window regulator are all responsible for smoothly raising and lowering your window.

If you’re experiencing problems with your power window, it’s essential to troubleshoot each component to find the root of the issue.

Volvo Truck Power Window Switch

The Volvo truck power window is your control to manage and operate your windows with ease.

It may seem simple, but inside it is a mechanical system to make it work.

It will lose functionality if it blows or has a loose part. However, the power window can be repaired or replaced.

Problems with the Volvo Truck Power Window Switch

There are three problems a Volvo truck power window switch might encounter. It can be a broken window switch, a blown fuse, or a faulty window motor. Either of the three, you can replace the window switch or repair them if possible.

The most common thing people check is the fuse, which is located in the engine compartment. If the fuse is damaged, you can find a replacement, and your windows should start working again. 

You will notice that it is not working when you press it, and nothing is happening.

How to Fix or Replace the Volvo Truck Power Window Switch

To fix the power window switch, follow these steps:

Step 1: Check which window has the problem, the passenger or driver side. Power window switches can have an electrical fault or mechanical issues. From here, you will know how to fix them accordingly. 

Step 2: Examine the switches. You will check it first with the switch on the driver’s side. If it does not work using the switch at the driver’s side, check the switch for the passenger side. 

Step 3: If it is not working on both, our first assumption will be that it is because of dirt stuck in the switches. Now you will have to remove the switch to clean them. 

Step 4: Be careful on this step as the switches are susceptible. To remove the switch, you must release the 4 tabs of the switch. With a flat-tipped screwdriver, slide it under the two tabs and release them quickly. 

Use a multimeter to examine the switch; if it has high resistance, it may be because of dirt or it’s burnt out. Clean them well if they are dirty with an electron contact cleaner. Once they are clean, put them back on the contacts. 

Step 5: Ensure the contacts are in proper condition too. After that, re-examine again. If it works, then it means no other significant issues are present. 

If it is still not working, you need to replace them with a new one, or you may check the electrical systems of the switch to assess the situation further. 

Volvo Truck Power Window Motor

The power window motor is what keeps the window rolling up and down. Now, if there are issues with it, you will notice that there will be a massive change in its functionality. 

In this case, you need to assess the actual; problem to identify whether to fix it or replace the motor. 

Problems with Volvo Truck Power Window Motor

The problems you might face in a power window motor can be that the windows don’t go up or are stuck down. 

It can also be the windows are stuck in a particular position. Or it can be that the windows don’t move at all. You fix this with a lubricant or by replacing the motor. 

If the window is moving, either in any direction up or down, you can aid it with a lubricant. But if the fuse is blown, you have to replace it. 

On the other hand, if the windows don’t respond to any of the power switches’ commands, then the motor has the problem. It would be perfect if you placed it in this case too. 

How to Fix or Replace the Volvo Truck Power Window Motor

If the problem is the power window motor problem, the best fix is to replace it immediately. 

Step 1: Disconnect the window from the motor, then detach the motor from the regulator. 

Step 2: Now replace the motor with a new one.  The process may be time-consuming as it will require you to remove everything from the door panel.

In replacing the power window motor, you need to disconnect the window from the motor. To do this, you need to remove the interior door panel. Then remove the plastic door cover gently. 

After that, locate the window mounting bolts. Sometimes, you must move the windows up and down to find the bolts. Once located, move these bolts with the help of someone. 

Secure the windows with masking tape to keep them in place. 

Step 3: The next part is disconnecting the motor and the regulator. To do this, remove the regular bolt window. Then, locate and remove the window motor mounting bolts. Once done, disconnect the motor wiring harness connector. Be careful not to break the wirings. 

Step 4: Remove the motor and regulator from the access point. From here, you may now be able to replace a new motor. Once you have installed the latest, return everything with the same process in reverse. 

Volvo Truck Window Regulator

A common problem with Volvo truck windows is the window regulator. 

The Volvo truck window regulator is the part of the window that moves the window up and down. 

If the truck window regulator is not working correctly, the window will not move up and down.

Problems with Volvo Truck Window Regulator

There is a problem with your Volvo Truck Window Regulator when these issues occur:

  • When the windows fall inside the door;
  • There is abnormal noise when the door is moving;
  • When the windows move slowly, are jammed, or do not close entirely.

These problems can cause electrical issues but can be fixed by a lubricant.

Some gears wear out inside the motor if it does not get lubricated. These gears are in charge of the movement of the windows. Due to this, the gears grind and wear out in the long run. 

On the other hand, without lubricant, there will be tension with the cables. It might result in the gears stopping moving or the wires breaking. The most recommended oil to help in this kind of situation is a WD-40. 

How to Fix or Replace the Volvo Truck Window Regulator

You can only fix a broken or damaged truck window regulator by replacing it with a new one. 

First, follow the procedures for replacing a power window motor, steps listed above.

After that, place something under the window for support. Then disconnect the window motor’s electrical connector. 

Then, remove the assembly mounting bolt and the regulator. Now, replace the regulator with a new one. 

Volvo Truck Window Circuit and Fuse

A fuse protects window circuits. A fuse in the main supply line is used for the entire window system. That means that all the windows will have problems when it has issues too. Replacing a fuse is easy and won’t take too much of your time.

Problems with Volvo Truck Window Circuit and Fuse

One common issue with Volvo truck power windows is a blown fuse. The fuse is located in the driver’s side door and is responsible for powering all the windows in the truck. 

If it blows, it can cause problems with the window circuit and stop the windows from working altogether.

If you’re experiencing problems with your Volvo truck power windows, you should check the fuse for any issues. If it’s blown, a new replacement for it would be best to see if that fixes the problem.

How to Fix or Replace the Volvo Truck Window Circuit and Fuse

If your truck’s power windows are not working, the first step to fixing the issue is identifying which window is causing the problem.

Once you know which window is malfunctioning, you can replace the fuse or fix the circuit. Furthermore, if the fuse is blown, you can replace it with a new one. 

The fuse is located underneath the dashboard near the driver’s area. Once you open it up, find the fuse of the power window. It is usually yellow and has the number 13 on top of it. 

Typically, truck manufacturers created each window with one fuse only.

Replacing a fuse is just easy. When you locate which fuse to replace, pull it out with your hands or with the help of small pliers and replace it with a new one.

How to get Volvo Truck Power Window Down without Power

If you see yourself in a scenario where you need to get your truck’s power window down, but the power is out, there is a way to do it without electricity.

To do this perfectly, you only need a long piece of wire or sturdy string. Tie one end of the wire or line to the window crank and the other end to something sturdy outside of the truck. Then, crank the window down until it’s all the way open.

Always be careful when doing this, as it can be a bit dangerous if you’re not careful. Have someone else help you, and keep your hands and fingers clear of the moving parts.

If you are not confident in trying to do this yourself, you can always visit the local service center and have a mechanic do this for you.