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Volvo Truck Fridge Not Working? (7 Common Problems & Fixes!)

A fridge is a really great appliance to have installed in your truck especially for the long hauls as it will enable you to store more food and keep those drinks cool.

However, when it acts up, it can be a real nuisance. In this article, we take a look at Volvo truck fridges and the common problems truckers face, and how to fix them.

Here’s a Quick Answer to why your Volvo Truck Fridge is not Working:

A Volvo truck fridge may not work due to faulty or worn out fridge components such as evaporator coils, condenser fan, or compressor. Depleted refrigerant and other power supply issues such as a faulty power cord or blown fuse may also cause a volvo truck fridge to not work.

Volvo Truck Fridge Not Cooling

If you notice that your truck fridge is not cooling, there must be a problem with the evaporator coils, the compressor, or the condenser fan. 

You must check them separately to test whether it needs to be replaced or repaired only. Usually, defrosting can fix a simple cooling problem.  

How to diagnose and fix Volvo Truck Fridge not Cooling

When you notice that your Volvo truck fridge is not cooling, immediately check the evaporator coils of the fridge. Refer to your manual to see where it is located in your refrigerator. 

Ice may cover it, hindering it from functioning to its maximum capacity. To fix it, all you have to do is remove the ice by defrosting your fridge. 

Just unplug the fridge or remove it from any power source. Leave it for 24 to 48 hours. Test it after. If it is still not working, check the fan and the compressor. 

The fan may only need some cleaning. If the compressor has been damaged, consider buying a new one as it is costly to replace the compressor. 

Volvo Truck Fridge Frost Build Up

The reason why a fridge develops a frost build-up is due to air infiltration. You may have left it slightly open, or the seals are loose. 

Other factors that may result in frost build-up are damage or problems with the defrost timer and thermostat.

How to Diagnose and Fix Volvo Truck Fridge Frost Build-up

There are several things that you need to check why your truck fridge is getting a frost build-up. 

Check the door lid and gasket. If it is loose, you can replace them. Check the defrost timer as well. Just turn it on and off; if it works, it’s not the issue.

If not, you can replace or repair them with the help of a technician.

Lastly, check the defrost thermostat as well. Here, you will need a multi-meter. It must show continuity when above 37 degrees Fahrenheit. If there is none, then it must be replaced.  

Volvo Truck Fridge Power Supply Problems

Volvo truck fridge, of course, runs using electrical power just like any home appliance. Power supply problems may result in your fridge not turning on.

Check the plug, wirings, fuse, and internal parts to know where the power supply is having an issue.

How to Diagnose and Fix Volvo Truck Fridge AV/DC Problems

Before anything else, check if the truck fridge is plugged in. It may have loosened due to the truck’s activity. If it is properly plugged, then move forward to check the circuit breaker, it may have tripped. 

The electrical outlet may be damaged too, or it may have performed a reset. In addition, something may damage the power cords, or the wirings have problems.

All of them can be repaired, replaced, and troubleshot with ease. Plus, it is not that costly to fix this.  

Volvo VNL Refrigerator Fuse Location

The Volvo truck VNL refrigerator fuse is located in the sleeper area. It is usually at the driver’s side outside the wall where the controls are. 

It typically holds a lot of fuses, five utmost, and one of them is for the truck fridge. Refer to your truck manual to specify which fuse is for the truck fridge.

How to Turn on the Fridge in a Volvo Truck

It might be a little struggle to know how to turn on the fridge of a Volvo truck. Especially since it is not like how you turn on a traditional home refrigerator. 

All you have to do is hold the switch that says “on/off” for 1 sec. Once the green light shows, it’s on. Then set the temperature, and you are good to go. 

How to Turn Off Fridge in Volvo Truck

When turning off a Volvo truck fridge, press the switch for 1 second. Once the green light is off, it indicates that the refrigerator is already off. 

You don’t have to do anything else with the temperature; you can set it up later once you turn it back on. 

Volvo Truck Fridge Gas Problems

The gas that keeps the refrigerator producing cool air is called Freon. It is named after the manufacturer of the said gas. 

Now, the gas works by heating the propane inside the fridge to produce cold air.  

If the refrigerator does not have enough Freon, it may cause particular problems. But you can quickly fix it by refilling it.

How to Diagnose and Fix Volvo Truck Fridge Gas Problems

To check if you have fridge gas problems, check the condenser and sense if it is cold. 

A cold condenser means there might be a problem with the Freon. But not entirely, as a clogged system or defective condenser can also cause it. 

Other steps will require you to turn off the fridge and hear for yourself if there is a hissing or gurgling sound in your fridge.

If there is, your Freon is okay. If not, you need to add the fan, compressor, filter dryer, and cap tube on the thighs that you need to check. 

Finally, remove the evaporator cover. Turn on the fridge and set your temperature depending on your preferences. Close the door and wait for a few minutes. 

If there is no frost build-up, that indicates the lack or absence of freon in your fridge. You can contact your local repair or refrigerant services to fill in your Freon. 

Volvo Truck Fridge Repair

Repairing your Volvo truck fridge is not that different from how you fix a traditional refrigerator. 

Some components can be replaced or repaired. And there are also parts wherein repairs can be costly. Buying a new one will be more convenient.

What Components are Worthwhile to Repair in a Truck Refrigerator

The parts that are not that costly to repair include the wirings, switches, fans, coils, and gaskets.

If these parts are damaged, you can visit one of your local refrigerant repair services to have them replaced. You can return or repair them if you know enough about them.

Best Truck Refrigerator Repair Service Providers Across the State

When you have a damaged truck refrigerator, approaching a local appliance repair center can be an option. But it is way better if a shop specializes in repairing truck fridges. 

Here are some of the most trusted truck refrigerator services:

Company NameLocation
Truck refrigeration repairNorfolk, Virginia
CT power and Iceberg EnterprisesNorth Las Vegas, Nevada
Reefer Services IncHudsonville, Michigan
Riveras Refrigeration ServicesPortwall St., Houston, Texas

You can contact them on their respective websites. They also make appointments, and customers keep returning to avail of their services due to their quality service and fantastic customer care. 

When should you Replace your Volvo Truck Fridge?

It is advisable to replace your Volvo truck fridge if it is beyond repairable already. One thing, for example, is the compressor’s damage to your truck fridge. 

Usually, technicians advise owners to look for a new one instead of replacing it. Since the cost of replacing this part and buying a new one do not differ. 

How do you Remove a Refrigerator from a Volvo Truck?

To remove the truck refrigerator, you need to remove it from the power source first. Then, open the door. There are two Torx screws at the bottom. 

Please remove them and then pull the drawer out. There is one Torx screw at the side. Wiggle the fridge’s body to slide it out. 

If you have difficulties doing so, have it removed at a repair center.