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What Kind Of Oil Does A Semi Truck Use? (24 Essential Facts)

There are many good engine oil brands out there to choose from. A veteran trucker knows what they want and what works best for their specific truck.

As a newbie, it can be a little daunting when it comes to which one is right for your truck.

We will guide you on the right path and will help you to make your mind up by giving you information about different types of truck engines and the oil they use.

Here’s a short summary of What kind of Oil a Semi Truck Uses:

A semi truck uses mineral oil, semi-synthetic oil, and fully synthetic oil. Mineral oil is typically used for shorter commutes, synthetic oil for longer trips and heavy machines, and semi-synthetic oil is best for both worlds. The correct motor oil is necessary to preserve and prolong engine life.

What kind of Engine Oil does a Semi Truck Use?

With many brands of oil on the market, it can be a case of testing a few before you can find what works well for your truck.

There are three types of engine oil semi trucks use. Mineral oil, semi-synthetic oil, and fully synthetic oil.

Popular Semi Trucks and the Motor Oil They Use:

Semi-Truck ModelsPreferred Engine Oil
Freightliner CascadiaAMSOIL max-duty synthetic diesel oil 10W-30
Peterbilt 579AMSOIL max-duty protection 15W-40
Kenworth T680MOBIL DELVAC 1 ESP heavy-duty 5W-40
International 4300AMSOIL max-duty synthetic diesel oil 10W-30
International 4700AMSOIL heavy-duty synthetic diesel oil 15W-40

What kind of Oil does a Freightliner Use?

Freightliner trucks use MOBIL DELVAC MX 15W-40, an advanced heavy-duty lubricant.

It features a boosted formulation that exceeds the API CK-4 specification protecting the engine in even the most extreme conditions.

What kind of Oil does a Freightliner Cascadia Take?

The Freightliner Cascadia uses the signature series AMSOIL max-duty synthetic diesel oil 10W-30 or the MOBIL DELVAC 1300 Super 10W-30. It offers maximum wear protection.

They both have low viscosity and reduce engine wear.

What kind of Oil does a Freightliner M2 Take?

The Freightliner M2 uses ARMADO SYNTH LSP ULTRA 5W-30.

It prevents deposits in the engine, precipitation, and sludge with prolonged oil drain intervals and lowers fuel consumption.

What kind of Oil does a Peterbilt Take?

The Peterbilt trucks also use AMSOIL synthetic lubricant, which protects the engine through all kinds of weather. It has great friction reduction chracteristics.

What kind of Oil does a Peterbilt 579 Take?

The Peterbilt 579 uses AMSOIL 100% signature series diesel oil, max-duty protection 15W-40. The tried and tested engine oil is a perfect match to the Paccar MX-13 engine.

What kind of Oil does a Kenworth Use?

The Kenworth trucks come factory filled with Chevron Delo 400 XLE Synblend SAE 10W-30 engine oil. The oil is designed to provide soot and wear protection.

What kind of Oil does a Kenworth T680 Use?

The Kenworth T680 also comes filled with Chevron Delo 400 XLE Synbled SAE 10W-30 as standard. The oil is of premium quality, formulated with ISOSYN technology.

The oil has shown an ability to improve fuel economy in Class 8 trucks while maintaining lubricity.

What type of Oil does an International Truck Take?

The International semi trucks use MOBIL DELVAC 1 ESP heavy-duty 5W-40 diesel engine oil. It is formulated to deliver exceptional performance in modern and older engines.

What Oil does an International 4300 Take?

The International 4300 uses AMSOIL signature series max-duty synthetic diesel oil 10W-30.

The oil you put in your truck should be recommended by a trained professional. It will prolong the life of your engine and reduce wear.

What kind of Oil does an International 4700 Take?

It appears again and again. The AMSOIL brand, these trucks like many, have a choice of oils to use. The 4700 uses heavy-duty synthetic diesel oil 10W-30 or heavy-duty synthetic diesel oil 15W-40.

The oil will depend on how you use the truck, and the weather conditions may also need to be considered to get optimal performance from the oil in as far as protecting the engine.

What kind of Oil does a Mack Truck Use?

Mack trucks use EOS-4.5 with a 10W30 and 15W40. It offers enhanced performance for oil oxidation and aeration control. As with any truck manufacturer, they like the best at the lowest cost.

What Oil does a Mack MP8 Take?

The Mack MP8, along with the other MP engines, takes ARMADO SYNTH LSP ULTRA 10W-40.

It is a top-quality, fuel-saving diesel motor oil and resists corrosion and foaming. It also reduces wear to the piston rings and cylinder wall, lowers maintenance costs, and has a high viscosity index.

What kind of Oil does a Volvo Tractor Take?

Volvo has its own brand of oil. The Volvo Premium 15W-40 Motor oil.

The oil is specially formulated to deliver maximum protection against soot-induced wear with superior oil oxidation and viscosity change.

What kind of Oil does a Volvo D13 Take?

The D13 Volvo also uses the Volvo Premium 15W-40 oil. The oil minimizes engine soot deposits and controls viscosity. It has been field-proven under severe conditions.

Volvo uses its own brand of oil on the production line.

What Oil does a DD15 Take?

The DD15 engine uses Delo 400 ZFA SAE 10W-30. Detriot Diesel uses this oil on the production line for its DD13 and DD16 as well.

The oil is well suited to the engine’s needs providing the much-needed lubricant the engine requires in all types of conditions.

What Oil does a Cummins X15 Take?

Cummins uses Valvoline Premium Blue 15W-40 engine oil. The oil is specially designed to provide advanced lubrication to diesel and gas engines of all ages.

The oil is the only one used in the production of the Cummins engines.

What type of Oil does a Paccar MX 13 Use?

The Paccars uses MOBIL Delvac 1300 super 15W-40. The oil is a well-liked, tested brand and has served the industry for many years with a proven track record.

How Much Oil does a Semi Truck Take?

Semi trucks engines come in different sizes and can hold different quantities of oil. From 28 quarts capacity to 42 quarts capacity.

As an example, a 12.9-liter engine can hold 42 U.S. quarts. That is around 84 pints of oil or approximately 12 and a half gallons.

Remember, each engine will hold different volumes. Check the owner’s manual for your exact quantity.

Which Motor Oil is Better Synthetic or Mineral?

Each oil has its qualities. Mineral engine oil is better for short trips and can perform over a variety of temperatures.

Semi-synthetic oil is a combination of mineral and synthetic oil, enabling both high and low engine operating temperatures.

Fully synthetic oil is the best for semi trucks as it has everything a heavy-duty engine needs to keep going in any condition.

It is the ultimate performance oil with lower sludge formation and enhanced detergent properties.

Which Engine Oil is Good for Long Trips?

Any of the brands mentioned are capable of enduring a long trip with many obstacles.

Fully synthetic is top of our list for the operation. The quality oil will keep your engine cooler at its hottest points.

Be sure to check your owner’s manual or consult a mechanic for advice on what is best for your trip.

Do you need to use Different Oil Grades for Summer and Winter months?

The grade of oil isn’t so much affected by the weather. Regular oil changes and top-ups will ensure your engine is working to its optimal performance.

There are oil brands with a higher tolerance level to hot and cold climates, but they will both work just fine in any weather conditions.

Can you Mix Different Oil Grades in your Semi Truck?

You can mix different grades of oil in a semi truck. It is not recommended that you do this, as the two will counteract each other on a very minutiae level.

One may be better in hotter conditions, while the other in colder conditions.

It will not harm your engine in any way. But will also not increase the engine’s performance. It will also change the viscosity.

Best Oil for Semi Trucks

Fully synthetic engine oil of all grades is what a trucker would tell you. And they would know. I’m with them, all the way on this one.

AMSOIL is the rave with its several grades of oil. This fully synthetic oil is durable in any condition and helps the engine last longer.

Some may say MOBIL Delvac or Chevron Del 400, but this is one of those, but you can give them a try and see what works for you.

Happy Trucking!