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What Semi Truck Has The Longest Hood? (Here Are The Figures)

There are tons of semi-trucks that have long hoods. Have you ever wondered why they’re so popular?

Are you curious to know which semi-truck has the longest hood? Read on to find out more!

Here’s a Short Summary on What Semi Truck has the Longest Hood:

The semi-truck with the longest hood is the Volvo VAH which also has the most aerodynamic hood, making it faster and more fuel-efficient than other semi-trucks. The Volvo VAH has a BBC of 146.5″. Semi-trucks with long hoods are popular in the USA as compared to other places in the world.

Here are the Top 5 Semi Trucks with the Longest Hood:

Semi Truck ModelHood Length BBC
Volvo VAH146.5”
Western Star 4964EX132”
Freightliner Classic XL132”
Peterbilt 367131”
Kenworth W900L130”

Why are Long Hoods in a Semi Truck so Popular in the U.S.?

Semi-trucks with long hoods are a common sight in the United States. However, the exact reasons for this vary between owners and drivers.

The main reason why they’re so popular is because of their aesthetics. The look of a long-nose semi-truck is appealing to a lot of truckers.

Longer hoods were built for semi-trucks with bigger engines back in the day. In other words, the longer the hood, the more power the semi-truck has.

However, in modern days, technology has developed so that we can squeeze more power out of smaller engines. This essentially makes the longer hoods redundant.

A modern semi-truck with a long hood might not have a ‘bigger’ engine in size, but it can still have more power.

The nostalgia of this concept is what draws most truckers into their preference of having a long hood semi-truck over a short hood semi-truck.

It comes down to personal preference, as some truckers prefer the short hood semi-truck over a long hood semi-truck.

Are Longer Hoods in a Semi Truck Always Better?

Long hood semi-trucks have a few advantages over short hood semi-trucks. However, most advantages and disadvantages are negligible and hardly make a difference.

Long hood semi-trucks are easier to maintain because of the extra space inside the hood. This would give a mechanic a lot more room to work on the engine.

However, a long nose semi-truck is slightly more expensive than a short nose semi-truck because of the extra material and building costs.

On the other hand, a long hood semi-truck has better resale value due to its popularity, making them excellent for long-term value.

Short hood semi-trucks have better mileage because they are more aerodynamic, and they weigh quite a bit less than a long hood semi-truck.

Short hood semi-trucks also have better handling and maneuverability than a long hood semi-truck with a much wider turning radius.

Which Peterbilt Semi Truck has the Longest Hood?

Peterbilt semi-trucks are known for their excellent build quality. They’re also well known for having long hoods.

You have the option of choosing between a long and short nose Peterbilt when you order one.

The Peterbilt 367 model has the longest hood, 131″ BBC. This is only slightly longer than the second-longest, which is the 389 model.

How long is a Peterbilt 389 hood?

The Peterbilt 389 has a long hood of 127″ and a short hood of 119″. This is one of Peterbilt’s most popular models, and most owners choose the long nose option when it comes to the 389.

How long is a Peterbilt 379 hood?

The Peterbilt 379 has a BBC length of 127″, which is the same as the 389 models. This is essentially the previous model of the 389, so, understandably, they are designed to have the same hood length.

How long is a Peterbilt 359 hood?

The Peterbilt 359 has the exact BBC measurement as its younger siblings. The extended hood measuring 127″, the 359 was designed to have a larger engine and radiator.

Which Kenworth Semi Truck has the Longest Hood?

Kenworth is one of the most popular semi-truck manufacturers in the United States. This comes as no surprise as the American-made semi-trucks constantly pioneer the future of trucking.

The Kenworth W900L has a hood length of 130″ BBC, which is the longest of all Kenworth models.

How long is a Kenworth W900 hood?

The Kenworth W900 has a BBC of 127″. The flagship Kenworth model is popular, and its aesthetics is one of the main reasons for its popularity.

However, Kenworth has put a ton of craftsmanship into building this model. The quality of the W900 is excellent, and you can rely on this machine to be a hard worker that will last you many years.

How long is a W900L hood?

The Kenworth W900L is an excellent choice for any trucker. It has a BBC hood length of 130″.

The W900L has the ‘L’ addition, which signifies a long hood. This is simply the extended hood version of the W900 model.

Which Freightliner Semi Truck has the Longest Hood?

Freightliner is known for providing lower costs in their semi-trucks. They still have excellent build quality at a more affordable price than most semi-truck manufacturers.

The Freightliner Classic XL has a hood length of 132″ BBC, which is the longest of all the Freightliner models.

How long is a Freightliner Classic XL hood?

The Freightliner Classic XL has a BBC of 132″. This is one of the most extended hoods you will find on a modern-day semi-truck.

The Freightliner Classic XL has been a popular pick for truckers. However, they recently received a chassis update which has improved the quality of this particular model.

The new chassis means that the Freightliner Classic XL has a quieter and smoother ride, better performance, and better maneuverability than before.

Which International Semi Truck has the Longest Hood?

International is another trendy brand in the United States. This manufacturer builds high-quality semi-trucks known to be some of the best looking semi-trucks on the market.

The International Lonestar has a hood length of 132″ BBC, which is the longest of all the International semi-truck models.

How long is an International 9900IX hood?

The International 9900ix is one of the shortest hoods on our list. It’s BBC length comes in at just 124″.

The 9900ix is an excellent truck and has a great reputation. Navistar claims that the newer models are between 5 and 10 percent more aerodynamic than before.

This means that the 9900ix will have better fuel efficiency than its predecessors, and it will also have a slightly higher top speed than before.

Which Western Star Semi Truck has the Longest Hood?

Western Star is a semi-truck manufacturer that is heavily focused on performance. They aim to build a semi-truck that you can rely on to get the job done.

The Western Star 4964ex has a hood length of 132″ BBC, which is the longest of all the Western Star models.

How long is a Western Star 4900ex hood?

The Western Start 4900ex might have the second-longest hoods of all Western Star models. However, it only measures 123″ in BBC.

The flagship Western Star semi-truck has been a firm favorite for many truckers over the years. It’s dependable and hard working.

You can rely on the 4900ex to provide you with years of excellent service. The majority of truckers also prefer this aesthetic over most other semi-trucks.

How long is a Western Star 4964ex hood?

The western star 4964ex has the longest hood of all Western Star models, and it measures at an incredible 132″ in BBC.

The Western Star 4964ex is known for having excellent reliability, A semi-truck that won’t let you down and can put on tons of mileage.

The Western Star 4964exis also has an excellent reputation for being a workhorse, and it can comfortably haul cargo without any significant issues.

Which Volvo Semi Truck has the Longest Hood?

Volvo is a Swedish semi-truck manufacturer that has massive popularity worldwide. They build excellent trucks with a major focus on safety features.

The Volvo VAH has the longest hood of all semi-trucks on our list. With a 146.5 BBC, this semi-truck is head and shoulders above the rest.

How long is a Volvo VAH hood?

The Volvo VAH has a hood length of 146.5 BBC.

The Volvo VAH is available with shorter hood configurations as well. The hood of the Volvo VAH has been aerodynamically designed, which has several benefits.

The first is that the semi-truck will have better fuel efficiency as it glides through the air with ease. The semi-truck will also accelerate faster and hit a higher top speed.

Which Mack Semi Truck has the Longest Hood?

Mack is a legendary semi-truck manufacturer known for producing some of the best semi-trucks. They are popular but also generally more expensive than other brands.

The Mack Titan has the longest hood in the Mack range with a BBC of 128″. The hood on a Mack semi-truck is iconic, and on the Titan, it is very aesthetically pleasing.

How long is a Mack Titan hood?

The Mack Titan has a hood length of 128″ BBC.

The Titan is renowned as a workhorse in the semi-truck market. It is also known as one of the most luxurious semi-trucks that you can find.

The Mack Titan can haul up to 200 tonnes of cargo, and you have tons of heavy-duty options you can equip it with, most of which you won’t find for other semi-trucks.