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How Many Miles Per Gallon Does A Semi Get? (Best MPG Trucks)

Last March 2022, the average diesel price in the United States reached $5.185 per gallon, which may continue to rise.

If it happens, you may no longer go your typical routes with the usual amount of fuel you fill your semi-truck unless you spend more.

Fuels are one of the most significant expenses among trucking companies.

With the increasing fuel price worldwide, truckers should better understand the importance of fuel economy in semi-trucks.

This article will teach you the miles per gallon a semi-truck can consume so that you can save money from expensive fuel expenses and better plan your routes.

Here’s How Many Miles Per Gallon A Semi Gets:

A semi-truck averages 6.5 miles per gallon (mpg), with best fuel economies ranging between 8.5 – 10 mpg. The fuel efficiency of semi-trucks varies with truck models, the load it carries, and the route or terrain it travels, e.g., it can average 3 mpg for uphill roads and 23 mpg for downhill routes.

How Far Can A Semi Go On A Full Tank?

The total distance a semi-truck can reach on a single full tank depends on the total fuel tank size and efficiency of the model you use.

For example, if your semi-truck has a 300-gallon fuel tank, it can reach up to 2,100 miles after filling and consume an average of 7 mpg fuel efficiency.

How Many MPG Does A Semi Get Without A Trailer?

Aside from the total amount of fuel a semi-truck has in its tank, another factor affecting its mpg is the load it carries, viz., the trailer’s presence.

If you do not have a trailer or are bobtailing or deadheading, you can go with an 11.6 mpg.

How Many MPG Does A Semi Get Fully Loaded?

On the contrary, a fully loaded-semi-truck can last about six mpg or less, depending on the semi-truck specifications and fuel capacity.

How Many Gallons Are In A Semi-truck?

The average semi truck can carry 120 to 150 gallons of fuel, depending on the type of freight or trailer it takes.

A typical semi-truck can travel nearly 2,000 miles on a tank of gas or diesel. However, the mileage varies based on the distance a truck travels, fuel type, and driving style.

Drivers should regularly adjust the fuel level in their trucks and monitor the odometer to know their fuel consumption.

Semi-truck Gas Tank Size

The gas tank size affects the fuel capacity of semi-trucks—the bigger the tank, the more fuel it can carry and hold.

How Much Fuel Does A Semi-truck Tank Hold?

The fuel tank size ranges from 42 gallons to 150 gallons.

As the fuel light turns on, the tank will only have fifteen to thirty gallons of gas inside.

Once the fuel level turns low, it can only travel up to three hundred miles. Beyond that, you will need to refill to avoid sudden stops and getting stuck on the road.

The engine size and driving style affect the tank capacity, so if you plan a long trip, check the fuel gauge regularly.

10-Wheeler Truck Fuel Tank Capacity

A 10-wheeler truck has a fuel tank capacity of 85 gallons and a fuel mileage of 8mpg.

It can reach a distance of 67 miles per hour with a maximum speed and a 40.4% full-load capacity.

22-Wheeler Truck Fuel Tank Capacity

A 22-wheeler truck has a fuel tank capacity of 110 gallons.

The total fuel consumption of this truck will depend on several factors, such as tires, idling, gears, etc.

18-Wheeler Fuel Tank Size

An 18-wheeler or a Class 8 long-haul truck has a fuel tank size of about 125 to 300 gallons.

Its capacity can have a fuel mileage of 5 to 6 mpg. It is double the amount compared to gasoline-powered trucks.

Semi-truck Range

Semi-trucks can go about 2,100 miles on a diesel fuel tank, given that it has 300 gallons and average fuel efficiency of 7 mpg.

Thus, you need to know your truck’s fuel tank size and fuel efficiency to determine how long it can reach certain distances with its fuel capacity.

Semi-truck Range On A Full Tank

A 300-gallon full-tank semi-truck can run an average of 7 to 8 mpg and reach 2,000 miles before it gets empty.

However, several factors can still affect how your semi-truck consumes this fuel on a single fill.

How many Miles can a Semi-truck go on Empty?

Once the fuel low warning light appears on your dashboard, you often head straight to the nearest gas station for a refill.

Sometimes, you may not find one yet since it is too far, so you get worried about the possibility of being stuck on the road once your fuel tank goes empty.

Like any vehicle, a semi-truck has a reserve fuel tank of about 30 gallons. The average fuel consumption of a semi-truck, which is 6 to 8 mpg, can still go for about 150 to 180 miles.

Of course, fuel consumption may still vary depending on several factors. Don’t worry, though, since the distance it can still run is far enough for you to reach your destination.

1/4 Tank of Diesel, How Many Miles?

A quarter of a gas tank can last up to 80 miles per hour, depending on your semi-truck’s fuel mileage. At such a rate, you can run out of fuel within one to one and a half hours.

The mileage of a quarter tank of gas depends on several factors, such as the vehicle type, mpg, tank size, driving style, number of passengers, tires, etc.

The 1/4 mark is at a 45-degree angle from the dial’s center. You can find it below the half-tank on the first bracket.

If the driving conditions are consistent, a quarter tank of gas will provide more than the entire gas tank range.

Semi-truck MPG Calculator

As you plan your route, you need to know how much fuel it will cost you before you set off and the fuel mileage to a particular destination.

Thus, a semi-truck mpg calculator is the best solution to know all this essential information.

An mpg calculator helps you determine your truck’s fuel efficiency. To know the mpg, you need to divide the distance (measured by miles or kilometers) by the average gas or fuel consumption (gallons or liters).

Here’s the formula:

Mpg = distance / average gas consumption

To calculate the mpg of your semi-truck, you need to record the distance it travels. Then find out the amount of fuel the semi-truck consumes to reach that destination.

Then divide those numbers, and you finally have the average mpg of your semi-truck.

Best MPG Semi-truck

You can get a lot of your money if you own any of these semi-trucks considered by the community as the most fuel-efficient ones.

Here are the top five semi-trucks with the best mpg:

  • Freightliner Cascadia Evolution – The Freightliner Cascadia Evolution does offer the most convenient and cool features among other semi-trucks in its class. One of them is its 10 mpg fuel economy.
  • Peterbilt 579 – Similar to the Freightliner Cascadia Evolution, the Peterbilt 579 also possesses a 10 mpg fuel efficiency. The best thing about this semi-truck is how its design, in addition to its new technology, contributes to helping you save on expensive fuel costs.
  • Kenworth T680 Advantage – The Kenworth T680 Advantage has 9 mpg and owns several innovative features and designs. Its engine equipment and aerodynamic design help improve road performance and save you from fuel expenses.
  • Volvo VNL – Next on the list is the Volvo VNL. It reaches 8.5 mpg and can take around 55 to 85 mph, regardless of whether you take a flat or hilly terrain.

According to them, with its powerful engine and advanced features, you can save up to 2% from your usual fuel cost. It is probably one of the reasons why many truckers prefer this semi-truck for long hauls.

  • Mack Pinnacle – Lastly, the Mack Pinnacle offers you 8 mpg of fuel economy. It is all thanks to its design that supports shipment weights. Since trailers also affect fuel consumption, it helps cut more expensive fuel costs.

In addition, this semi-truck also offers a low center of gravity to make it more stable and wind resistant.

The axle-forward also balances the weight distribution on the cab, which is an essential feature since sudden weight changes also affect the fuel.