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What Semi Truck Has The Best Sleeper? (4 Top Brands Viewed)

We are very excited to bring the four best trucks brands and their sleeper specifications to you.

There are some great brands out there, so this was not easy for us to choose. But with thorough research, we have come up with a list we think you will like.

We talk about sleeper size, the drivers surrounding space, storage features, and much more.

Here’s a short summary of which Semi Truck has the Best Sleeper:

The Peterbilt 579 UltraLoft has one of the best semi truck sleepers. It has a 70 cubic feet cabin with customizable interiors, climate control, large storage space and comfortable driving space. The Volvo VNL 760, Kenworth T680 driver’s studio, and Freightliner Cascadia 2022 also has great sleepers.

What Semi Truck has the Best Sleeper?

The best sleepers on the market are placed before you here today. The choice is ultimately yours. In our opinion, they’re all as good as each other.

The models we have carefully selected are all elegant, modern, and spacious, with configurable options.

They give the experience of home from home with the option of having a TV, Refridgerator, top bunk, and table.

Peterbilt, Kenworth, Volvo, and Freightliner have exceptional qualities and have always been a trucker’s choice.

If I were to pick one, it would be the Peterbilt 579 UltraLoft.

I’m afraid my colleagues would choose the Volvo VNL 760. What would you choose?

What Peterbilt Semi Truck has the Best Sleeper?

The Peterbilt 579 UltraLoft has a high-tech, smart and spacious sleeper. It comes in very high on the list for comfort, style, and practicality. Giving the driver and their passenger a good night’s sleep.

The trucking industry over the years has become a lot more focused on driver comfort. As a result, manufacturers are pulling out all the stops when it comes to sleep cabs.

Every thought has gone into its layout.

Size of Sleeper Cabin Space

The sleeper cabin on the 579 is up to 70 cubic feet, available in multiple configurations throughout the cab and sleeper. The driver has the option to customize the interior to the specifications.

Drivers Surrounding Space

The space around the driver is wide enough to step out of the driver seat without the need to swing your legs over any obstacles. With plenty of headroom, you wouldn’t get a stiff neck standing up.

The steering wheel and dashboard have been set up in a good position to allow the driver plenty of leg space when driving, with at least a 6-inch gap between the knee and the wheel.

With the seat fully back, the driver has plenty of room to exit the cab or enter the sleeper with 22 inches between the driver and passenger seats.

Storage Space and features

The cab has three large overhead compartments and two good-sized cupboards. The sleeper has two large upper cabinets with a tray and cup holder for the top bunk.

A wardrobe with enough hanging space allows the driver to hang clothes without them dragging on the bottom. Below the wardrobe is the option to have an additional cabinet instead of a refrigerator.

An extra draw under the refrigerator for 12oz cans or food. Another good-sized storage space by the bottom bunk for shoes, paperwork, and a laptop.

Bunk Bed Configurations

The lower bunk is an 85 inch long by 42 inches wide comfortable fit. The top bunk is 82 inches long and 36 inches wide.

A 6 foot 4″ person could sit on the bottom bunk with the top bunk down and still have headroom. A deployable ladder from the top bunk stows away out of sight, capable of holding 400 Ibs.

Wardrobe Size and Features

The 579 has a 45-inch, 70 cubic feet wardrobe, the largest in the industry. It has an option to have a small cupboard below the wardrobe for extra storage. With 8 feet of headroom, it comes as no surprise they can accommodate such a wardrobe.

Convenience of Power Ports

The 579 UltraLoft has a total of eleven power outlets throughout, depending on the configuration. Six 12-volt, three 110-volt, and two USB charging ports.

Enough for all your extras, like phone and laptop.

Accommodation of Appliances

The truck has space for a refrigerator, a microwave, and a TV. So you can wash down your nice hot meal with a cold drink while watching your favorite show or even a film.

With all the power ports, you could easily plug in a DVD player, Playstation, or even an Amazon FireStick.

Climate Control Features

Peterbilt has its own unique Smartair climate control. It is the industry’s most advanced, environmentally friendly, cost-effective system. It is fully integrated and factory-installed.

It has an autostart option which helps keep main and auxiliary batteries charged while running the air conditioning or using electric power devices.

It comes with an auto stop/start that monitors the batteries and automatically runs the engine until the batteries reach the correct level.

Both bunks are equipped with directional vents for controlled, easy airflow and the usual dashboard vents.

What Kenworth semi truck has the best sleeper?

It has to be the Kenworth T680 driver’s studio. It has many features for driver and passenger comfort while driving and resting. It has plenty of extra space for doing your paperwork or just kicking back.

Kenworth has thought of everything you may need when you are away from home.

Size of Sleeper Cabin Space

The sleeper cabin has an 8-inch mattress with pocket coil springs and foam topping. You can opt to have an extra top bunk or a shelf. A 2.1m Mid-Roof allows the driver plenty of maneuverability.

There are 40 inches from cabinet to cabinet. From the back of the seat to the lower bunk is around 24 inches.

Drivers Surrounding Space

The passenger seat swivels 180 degrees to face the back of the cab and the swivel table (both optional), which leaves more space for the driver as the passenger doesn’t even have to move.

The space between the seats is around 3 feet, with ample space in front. The height in the cab has enough headroom for a 6-foot person to fully stand up.

Storage Space and Features

The lower bunk has storage space under it, which covers 75% of the bed’s length. It is perfect for shoes, blankets, bags, and anything extra you want to bring along.

Bunk Bed Configurations

The lower bunk has a 42 inch by 88 inches in length, 8-inch thick pocket coil mattress. If you choose to have one, the upper bunk will be 84 inches in length and 32 to 34 inches wide and has a foam mattress.

That is a pretty good size for a nice comfortable sleep.

Wardrobe Size and Features

There is a full-size wardrobe for hanging clothes and multiple draws for underwear and any extras you may want. This space in this truck is good enough for at least a week of wardrobe wear.

Convenience of Power Ports

Power ports are conveniently located near the driver and passenger seats, bunks, Tv, Microwave, and fridge. It has two 110-volt twin outlets and four 12-volt ports.

It is ideal for powering your portable vacuum or charging your clippers.

Accommodation of Appliances

Appliances are optional. The truck has the accommodated space and functional connection power points for a fridge freezer with a sliding draw. You could also add a microwave and a swivel TV mount, capable of hold a flat screen up to 28 inches.

All of which would need to be purchased separately.

Climate Control Features

The Kenworth idle management system is optional. It is a battery-based air conditioner system. You can control the heating and cooling from a conveniently located control unit next to the bunk.

You can set the temperature, and it has a digital LCD display for easy use. It has battery monitoring capabilities and online diagnostics.

The upper and lower bunk has directional vents for easy airflow around the sleeper, along with the usual dashboard air vents.

What Volvo semi truck has the Best sleeper?

The Volvo VNL 760 2021 has an impressive style of sleeper and a pretty good size. Volvo is the king of safety. Can their sleeper hold up the same standards? Let’s take a look.

Size of Sleeper Cabin Space

The 70″ long by 96″ wide sleeper offers plenty of room for everything a driver and their mate need to rest, eat and sleep.

The floor space inside has enough room for the driver to move around without bumping their arms or legs on anything.

Headroom of 81.5″, and the tallest person has room.

Drivers Surrounding Space

The steering wheel tilts to allow the driver to move more freely, giving them more legroom. The space between the seats is around 3 feet.

The headroom in the cab has plenty of space to stand up and move around, with the curve of the roof taking away only one foot.

Storage Space and Features

Upper bunk storage and extra cabinets positioned throughout the sleeper mean the VNL has more storage. The front of the cab has split-level cabinets on both sides.

The lower bunk/dining area also has storage. Upfront, you also have ample overhead storage for maps, books, hardhats, etc. The dining seats have storage behind the top seat cushions.

The top of the microwave and wardrobe also has ample storage areas and one on top and behind the TV.

Bunk Bed Configurations

The lower bunk comes with an 81-inch coil pocket/foam mattress. It has a level to raise the head of the bed, much like a hospital bed, for comfort while reading or watching TV.

The truck is available in a dinette set, you have the option of a dining table and four-person seating area with a top bunk, or you could have a top bunk that comes down over the dining table that will lower.

Wardrobe Size and Features

A tower cabinet has a fitted wardrobe with enough space for 7 to 10 items of clothing to be hung from a fitted rail. Inside the wardrobe door is a mirror and a spotlight to see what you’re wearing.

Convenience of Power Ports

The power ports are conveniently located by the driver and passenger seats and bunks. You could increase the number of outlets you want with a custom job.

There are three up front and four at the rear, excluding the appliance sockets.

Accommodation of Appliances

You could mount a 32″ flat screen TV on the bracket. An optional microwave will be at the shoulder to head height or a large fridge freezer, excellent for almost a week’s shop.

Climate Control Features

The driver has the usual access to the climate control panels upfront and the rear on the back wall by their bunk. Convenient for those hot or cold situations.

The heater or air-con can be set to your specification for as little or as long as you like. The system has a low voltage alarm that turns the system off when the voltage is too low.

Air vents are featured throughout the cab and feature some in the rear by the driver and passenger bunks.

What Freightliner semi truck has the best sleeper?

The Freightliner Cascadia 2022 model has a great sleeper and all the mod cons for driver and passenger comfort. But don’t take our word for it; read on, and decide for yourself.

Size of Sleeper Cabin Space

The 72-inch sleeper cabin space is plenty for any truck driver to navigate around. The driver can move about the cab and bunk without hitting any part of their body.

Drivers Surrounding Space

The steering wheel has a tilt system for ease of entry. The headspace is the same as the rest of the sleeper. The distance between seats is 3 feet.

The driver seat has settings for the shortest drivers to the tallest.

Storage Space and Features

The upper bunk has a few storage units for easy access. The front and sides of the upper cab have multiple closed and open compartments. The bed lifts for additional storage.

Below and above are the wardrobe storage units.

Bunk Bed Configurations

The bunk area has an optional feature to have a retractable dinette. The table lowers along with the chair’s backs to make room for a murphy style bed.

Available in single or double bunk configurations. The bunk comes in at 36 inches by 80 inches foam mattress, which is a standard size. You can upgrade to memory foam.

The upper bunk size is 75 inches in length and 30 inches wide.

Wardrobe Size and Features

The wardrobe is a good size with space for 12 to 14 items of clothing on the rail. The length is enough to keep your clothes from creasing.

Convenience of Power ports

The dashboard alone has three power ports, two 12-volt, and one USB port. The bunk has another two 12-volt outlets for the lower bunk, and another four are located around the storage area.

You could custom-build your truck to have more outlets.

Accommodation of Appliances

There is enough space for a 1.7b cubic foot fridge freezer, a standard size microwave, and a 26 inch TV. It’s as good as a motel.

Climate Control Features

The Cascadia is available with a park smart H vac system. It offers 10 hours of cooling and 34 hours of heating. It is used for warmer or cooler climates and can be set to any temperature.

Happy Trucking!