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What Is A Virtual Trucking Company? (Explained For Beginners)

Virtual Trucking Companies or VTCs, have been created to allow truck owners and operators to get a feel of what real trucking is about.

Here we delve into greater detail exploring virtual trucking companies; what they are, how they operate, and if they’re beneficial to people who want to make their mark in the trucking industry.

Here’s a quick answer to what is a Virtual Trucking Company:

Virtual Trucking Companies existed first as virtual reality gaming to simulate the trucking experience. It allows small-business trucking companies to connect with others through interactive communities and helps users learn how trucking companies operate, laws and regulations, and bookkeeping.

What is a Virtual Trucking Company (VTC)?

The strict definition of a Virtual Trucking Company is that it is a virtual reality or simulation game that people build communities around.

At first glance, it may appear an awful lot like an online game forum or meet-up. This isn’t entirely false, because that is how this company format began.

People create accounts on different VTC websites, join teams, create their own teams, purchase virtual trucks, travel well-designed and accurate trucking routes, pick up and drop-off loads, and build their own “empire” of virtual trucking. 

However, these groups operate as a support to truckers and bring them together as a team. It’s an excellent benefit to small business owners who seek to expand their horizons and build more rapport in the industry. 

There are also several companies such as Viva Trucking and Cloud Trucks which seek to use this platform to simplify the extra tasks truckers must concern themselves with (bookkeeping, training, etc). We will explore these more as we go.

How does a Virtual Trucking Company Work?

You may be asking yourself, “how do we go from playing a video game to a business model?” This is a reasonable thing to be asking, since the VTC itself is a gaming community.

How this translates into a real business is through innovating the trucking system through VR and by bringing the trucking community together. 

Two of the best illustrations of how this is accomplished are “Viva Trucking” and “Cloud Trucks”. These businesses take the VR system and take advantage of the community growth to expand small businesses into a bigger market. 

One of the best ways this is done is through shared experiences about routes and loads, practicing your route prior to leaving, and even utilizing the load selection service for connecting shippers to loaders.

Cloud Trucks refers to the model as “business in a box” and aims to simplify trucking business by helping small businesses focus on loading and delivering and less on payroll and paperwork.

You can check out this helpful video below about setting up an account, joining a group, and what to expect when you join.

Do you need to Own Trucks or have Truck Drivers to be in a VTC?

One aspect to keep in mind is the term VTC, even though it is beginning to burgeon into a splendid team of truck drivers, does refer to virtual reality games.

Therefore, by and large, the truck you may be required to have is not real. Unless you join a group that is trying to connect drivers on the road, virtually. 

Whether you need a truck depends upon the VTC you join.

Some companies request you to have an authorized vehicle prior to applying, however, some groups offer lease options that can be paid off until it is owned. This is if you are looking to join a VTC which also operates in the real world.

If you are looking to join an online community (many of whom are not actual truckers in the physical world) most companies do not require you to own a virtual truck when applying.

You can operate a truck and perform loads for the company which you will get paid for and eventually you can pay for a truck of your own in the VR. 

Do Virtual Trucking Companies influence Individual Profiles in anyway?

The group you join can heavily influence your standing in the community.

You want to be sure that you join a group that is similar to your own specifications. If you are a solo driver, if you own your own company, if you are part of a company, and the size of your company.

A source for finding the best group to suit your preference and specifications can be found here: Here you can select the size of your group/company and input the data and get connected to other similar groups. 

Once you input your information you will be shown a list of other users and their information. You can see the number of employees/drivers, the amount of funds, and how many miles they’ve traveled. 

Can Virtual Trucking Companies add Jobs through World of Trucks?

Job posting for truck drivers can be added on the company’s page on the World of Trucks website.

World of Trucks is designed to help connect European truck simulations with the ones in the USA.

There are certain specifications about working for a European company while located in the USA, such as truck requirements and insurance.

Each company can also add loads through the system and drivers can claim them to be delivered. Similar to in real life, once a load is accepted you need to promptly depart to receive it to be delivered. 

One aspect to keep in mind is, this is still a virtual reality job post. There are companies seeking ways to connect how this system functions with companies in the physical world, but it is still being perfected. 

Can you Earn Money Per Mile you Drive rather than for a Delivery?

Most of the Virtual Trucking Companies that are exclusively virtual, operate by load. It seems the reason for this is it keeps it simpler. Although, in the physical world per mile is more popular for truckers as it enables them to ensure it’s worth their time and effort. 

Companies such as Cloud Trucks pay their drivers per mile and operate more similarly to a physical world company than other virtual reality companies. They pride themselves in using the virtual trunking system to get truckers paid quicker than usual. 

Can they pay for Toll and Maintenance Expenses?

Toll and maintenance are the personal responsibility of the truck owner in most virtual trucking companies. The company itself can use certain tools to track their driver’s expenses and this might be incorporated into reimbursements in the future. 

Fuel is also paid for by the driver in most circumstances. This is usually done via your dashboard where you can elect to put certain amounts of your earnings towards refueling your tank. 

Is a Virtual Trucking Manager the same as a Virtual Trucking Company?

A virtual trucking manager is similar to a virtual trucking company. One of the differences is emphasis. 

A virtual trucking manager is more specifically designed for assisting the creator in learning how to go about creating a company, managing it, and finding out how to navigate the trucking industry. 

The management system refers to how the company is managed versus how it is created or business is carried out. Virtual Trucking Manager is one of the best companies which is talked about by many who are active in the community.

The company’s website can be found by following this link:

What is the Point of a Virtual Trucking Company?

This may not seem an unreasonable question to someone unfamiliar with the virtual trucking industry.

If you were to research the subject you would likely stumble upon a large group of gamers discussing driving virtual trucks online and wonder what this could mean?

Virtual trucking companies are helpful in uniting a very diverse and separated group of workers. It is also very useful in helping people relax and understand all the work that goes into the trucking industry. 

Small truck companies are the most likely to file for bankruptcy, however, they are also an incremental part of the U.S. economy.

Many industries would cease to exist without a way to get goods from point A to point B, and AI-operated cars and trucks are still years away from being feasible on the road. 

Virtual trucking has also helped some start-up companies like Cloud Trucks begin to format their company to best suit the needs of small business owners.

The fact is this industry is quickly shifting from being a game of virtual trucking to something which could really help get small businesses on their feet once more.

How do I Create or Join a Virtual Trucking Company?

The first thing you want to do to join a virtual trucking company is to find the one best suited to your needs. Again, you can follow this link to find a resource that will help you select the right group. 

When you create your profile you can start connecting with others in your group and earning money for deliveries and focus on getting your own resources. 

Some places such as Cloud Trucks do require certain trucking skills and licensing.

A CDL license is needed to operate such trucks and if you are seeking to drive for a virtual company in real life, you will need to meet these specifics as well.