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Top 5 U.S. Commercial Truck Insurance Companies (Here’s Why)

The commercial trucking business is challenging to get into and thrive at. The regular operations of semi-trucks are also problematic, especially for owner-operators.

According to FMCSA statistics, there were approximately 510,000 large truck crashes in the U.S. that was reported by the police in 2019. 

Half of these unfortunate incidents are caused by driver’s fault or negligence, making it hard for trucking businesses to get insured.

Commercial truck insurance is essential not only required by law but also to protect owners and drivers from various liabilities. 

To get the most out of your investment, make sure to go for the best insurance company that will cater to your specific needs.

The most popular companies that offer US commercial truck insurance are State Farm, Geico, USAA, Allstate, and Nationwide. These insurers offer the best policies for all your insurance needs at a great rate. They offer collision, property damage, bodily injury, and comprehensive insurance.

Does State Farm Offer Commercial Truck Insurance?

State Farm offers commercial truck insurance for owner-operators and those who lease a semi truck for business. 

Commercial Trucking business relies on the drivers and vehicles to ensure the safety of their operation. However, some inevitable events may put the cargo, vehicle, and drive in danger.

This is when truck insurance like State Farm will come into play. State Farm will ensure your cost of medical bills, repairs, legal fees, and other liabilities.

The company is the largest commercial auto insurer in the United States. They are also well-loved by their customers because they are the most popular insurance company with fewer complaints.

So, if you are skeptical of other insurance companies, you can never go wrong with State Farm.

What’s so Good about State Farm Commercial Truck Insurance?

State Farm is one of the top-ranking commercial truck insurance companies, but they offer affordable rates for their customers. Their vehicle insurance rates are 30% cheaper than other competitors. 

Their widespread commercial truck coverages include collision coverage, property damage, bodily injury, and comprehensive coverage.

They can also customize the coverage you want to have with them. This is good if you’re going to save more and have all the coverage in one policy.

You can better their full coverage insurance for a reasonable premium price featuring collision, liability, and comprehensive insurance. Likewise, the company offers numerous discounts, especially for young drivers and safe driving.

Does Geico Offer Commercial Truck Insurance?

While Geico offers a variety of commercial truck insurance, they don’t provide insurance for tractor-trailers. 

The good thing, though, is that Geico’s auto policy automatically covers trailers under 2,000 lbs. 

However, trailers with a gross weight beyond 2,000 have to be added to the policy as they are not automatically covered under the commercial auto policy. Geico also offers service utility vehicles, box trucks, and food trucks. 

Wherever you are in the United States, there’s always an agent or office you can run to for your commercial truck insurance needs.

This company is available in all states of America. As such, wherever you are in the United States, GEICO works 24/7 to answer your insurance claims.

What’s so Good about Geico Commercial Truck Insurance?

Since 1936, Geico has been one of the most reputable insurance companies in the United States.

They are the country’s second-largest insurer, popularly known for their low rates and convenient transactions. They provide a wide selection of insurance products with a competitive premium cost. 

Geico’s commercial truck insurance covers physical damage, medical payments, property damage liability, and collision coverage.

This company also offers generous discounts on its commercial vehicle policies. Discounts offered to vary by state, so check their website or talk to their local for this information.

Does USAA Offer Commercial Truck Insurance?

USAA offers commercial truck insurance for all fleet sizes. The company advised that fleet vehicles or large trucks have to better the commercial auto policy to meet their trucking business needs.

The Commercial auto policy of USSA covers physical damage and liability to vehicles, may it be personally owned or leased. Some notable coverages they offer are to hire an auto for leased vehicles, motor truck cargo, and trailer interchange.

What’s so Good about USAA Commercial Truck Insurance?

USSA has a high customer satisfaction rating for its commercial auto policy. They are a one-stop-shop for all your insurance needs to obtain a policy other than commercial truck insurance.

If you are a veteran or an active military member, or a relative of either of the two, you can make use of their auto insurance with a generous premium.

As per the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, USSA is the fifth-largest insurer of vehicles in general.

They are well-respected and beneficial to customers as they are allowed to a bank and invest through USAA.

Does Allstate Offer Commercial Truck Insurance?

Allstate, the third-largest insurance company in the US, provides commercial truck insurance of all sizes. 

However, Allstate offers the most expensive rates out of all the top five insurance companies, namely, State Farm, Geico, USAA, and Nationwide.

Of course, you want to maximize what you pay for, but you may not be satisfied with their offers because of the pricey premiums you have to pay.

But some features are not available in some insurance companies that most customers look for. These features are vanishing deductibles, accident forgiveness, and many other discounts.

Some of the basic coverages you can have for your commercial truck insurance are liability, roadside assistance, physical damage, bodily injury, mental reimbursement, and a lot more.

What’s so Good about Allstate Commercial Truck Insurance?

Allstate is a giant insurance company operating since 1931. Hence, they are worthy of your trust as their reputation is no longer questionable. 

While Allstate is not the best for value, they excel in the variety of coverage to choose from, with accident forgiveness and a safe-driving bonus for six months as the most popular.

They also offer various discounts not only for commercial truck insurance but also for all other insurance services. However, in terms of costs, this company is a bit behind. 

While their coverage options are promising, the insured in commercial truck insurance always wants to pay affordable premiums with excellent coverage selections.

After all, commercial trucking is a business that relies on profits. They don’t want to invest enormous money for coverage that is probably available in another company with a lower price.

Regardless, Allstate has many customers across the United, with California having the most number of policyholders, which is around 1,200,000. Allstate is available in all 50 states of America.

This company is famous in California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania.

Does Nationwide Offer Commercial Truck Insurance?

Nationwide is a huge auto insurance company offering coverage to all vehicles, including commercial trucks.

Like other insurance companies, Nationwide also offers the primary insurance coverage for commercial trucks such as bodily injury, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, and other liabilities.

While this company is famous for its auto insurance services, they also offer financial products and other types of insurance.As such, Nationwide can also be your one-stop-shop for all of your insurance needs.

Nationwide offers affordable rates and helpful add-ons on the policies. This company also has a low level of customer complaints, which means they have excellent customer service.

Notably, the company offers a pay-per-mile option and usage-based insurance policy for customers who want significant discounts on their rates.

What’s so Good about Nationwide Commercial Truck Insurance?

Nationwide have many exciting offers to their potential customers, so you should check them out if you are shopping for the best commercial truck insurance company in the US.

This company has terrific insurance rates, affordable premiums, a wide variety of coverage to choose from, and many other programs.

Nationwide also rewards its customers with a good driving record. Drivers or customers with good driving history may take advantage of this and expect an average increase of about $430 at renewal time.

However, there are many things to consider before one decides to contract with this company. Take note that Nationwide has a high insurance rate for drivers who injured other people during accidents.

They also provide high insurance premiums to DUI drivers (Driving under the Influence) or intoxicated drivers. Regardless, they are still one of the most worthy insurance companies to check out for.